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Aldi Mamia

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It’s been a few years since I have had a kid in nappies but when I did, the ALDI Mamia nappies and wipes were my go-to choice. They were affordable and effective for Tully, with minimal leaking issues and no skin irritations. However, having three kids, I’m well aware that what works for one kid may not work for another. With this in mind, when we were asked to road test the Mamia range I sent out nappies to five different families with different aged children, different requirements and different skin.

Here’s what they had to say:

Aldi Mamia Review

Emma- mum to newborn twins, Florence and LaylaAldi Mamia “These are our 12 day old twin girls, Florence and Layla. Having been a long time brand user, I was a bit skeptical to try something new. After trying ALDI’s Mamia nappies I can happily say that zero rashes, zero blowouts and zero wet-through nappies five days later meant we were pretty impressed! Needing double the nappies this time around, I’m pretty sure ALDI will be our go-to!”

Rebecca- mum to 2.5-year-old Zahlia 

Aldi Mamia

“Having had two kids within 20 months, I became an expert on all things nappies! Having tried and tested many brands, it soon became apparent that the most expensive wasn’t necessarily the best fit; no one wants a wet bed or cot throughout the night. ALDI’s Mamia nappies have always been the best choice for both my kids. They have great absorbency, come in cute designs and we’ve never had a leak!”

Jess- mum to 2-year-old Asher

Aldi Mamia

“I have always been a loyal user of another nappy brand. Even when I wasn’t overly happy with them, I never strayed to other brands. But as the children grow, and their expenses grow with them, I began to venture out. The Mamia nappies are very affordable and surprisingly have less issues than my old favourite! They are snug, easy to use, super absorbent and sensitive to my little boy’s allergy suffering skin. I am a convert!”

Melissa- mum to 7 week-old Rafael

Aldi Mamia

“I’ve always used Huggies nappies for my children. Now with baby number three and two in nappies, it’s all adding up, so it’s time to try a less expensive brand. I tried the ALDI Mamia Infant nappies for Rafael, seven weeks, and I’m pleased to report I was very impressed. They are slightly wider than my usual brand, which I found helped to contain those poo explosions! The wetness indicator is a great time-saving feature and I found the Velcro tabs are super grippy, which will be very handy when changing my two-year-old. I found the ALDI Mamia nappies to be just as absorbent as Huggies brand. At almost half the price, I will definitely be buying my nappies from ALDI in the future.”

Kiri- mum to 1.5-year-old Benji

Aldi Mamia

“We love ALDI’s Mamia nappies, I used them for my daughter and now I use them for my son. Never had a leak, nappy rash or any complaints at all. The best thing is that they are so affordable that they leave me more money for wine – also cheap at ALDI just FYI ;)”

The ALDI Mamia range has nappies and wipes for every stage of your child’s life, as well as baby food and essentials. Nappies range from $4.29-$10.99, wipes start from as little as $1.89 and baby food is priced between $0.99-$2.69. To find out more visit

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