No Bake Easter Bunny Donuts

No Bake Easter Bunny Donuts

No Bake Easter Bunny Donuts

These No Bake Easter Bunny Donuts are quick, easy and so fun to make with the kids. You only need a few ingredients and they are such a hit! It’s the perfect activity for Easter weekend or to take to a catch up.

Tully is nearly 10 and she can make these on her own. We made 12 all up and she did most of them! She was great with the knife and there is only limited cutting. It’s also an excellent fine motor skill exercise – it’s tricky sticking down the little bits of marshmallow.

These are also easy to do if you are away at Easter, with limited kitchen implements and utensils. We are going camping at Easter and I’ll be making these because they are so easy!

No Bake Easter Bunny Donuts

Here’s everything you need for these cute No Bake Easter Bunny Donuts.


Cinnamon Donuts (however many you like)


White Marshmallows (I use Pascall’s)

Mini baking marshmallows in pink and white

How to make them

All you need to do to make these is this:

No Bake Easter Bunny Donuts

Place a large white marshmallow in the centre.

Sprinkle the Milo around the marshmallow so it looks like the bunny has been digging a hole and the dirt is on top.

Chop the end of a tiny white marshmallow to make the end sticky. Stick that end on top of the large white marshmallow and push firmly so it sticks.

Then, get two small white marshmallows and flatten them with your thumb.

Slice thin six pieces of mini pink marshmallows and use the sticky bits to stick to the white, flat marshmallows – like paws.

Place them like feet next to the bunny bum!

No Bake Easter Bunny Donuts

And there you have it – cute No Bake Easter Bunny Donuts. Perfect for the kids and family get togethers!

No Bake Easter Bunny Donuts

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