Becoming Independent with our new Mocka Soho Highchair

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Two- the age of independence. All day I hear; “I do it”, “Don’t touch me”, “Tully do it”, and so on. It can be exhausting and frustrating at the best of times, and almost tears inducing when you are just trying to get things done or get out the door. I’ve tried to set things up in the house so she can be as independent as possible because I know it’s important for her development and self esteem to be able to achieve things on her own.

Meal times can be a major struggle. We used to have the standard Ikea high chair, which was great for when she was a baby but she wanted out pretty quickly. It was important to her to sit up at the table like the rest of us. I picked up a second hand booster seat for the table but that came with it’s own set of problems. Apart from the hideous colours, it was so big and bulky that the chair wouldn’t fit under the table. It also had a lot of cracks and crevices that caught food, which was annoying to clean. Lastly, the thing that frustrated her the most was that she couldn’t climb into it herself- and given that she has to do everything herself, this caused a lot of meal time issues!

Enter the Mocka Soho highchair! Where has this high chair been the last two years of my life? I love, love, love it! Firstly its so pretty and sleek and matches out table and chairs perfectly. It’s easy to clean and slides nicely under the table, and most importantly for her, she can climb into it herself! We have it on the toddler setting, which means we have removed the front bar and adjusted the seat to table hight. The Mocka soho highchair also has a foot rest/step that you can adjust to their height and this means she can easily climb onto the seat and get up and down from the table.

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Today’s activity was baking biscuits- I struggle to entertain her with new things every day (thank God for daycare!) but we love to bake! We used the Organised Housewife’s 100 Cookies recipe, which makes masses of dough that I separate and freeze into portions so they are on hand when I want them. She loved climbing up onto the chair on her own and sat so proudly, cutting the biscuits out and getting them ready to bake- it’s the cutest thing to watch!

So if you are looking for a highchair that will take them from 6 months- 6 years the Mocka Soho highchair is what you’re looking for!

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4 thoughts on “Becoming Independent with our new Mocka Soho Highchair

    1. mmMaraya Post author

      Thanks Kat! Seriously those biscuits are the BEST! and today I’m making the Nutella Banana muffins… 🙂

  1. Ella

    Hi! I know you published this yeeeeears ago, but i see you reviewed the stokke tripp trapp and the mocka soho high chair. Which do you like better? Is the stokke really worth the extra money?

    1. mmMaraya Post author

      Hi – sorry I only just saw this. Seriously, just go for the Mocka. You can barely see the difference if you’re just wanting it for a toddler. We still use our Mocka and Tully is nearly 8.


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