create the perfect easter egg hunt

Plan the perfect Easter egg hunt

create the perfect easter egg hunt

I love Easter! The best part is planning the Easter egg hunt. This year we will be camping and it’s so much fun hunting for eggs at the campsite. If you are doing an Easter egg hunt at home here are some top tips from Cadbury.

As Easter hops round once again, parents feel the pressure of setting up the perfect Easter Egg Hunt for their families to enjoy. The eggsperts at Cadbury have pulled together some top tips on how to host a successful Easter Egg Hunt:

Tip 1

Before the children wake up on Easter Sunday, ensure the house and backyard are prepped full of decorations such as ‘Over here’ signs with arrows so the kids know exactly where to go.

Tip 2

For added theatre, leave ‘remnants’ of the Easter bunny such as carrot sticks leftovers and outline paw prints using dusting sugar or talcum powder p– this is sure to get them jumping up and down with excitement.

Tip 3

Depending on the number of family members partaking in the Easter Egg Hunt, estimate about 6 eggs for each participant so everyone has a chance to find a good amount of treats.

Tip 4

If you have a mix of younger and older children, separate the hunt area into different zones. Keeping it easy for the little ones, hide the eggs in open places, low hanging branches and pot plants, being sure not to let any pets have access to the chocolate. For the older children, make it more challenging for them to find their Easter treats and hide them in difficult spots such as under leaves, within the bushes and atop fences or play swings.

Tip 5

To take the Easter Egg Hunt to the next level, create a map for the kids to decipher and use when searching for their eggs – this will give them a true sense of a ‘hunt’

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