Hamlet Prince of Skidmark

Out & About: Hamlet Prince of Skidmark

Hamlet Prince of Skidmark

These holidays we headed to the Seymour Centre in Sydney to watch Hamlet Prince of Skidmark. This hilarious take on the classic is by The Listies, one of our all-time favourite kids’ performers. They are like a kid version of Lano and Woodley, with a whole lot of fart and poo jokes. Find me a kid that doesn’t think that’s hilarious!

Here is the official rundown:

The Listies, maestros of children’s entertainment, have pulled apart Shakespeare’s classic and glued it back together with hilarious costumes, loads of silliness and plenty of interactivity. According to The Listies, the time is right for Hamlet’s return.  “Shakespeare is on the way up at the moment. In 2016 no-one knew who he was. He was super niche and indie, like only hipsters “got” him. But then he went on The Bachelor, did Celebrity Big Brother UK and now he is massive on Insta. We’ve heard something about a Netflix special, Love Island and a Kombucha endorsement but his agent is being super cagey.”

Hamlet is already full of things kids love in a good story: ghosts, castles, sword fights, bodily fluids and spooky stuff. Add to the mix some supersonic gags and expertly timed stage magic unlike anything kids have seen before and you have a brilliantly disguised Shakespearean tragedy for everyone aged five and over.

Here’s Tully’s review (she’s 6)

“I liked the show very much because we got to throw aliens at the Prince of Skidmark and his uncle. When they pour the potion into the ear of the father of Hamlet, he dies. Then the ear explodes with ear wax!

I liked Poo-lonius. He did funny dancing and one of his dances was the floss. It was so funny. He had an emoji poop on his head!”

Hamlet Prince of Skidmark_STC

The show is suitable for five and up. I took Tully, who is six, and her 8-year-old friend. She loved it but if your child can read like the 8-year old could then they’ll get even more out of it. It’s fantastic fun, even for grown-ups. We laughed the whole way through!


AGES: 5+

DURATION: 60 minutes (no interval)

VENUE: Seymour Centre – Everest Theatre

DATES: 4th – 22nd July 2018

TIMES: 4th – 6th July 10.30am (with Q&A). Tuesday – Saturday 10.30am. Saturday and Sunday 2.30pm

BOOKINGS: www.seymourcentre.com/events/event/hamlet-prince-of-skidmark/ or (02) 9351 7940

TICKETS: 4th – 7th July $32 | All other tickets $35 | Groups 10+ $29


VENUE: Riverside Theatres – corner of Church and Market St, Parramatta

DATES: 25th – 27th July 2018

TIMES: Wednesday – Friday 6.30pm. Thursday and Friday matinee 11 am

BOOKINGS: https://riversideparramatta.com.au/show/hamlet-prince-of-skidmark/ or 8839 3399

TICKETS: Adult $35 | Concession $30 | Group 10+ $30 | Under 16 $28 | Family of 4 $114

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