Prepping Formula Bottles with the Perfect Prep Machine

Perfect Prep MachineWhen you are an exhausted new mum who is formula feeding it can be a struggle to make sure you get all the measurements and scoops right. It’s a whole new skill you have to learn and it can be quite overwhelming at first. So when Closer to Nature sent us their new Perfect Prep Machine to road test I was impressed with the idea.

The Perfect Prep Machine takes the guess work out of preparing bottles. Plus you don’t need to have pre boiled and cooled the water in advance (something that you are always caught short with when you are formula feeding.) The Perfect Prep has a filtered tank on the side, which means no more cooled boiled water. To use the machine simply set the top dial to the ml size of the bottle you are making.

Perfect Prep Machine 2

Put your formula in the bottle and place under the spout. Press the start button and it distributes a shot of boiling water to the formula to help it mix and dissolve. Swish the water and formula around until you are satisfied and then place the bottle under the spout again and press the start button- the bottle will fill to the exact measurement you set it for.

Perfect Prep Machine 4

One great feature is that you can do the whole thing one handed (because when the baby is hungry there is no way you get to put them down!) From start to finish you can have the bottle ready in less than two minutes.

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We are giving one lucky reader the chance to win a Closer to Nature Perfect Prep Machine (valued at $250) for themselves. To win tell us why you need the Closer to Nature Perfect Prep Machine in your life!

(T&Cs- Open to Australian residents over 18 only. Comp closes 13/5/15 at 11pm. This is a skills based competition.)

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5 thoughts on “Prepping Formula Bottles with the Perfect Prep Machine

  1. Hayley

    What a fabulous machine. I need this as my first is about to turn one and we are now expecting our second- two under two will be chaos! We need all the help we can get!

  2. Kate

    Unable to BF, I struggled prepping formula with my first- now pregnant again this machine is both a time and baby brainer saver!

  3. Anita Hudson

    Sounds like a life saviour. How many tes did I have to throw milk out because I forgot to count the right amount of scoops or did not have enough water for the amount of milk required. And trying to explain to a very hungry baby in the middle of the night that mummy needs to boil water because she feel asleep on the couch impossible.

  4. Wendy

    With 2 kids under two
    I’m always covered in poo
    At least with this heavenly machine
    Feeding time would be a dream

  5. Kirsty

    When little tummies are hungry it’s all about NOW, NOW, NOW!
    Mummy feels BAD, BAD, BAD!

    When it comes to me and the things I’ve done when feeding as a mum:
    How did I manage to lose the formula scoop? It always disappears in our house. I’ve found it in the Milo tin and sandpit in the past. Just letting you know that it didn’t go back in the formula jar.
    How many formula scoops did I actually put in? I think my mind wonders as soon as I lift the lid on the formula jar.
    I always test the milk temperature on the back of my wrist but I have seen my husband test it straight from the bottle. Perhaps he could use a bit of education with this.
    Hey, I never though you could melt a bottle, but I have while heating it up. I also burn the pot and awoke to the smoke detector going off. That was a close call and scary for all.
    I think the Perfect Prep would be a great option to assist with safe feeding for any mum. I‘d love to give this baby a test run!


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