Raging Waters Sydney – 5 Tips for your first visit

Raging Waters Sydney

We recently spent the day at Raging Waters Sydney. The day we went it hit 46 degrees! It was crazy. Luckily, given that we were wet the whole time it wasn’t too bad. This was our first trip and we left knowing a whole lot more about the best ways to do things than when we arrived so I thought I’d share those tips with you!

5 tips for visiting Raging Waters Sydney

Raging Waters Sydney

Tip 1 – Get there as soon as it opens

It’s massively popular and the earlier you get there the better. If you get there at opening (10am) you’ll be able to park much closer to the entrance and that counts when it’s 46 degrees! You’ll also avoid all the ticket lines, locker lines and cabana lines. So go early!

Tip 2 – Go on the waterslides first

When you get to Raging Waters Sydney at opening hit the waterslides first. Make sure you spend some time looking at the map and planning what slides you want to ride because the later it gets, the busier it gets. And you will find yourself standing in long lines with burning feet and whinging kids. So don’t worry about the other areas – slide first!

Raging Waters Sydney

Tip 3 – wear water shoes

Forget thongs or sandals. Head to Kmart and get the family water shoes. They are the only shoes you can wear on the slides and this means they are the only shoes you can wear on the stairs going up the slides. The stairs are primarily uncovered and scorching hot. So wear water shoes!

Tip 4 – pack snacks and thermos water bottles

You’ll want a lot of snacks because everyone gets super hungry. It’s a big park and there is a lot of walking and a lot of stairs to the slides. Also take thermos style water bottles to keep the water cold because you’ll want cold water! However – you cannot take commercial food/ fast food in. So no Maccas, Pizza Hut or even Krispy Kremes if they are still in their packaging.

Tip 5 – Most slides are 2-4 riders

Most of the slides that the kids can go on are 2,3 or 4 riders. This means that it’s best to go with an even number of riders because on many there are no single riders. There are some single rider slides but we found the ones we wanted to go on were primarily multi-rider.

Raging Waters Sydney

Also – check height restrictions before you go so there are no disappointed kids when you arrive. There are even height restrictions for Nickelodeon Beach (the kids’ area) so if you have a tall 10 year old they may not be able to ride the kid water slides.

We had so much fun at Raging Waters Sydney! Tully said, “I had no idea it was going to be this AMAZING!” and Mylo said he is putting that day into his mental memory box for ever. It’s a wonderful day out for the whole family.

Raging Waters Sydney

To check out Raging Waters Sydney visit www.ragingwaterssydney.com.au Get your $60 tickets with the code STUFFMUMSLIKE

*We were gifted tickets. All opinions are my own.


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