Cadbury Easter Event

Out and About – Cadbury Easter Preview

Cadbury Easter Event

So, I’m all about Easter – what’s not to love about a four day weekend and more chocolate than you can possibly handle? While I don’t prescribe to the religious aspect of it, I’m all about the bunny and the eggs! This year our Easter kicked off early with an amazing Easter preview by Cadbury.

The event was held at the Camperdown Common, which I’d never been to before but it’s fantastic! Definitely, visit it if you’re over that way. I took Tully and her little friend Sadie and they were beside themselves with the display – there was chocolate EVERYWHERE! They didn’t know where to look.

Cadbury Easter Event Cadbury Easter Event Cadbury Easter Event Cadbury Easter Event

Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt

We had a full preview of the new Easter range (salted caramel eggs anyone?) and chocolate cocktails were served. After the preview, there was an Easter egg hunt. The girls were so excited to get hunting. They were given giant baskets and then, after the hunt, they got to fill them even further from the display tables – it was chocolate everywhere!! Totally the land of my dreams.

Cadbury Easter event

The kids had so much fun just filling their baskets with everything they could grab. They also got to meet the Easter bunny!Cadbury Easter Event

Cadbury has a whole bunch of Easter events happening all over Australia so make sure you keep your eye out!

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