Our favourite Summer essentials

summer essentials

Summer is well and truly here! It’s the best time of year and we are so excited! There’s lots of lying by the pool relaxing and swimming and lots of ice creams and cold drinks. How can anyone ever say anything bad about summer?!!! Anyway, to celebrate summer we wanted to share some of our very fave finds that you all just have to have. Seriously! Check out our summer essentials below:

Summer Essentials- Swimsuits

You can’t have summer without swimmers! Good ones can be hard to find for both mum and the kids so we want to share some of our favourite ones so you can see why we love them!

First up, for you mums! It can be hard finding a swimsuit that stops you flashing your bum when you bend over at the beach and covers your mummy tummy a bit. I also need great boob support. So here are two of our favourite brands.

Sirens Swimsuits

I can’t get enough of these, they are just the best! Their designs and fabrics are fantastic and they have great bum coverage and a ruched stomach so you can’t see any rolls. They hold your boobs up without underwire too. And you want to know the one thing that holds them above all others? They have a ‘Try 5 at Home‘ option where they send you five swimsuits to try on at home, with no salesperson, tiny change room or bad lighting!

swimwear summer essentials



Togs Swimwear

We love our Togs too, I love my long sleeved rashie from this brand, it’s so comfortable and easy to get on and off. Their swimwear is gorgeous too. We LOVE this striped one piece we have featured below- it’s super flattering and so stylish. One thing I love about Togs- they also have swimwear specially made for women who have had mastectomies. I can’t even imagine going through that and I’m sure after all the trauma of that it must be really upsetting to not be able to wear nice swimmers. So you go Togs!

summer essentials


Plum Swimwear

These ones are for the littlies! We love Plum here at Stuff Mums Like, we really love working with family businesses and this is one of our favourites! The Plum swimwear is super cute and comes in a massive range for kids from birth to seven years old. Tully just loves her Plum swimmers and Mylo is very taken with his whale and shark rashies!

kids swimwear summer essentials


Zoggs Swimwear

You may not know that Zoggs doesn’t just sell goggles, they also have a really cute swimwear range. We can’t get Mylo out of his ‘crabby’ swimming bottoms and Tully’s daisy swimsuit is so pretty and low key. She loves it! The quality is great and they don’t stretch out, even after constant use in the pool.

summer essentials Zoggs


Summer Essentials- Accessories

There are so many great things you can get for the beach and the pool so here are some of our favourite towels, beach bags, sun shades etc that we love!

Beach Bag Top Pick- Project TEN beach bags

I cannot get enough of the Project TEN beach bags. Not only are they my go-to beach bag, they are what I buy everyone as presents because I love them so much. They are a bit like those giant IKEA bags, but in funky patterns and colours. You can get different styles and sizes. I use the medium tote for swimming lessons and trips to the beach with Tully and the oversized tote for family beach trips, weekends away and camping. They are really affordable and so pretty. They also have a picnic blanket that is myfavouritee. It’s easy to clean and doesn’t get grass stuck all over it.

Summer essentials project TEN


Towel Top Pick- LOLL Beach Poncho

Any mum knows the struggle of clutching your towel around you as you carry a bag of beach toys and several whinging children so I love the LOLL poncho towel. It’s nice and light so you don’t go into an overheating panic and the zips on the size mean you can either just throw it on or zip it for a little more security. Isn’t it pretty? I’m using their image because this chick looks way better modeling it that me lol! (or should that be LOLL?)

Summer Essentials loll towels


Suncream Top Pick- Solar Buddies

It’s not an exaggeration to say that this little Solar Buddy has made a big impact on my life this summer. It’s the most basic of concepts but it’s a game changer. Yes, you can buy roll-on suncream but the little sponge around the ball is what makes it special, rubbing in the suncream so that it’s evenly distributed. The kids can now suncream themselves easily and it’s perfect for before school and kindy when you really don’t want suncream all over you. I think I’ve single handed sold about 10 of these things just when people see it at my place. Genius!

You can also grab stickers from these guys to put on your child that change colour when it’s time to reapply suncream. They are great!

Summer Essentials Solar Buddies


Beach Shelter Top Pick- Shore and Sunshine

These Shore and Sunshine shelters are so pretty! They are the classic pop-up beach tent but they look so nice. They are SPF 50+ and they have three mesh windows for airflow. It has sand pockets to weigh it down and I especially love that the fabric for the floor doesn’t make to stick to it, all sweaty. I pop mine up next to the pool and it makes a perfect shelter for the kids. It’s also been adopted by the kids as a ‘Troll cave’ (thanks DreamWorks for the Trolls obsession.) It folds up into a little bag with a shoulder strap too so it’s perfect even if you have to walk to the beach. Love, love, love!

Beach shelter Summer essentials


Waterproof Speaker Top Pick- Altec Lansing Mini H2O speaker

We love having music out by the pool and the Altec Lansing Mini H2O speaker is perfect for our needs, and at only $54.95 they are one of the more affordable options. They are waterproof, dirtproof, drop proof, sand proof and it floats. It’s perfect because it just fits in your handbag and it goes anywhere you need it. Top tip- if you pop it in an inflatable drinks holder in the pool it amplifies the sound.

summer essentials Altec Lansing


Drink Bottle Top Pick- Eco Cocoon

The Eco Cocoon drink bottles are great for the beach because they keep the water cool for ages! They are stainless steel and keep the water chilled, even in the heat. They also make great school drink bottles. You can even get chalk pens to write on the bottles. You can name them, write a cute note on them or list what’s in them on the side. I sent this one to Fiji with my son for Schoolies, he said it stayed cold all day.

Summer essentials eco cocoon


So there you have it, a great list of everything you need for summer. Let us know how you go!

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