One of ‘Those’ Kids


You know ‘that’ kid…  The rough one. The naughty one. The one you move your child away from at the park? Yeah, he’s mine.

He cares not, nor does he judge… Unlike some parents. 

Because apparently, when my son goes mental, I am a bad parent. Obviously we are one, therefore I am also mental. 








I thought I had parenting ALL figured out when I had my 2 girls. I was smug and now, karma bit my butt, and it bit hard. I had ZERO idea what it was like to have boys. I had a ‘cafe baby’ with my first and a perfect sleeper for my second. I was so confident in having 3, that what was about to hit me, hit me hard. 

Let’s start with the birth. 

My theory is: the harder the birth, the harder the child (in no way is this true but it’s how my kids are)

If this theory were true, I should have known from the minute his head ripped through my delicate flower, sans epidural,  cord around his neck whilst not breathing. (More shit happened but it’s too boring – let’s just say it was the worst out of the 3)

I always loved newborn cries. My girls had soft, little infant cries that you couldn’t even hear while you were a room away.

My son? Trying to wipe that black tar crap off his balls and Midwifes came to my room because they could hear him from 4 rooms away. 

I tried to do the exact same routine from birth as I did with my excellent sleeper but failed miserably. His scream was so loud that my neighbour used to bang on the wall (bitter old hag). I was so used to good sleepers that when my son would wake up 4-5 times a night, I literally wanted to go back in time and punch myself in the face for being so smug the first 2 times. What a dickhead.

I heard boys were tough work but never in a million years did I imagine I would be copping bottles to the face, spoons to the head, skateboard to the head, and just recently (and his new favourite) punching me in the face. 

I know I’m doing some things right, I have asked MANY people; I just have to keep telling myself ‘he is only 2, this WILL pass’ and that is what stops me from dropping him in a field.


You see, it’s hard to always be kind to someone who constantly hurts you. I have to love him, he’s mine but I completely understand those mums who pull their kids away from him. It hurts my feelings, but I get it. He doesn’t understand, but I do. And my kids will grow up standing up for themselves, I like them to sort their own shit out. 

Next time you pull your child away from one of ‘those kids’, just remember to give that Mum a smile, not a snarl. It’s not her fault, she is trying!

They probably just have one of ‘those’ kids.

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8 thoughts on “One of ‘Those’ Kids

  1. Heather

    No, you need to be more proactive in teaching your child how to be gentle. From the first time my daughter hit me in the face, I have taught her how to be gentle, she’s now a boisterous 17 month old but she knows that when touching my face she is to be gentle.

    1. leanne

      Not so easy with all kids. I don’t think you should be making this comment to a person who is writing the truth and saying it how it is.

    2. Rebecca

      You obviously don’t have “one of those kids” so you do not have the understanding to make an informed comment. Well done for adding to the judgement many of us already face though……

    3. Ann

      That’s the whole point of the story… How smug you are until you have “one of those kids.” You won’t get it if you done have one. If you do end up with one you will realise how ridiculous your judgy little comment is

  2. Ash

    I have three boys and my third boy is one of those kids. I love him to death but it can be very difficult to reason, teach and parent him. I had no trouble with the first two.

  3. Sj

    My son is like this- a bruiser but he is also the most loving sensitive thing more so than my daughter
    Boys will be boys n kids will be kids even when we are trying to teach them to be gentle n kind and have manners it often backfires n we end up with punching screaming little gremlins


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