A personalised present for Mylo- with Hippo Blue


In my family, we like unusual names, and we can never find anything with our name on it. Oh how I dreamt of a little number plate for my bike with my name on it! With a Tahrin, Azahlia and a Tully, and now my sister with Mylo, that’s never going to happen with this generation either. That’s why we love how these days there are companies that personalise everything for us!

When Hippo Blue offered to send us a personalised bag and height chart I knew it was time for ‘baby Mylo’ (as he is known by the whole family) to get his first named bag! I chose a smaller bag because he’s only little, and selected the robot picture because it was so cute!


Because he’s growing so fast I thought we could get the matching height chart. They are great because they are a wall sticker as well so they won’t fall down or move. We have put Mylo’s in the wardrobe and he had his first measuring session the other day, when he turned 10 months. So cute!

height chart

So if your little one loves having things with their name on it visit www.hippoblue.com.au for the whole range.

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