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breastfeeding top

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When my little one was born 11 weeks ago I thought I had everything covered. After all I was becoming a mother for the second time around and it should all be the same right? WRONG! Boy was I wrong on so many levels!

My newest little man is the complete opposite to my first and I have experienced motherhood in a completely different way – almost as if I was a first time mum all over again.

One of those experiences was breastfeeding. I had absolutely no idea how much breastfeeding would affect my future choices in fashion and the clothes I would be able to wear. My mindset when shopping for something to wear goes something like this:

• ‘How will I breastfeed with that top on?’

• ‘Does it have easy access without flashing my boobs to the world?’

• ‘Can I pull it down without damaging it?’

• ‘Can I pull it up and will it stay up without smothering my little man when he feeds?’

Next thing I know I have been standing in a store for hours staring at each item (like a loon!) as I determine whether it is suitable for breastfeeding and I usually end up walking out empty handed and I have once again wasted my very rare moments of freedom on a fruitless shopping experience.

That is where Maternity Sale comes into the picture – they came to my rescue! I had been staying away from a variety of clothing items as they proved to be quite awkward when attempting to nurse my little man. Maternity Sale were lovely and sent me a gorgeous long sleeved navy blue breastfeeding top with a cute lace insert, and the cutest grey polka dot breastfeeding sweater to try, and proved to me that there is no need to sacrifice style for functionality.

Both the breastfeeding top and sweater are easy to incorporate into my everyday style and have made breastfeeding even easier when home or out and about. I love them to bits! The navy blue top has a nifty overlap under the bust that you can easily lift when breastfeeding, which avoids awkwardly having to lift the whole top up for access. WINNING! The sweater goes with everything and the best part is you don’t have to take it off to nurse. With cute snap buttons along the shoulders, simply snap open and nurse your little one while you both remain cosy and warm!

Breastfeeding tops

Maternity Sale have a Nursing Range of clothing with a lovely collection of Eve of Eden Maternity Wear to choose from which are gorgeous, fashionable, functional and most importantly affordable. Did I mention gorgeous? Best of all, for those of us who are time poor busy Mama’s, you can simply shop online when you have the chance (which is usually when I am nursing!). Shopping is made easier with Sizing Charts provided as well as detailed information on each item and it’s fit. And for those fellow shopaholics – delivery is absolutely FREE within Australia.

All in all, shopping at Maternity Sale is easy, affordable and has given me the opportunity to reintroduce a larger variety of clothing items into my wardrobe that are breastfeeding friendly! To get your maternity and breast-feeding wardrobe visit 

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