Organising Toys with 3 Sprouts


There’s a corner in my toddler’s room that I refer to as chaos corner- it’s a pile of her stuffed animals (which she is obsessed with). I haven’t really found a solution to storing them so that they are neat but still accessible… until I found the 3 Sprouts storage bins.

little sprouts

I needed something that was big enough to hold all the toys but still low enough for her to easily access. I didn’t want to have to constantly get them out for her as I’m trying to encourage independence. The great thing about the storage bin is that it’s also really easy for her to pack all her toys back into.

I also love all the animal pictures you can choose from- we chose a pink elephant because she loves elephants and it matches her room decor. In the storage bins 3 Sprouts offers the choice of a Bear, Camel, Dinosaur, Elephant (Blue or Pink), Fox, Hippo, Monkey, Owl, Raccoon, Squirrel, Zebra.


3 Sprouts offers a range of fun and different storage solutions for your kids. Visit

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