Out and About- Crust Pizza ‘Simply Better’ range launch

Crust Pizza 'Simply Better'

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Last week we headed to Bondi Pavilion as special guests of Crust Pizza for the launch of their new ‘Simply Better’ range. I’m such a lover of Crust Pizza (Moroccan Lamb is my go-to order) so I was pretty excited by this event, and intrigued by the new flavours. Can they beat my beloved Moroccan Lamb?

They set up a pizza van at Bondi, with a funky band playing and staff handing out samples. We started off sampling the heroes of the new range- the meat! Their new ‘Simply Better’ range features Biltong Spiced Lamb, Harissa Hummus Chicken and Wagyu Shoga (wagyu with ginger) and their new wholemeal and spelt bases.

Crust Pizza

We had the opportunity to try all the meat on its own so we could see how good it is! All the ingredients are locally sourced by each store and cooked on site- so no pre-cooked and over packaged ingredients are landing on your pizza- it’s fresh in store every time.

Crust Pizza

Then it was pizza time! First came the Biltong Spiced Lamb- it was so good! The lamb isn’t fatty at all and it’s so fresh and tender. This one has a spicy kick to it so if you are a spice lover you have to check it out.

Crust Pizza Biltong Spiced Lamb

The Harissa Hummus Chicken was next up- and it was probably my favourite (but it’s so hard to choose!!) the hummus was so good on pizza, it’s my type of ingredient! It tasted really fresh and light and didn’t make you feel excessively full.

Crust Pizza Harissa Hommus Chicken

The Wagyu Shoga is great if you’re a ginger lover- it’s not too strong but it’s the perfect combination. The quality of the wagyu is perfect.

crust pizza wagyu shoga

The new ‘Simply Better’ range is available now at www.crust.com.au- go and check it out! Let us know your favourite one.

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