Our DIY Christmas Tree with Wonderful Pistachios

Pistachio Craft

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So over Christmas we headed off on a ‘back to basics’, no wifi/no screens holiday for a week. I really wanted to take the chance to relax and spend time with the family without the constant demand of all the technology we have going on in our house. We went on the holiday with my sister and her family and my dad and step-mum. It was going to be 7 days on the beach; swimming, playing games, getting outdoors and relaxing.

 We had all of that but we also had rain, a lot of rain! As part of our technology free week I had tasked the kids (and adults) to create out own Christmas tree with things we had packed, things from the house and whatever we could scavenge from outside and down at the beach.

Everyone too the project very seriously and spend a lot of time combing the beach. I had packed some coloured paper, glitter, paint and glue for Tully so those could be used as well. This activity kept everyone entertained as they started designing the tree.

For the trunk of our tree we used a standing lamp in the lounge (and it provided a bonus Christmas light on the top of the tree!) We found a range of sticks on the beach which we tied to the lamp and then we created the decorations with shells, coloured paper and pistachio shells.

DIY Christmas tree

For the pistachio shells we set up a craft station on the back veranda and Tully painted them various colours and covered them in glitter. Once they were dry Neil used a sharp knife to pierce them in the middle and then I threaded them onto some fishing line. To keep them evenly spaced so they didn’t all side onto each other I used a little bit of Blu Tak inside each shell to hold it to the fishing line.

pistachio craft

Once it was completed I strung up the garlands on our Christmas tree, along with the paper chains we made. Her you can see them in close up- Tully LOVED them- she was so proud of her creation.

DIY Christmas tree 1



And there you have it, one DIY Christmas tree that had just as much love in it as the big one we had at home.

Wonderful Pistachios is encouraging everyone to get crafty with their left over pistachio shells. Just share your own pistachio craft using the hashtag #creativelygetcrackin and you could win a family farm stay holiday! For more information on the competition visit www.facebook.com/WonderfulPistachiosAUS/

Now go on- get crackin’!

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