Out & About: Peppa Pig Playdate

Out & About Peppa Pig

When I heard about Peppa Pig Playdate I knew I wanted to take my two-year-old son, Mylo and 4-year-old niece, Tully. You will be happy to hear that it didn’t disappoint! We got 9:00 am priority tickets for the Sydney show at the International Convention Centre. Parking was easy and the event staff were very organised.

We walked into the venue with squeals of delight from the children. I was very impressed with the quality of the setup. There was a lot to do when we got there. Tully straight away wanted to ride on the little tricycles around the lighthouse whilst Mylo wanted to go down the dinosaur slides, luckily we had two grown ups to divide an conquer!

Peppa Pig Playdate

Meeting Peppa Pig

We were provided with a time and place for our meeting with Peppa. Ours was at the museum at 9:15 am. Peppa was there and she played some games with us. Then each family got a quick meet and greet and a photo opportunity. Tully loved it but Mylo was too shy to participate.

After our meet and greet we decided to get interactive with the other activities. We went for a train ride on Grandpa Pig’s train. Tully jumped in muddy puddles on the jumping castle while Mylo went to the music room to sing some Frozen songs. Then we went through the hedge maze to find the teepee in the centre. We even got to go into Peppa’s house to help sort out her recycling, Mylo loved this!

Peppa Pig Playdate 1


Peppa Pig Show

Then we got a spot in front of the stage and gave the children their morning tea. Then we watched a short show with Peppa and George who got all the children dancing. I was so happy to see Mylo finally getting the courage to say high to one of the characters. He was very excited to say hi to Suzie Sheep! We then visited Mr Fox’s shop to buy some merchandise which had the kids smiling from ear to ear.

Peppa Pig Playdate 2Peppa Pig playdate

Peppa Pig playdate

Overall a big two thumbs up, I loved it just as much as the kids and I can’t wait for Paw Patrol to come in April!

Top Tips:

Get priority entry if you can as there weren’t any lines for the attractions

There is no food or drink sold so remember to pack food

Get your tickets here: www.lifeliketouring.com/playdate 

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