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NITS! They are the bane of every parent’s existence. The constant spray/comb/wash/ repeat until they are FINALLY gone. For some reason all three of my kids are nit attractors. You’d think once they were teens you could escape the nits, but not when you have a four-year-old as well- nits are dragged in from kindy at every opportunity.

(I’m scratching just at the thought while writing this). I’ve given in and now provide a movie and a bowl of treats just to get Tully to sit long enough to comb her hair. It’s the worst!

So when I was offered the chance to try out the Euky Bear Blitz Nitz Spray & Go I was definitely keen. I have tried the Blitz Nitz before and it’s great but you still have to do the whole process, which takes time. The Spray and Go is a whole new ballgame.

The idea with this one is that you spray it on the child’s head, leave it 5 hours (or overnight) and then just wash off. I’ve taken to spraying Tully’s hair before kindy, popping her hair up in a bun, and then washing it at bathtime. The first time I did it I did a comb with conditioner after I washed it out but now I just spray it in once a week and off we go.

Euky Bear Blitz Nitz contains Eucalyptus oil, Argan Kernel oil and Grapeseed oil to treat nits the natural way.

So far so good- fingers crossed!

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To celebrate being nit free we are sharing the love. Comment below with the strangest (or funniest) nit treatment you have heard.

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  • 1 x Head lice comb
  • 1 x Euky Bear soft toy
  • Colour pencils & colouring book

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12 thoughts on “Nits- Just Spray & Go

  1. Jane Gardam

    Mayonnaise , but in desperation would certainly give it a go, anything to try to getridofthe little suckers.

  2. DIANA O

    During high school my then best friend magically got a case of nits, aka crabs, which she claimed she caught from a friends carpet! Anyway, back before the ease of Google, and sourcing a remedy through a case of Chinese Whispers the supposed remedy for said nits was a concoction of methylated spirits, lemon juice and apple cider vinegar! So one day after school, Linda (her real name) came to my place because my parents were out, and we made the remedy up for her, she put it on, it burned and stung, and in the end out of sheer desperation she had to ‘shave it all off’ to be rid of them. One could say she was a pioneer, accidentally inventing the trend of today, the Brazilian!!! 😉

  3. Laura Power

    Two years ago I struggled with a bad case of headlice. After many frustrating calls to the doctors, one wonderful nurse suggested that I wash my sons hair with mayonnaise. It worked great and they never came back!

  4. Karla Oleinikoff

    With four kids, I’ve been tempted to shave the heads of all of them, but I’ve also been told to use dog’s flea shampoo and kerosene. No thanks!

  5. Cassie Baber

    Ive heard of vaseline all over the scalp leave on with shower cap but it takes a while to get the vaseline out of the hair.

  6. Eve

    Strangest one I was advised from a friend was sheep dip.. being a city girl now I’m not sure where I’d get my hands on some though…lol

  7. Manpreet Singh

    Wash the kids hair with frontline very small dose and use the frontline 3 month treatment in child’s hair sounds weird but works wonders.

  8. Nicole

    I had heard that drenching the hair in coke sorts the nits out……. haven’t tried it as yet but have nearly been tempted after our 4th infestation for term 3


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