Real Mum Review- Redsbaby Metro pram

I am pregnant with baby number two and all the buzz on social media has been about Redsbaby prams. I had never heard of them last time I was pregnant back in 2013 so I decided to investigate.

Redsbaby was founded by the Redelmans back in 2013. They only sell their prams online which keeps the costs down, these prams start at an excellent price point of $649. If you want to try the pram out they have demo days in the major cities. I decided to go along to one to see what all the fuss is about.

Redsbaby Demo Days

Demo days are held frequently throughout the year in major cities. You will need to reserve your spots (they book out quickly!).

At the demo there is a brief presentation about the two models of Redsbaby prams, the Jive (which converts to a double) and the Metro. The presenter demonstrates how they both work. Then everyone is given the opportunity to try out the different models. There are staff members there to assist and answer any questions you have.

The best thing about going to a demo day (besides getting to try out the prams of course!) is that if you order there on the day you are given discount codes and free accessories!

The Redsbaby Metro

Redsbaby have sent us a pram to review and give away! I decided on the Metro as I was totally in love with the giant basket! It holds 10kg and you can access it easily from the front and back. The frame is quite lightweight at only 7kg.

Redsbaby Bassinet

The bassinet is an optional extra. The pram comes with adapters and is easy to click in and out. It has a canopy that you can unzip and let extra airflow through to keep baby cool in summer. The canopy also has a ‘peek hole’ so that you can check on baby whilst sleeping. My favourite thing about this is that it uses a magnet rather than Velcro so that it is silent. There is nothing worse than that loud ripping sound when you are trying to check on a sleeping bub! The bassinet also has a super comfy mattress. You can also easily click out the bassinet and place it on the floor for bubs to sleep in when visiting friends.

Redsbaby Seat

I love the seat on the Metro! You can face it forwards or backwards and it comes out with a simple one handed movement. It has three settings, upright, recline or lay flat. It is really easy to adjust the position of the seat with no jerky movements that would wake bub if they fell asleep sitting up and you wanted to recline them. You can also adjust the footrest for bub if they are awake or asleep to support their legs. The seat canopy has the same features as the bassinet.

On the back of the seat is a convenient pocket where you can keep your phone and keys etc. for easy access if you are just popping out for a quick walk. The one feature I don’t love is the five-point harness. Although yes, it is very safe, I found it far too fiddly. You need to join the top and bottom sections together before clipping them in. This is fine with a baby but I can imagine it would get quite tricky with a wriggly toddler!

Redsbaby Folding and Braking

One of the best features of the Redsbaby is its folding mechanism. Although you do need two hands it is a simple click and pull. The pram folds down with the seat attached! This is one of the top things on my list when looking for a pram. I can’t imagine how irritating it would be having to deconstruct your entire pram every time you wanted to fold it down. You are also able to unfold the pram with one hand which is a bonus. I was also presently surprised how little space it took up in the boot of the car whilst folded.

The brake is a foot brake which is easy to use when wearing enclosed footwear but come summer and my love of thongs I know it will be tricky to manoeuvre and will probably entail me bending down and having to do it with my hand. I much prefer a hand brake on a pram, much more practical for us thong wearing Aussies!

Redsbaby Metro Handling and Appearance

The Redsbaby Metro is a four-wheeled pram. The back two wheels are air pumped and the smaller front ones are plastic. This pram is really easy to manoeuvre! It goes up and down kerbs easily, has a great turning circle, can go on footpaths and grass without an issue. The handle bar is also adjustable which is an advantage if you are not the ‘average’ height.

The chassis on its own weighs 6.3kg, the seat is 3.3kg and the bassinet adds 4.5kg to the chassis weight. Folded down it measures 85cm x 27cm, while unfolded it is 71cm x 108 (before adjusting the handle height)

The Redsbaby Metro is an absolutely beautiful pram! The handlebars are covered in a beautiful tan leatherette which goes beautifully with the three colour options, Mist, Onyx and Indigo. I decided on the Mist to road test and give away and I wasn’t disappointed! The material is good quality and easy to wipe down.


Extra accessories that you can purchase with the Redsbaby Metro include:

Pram Organiser

Cup Holder


Maxi-Cosi Capsule adapters

UPF 50+ Sun & Sleep Shade

Insect Net

Rain Cover

No Slip Contoured Seat Liner

Winter Foot Cover

Overall this is an affordable, stylish and practical pram that is easy to use. I would happily recommend this pram and now I finally know why everyone is raving about it on social media!

Vist to pre order your pram now.

Win a Redsbaby Metro

If you would like to win the pram featured in this review please like this post and comment below telling us the feature you love the most about the Redsbaby Metro!

(Prize includes the Redsbaby Metro in Mist, Bassinet in Mist, the Mist Pram Organiser, Cup Holder and Buggyboard. Competition ends 28th August at 11 pm. Open to Australian residents over 18 only. Please note this pram has been open and assembled for review purposes).





50 thoughts on “Real Mum Review- Redsbaby Metro pram

  1. Marisa anderson

    Love the size of the pram, and how modern it looks, love the skateboard attachment for my toddler, and that it’s a lighter pram than my massive strider plus. Beautiful looking pram, the adjustable ha doe height is a great idea also

  2. Kristy

    All in one fold up sounds awesome. This review makes this pram sound far superior to the icandy I had with my first son!!

  3. Annie kent

    Wow what a pretty looking Buggy, I absolutely love the idea of not having to take the seat off every time
    To fold away…
    Win for me

  4. Victoria Lees

    It looks and sounds amazing! Love how you don’t have to take the seat off to fold it down, that feature in prams confuses me? Why?? Makes something that should be quick take longer.
    I like that it has a foot break as well. Hand breaks on prams don’t give me much confidence that it isn’t going anywhere, so a foot break, to me, is the better option.
    Would love to win! Due with #2 in October and everything else this baby boy is getting is secondhand from his older brother, would love something new just for him.

  5. Katie

    Love it! It looks a lot less bulky than my pram. I’d also need the Buggyboard for my toddler. Hope I win it, my pram is so old and it gets a real workout because I walk everywhere with my two littlies…

  6. Megan Smith

    What’s not to love about this pram! As a first time mum this is a pram I have looked at since I first found out I was pregnant. The size, especially the light weight of the pram is a definite must for me as is the ease of mobility, there’s nothing worse than a pram which manoeuvres like a dodgy shopping trolley but this pram is so far from that. Easy to clean material, adjustable height for those tall partners and such a simple compact fold, Redsbaby gets two thumbs up from me!

  7. Rachel Hall

    I love that it can fold down with the seat attached! Something often overlooked with prams, it’s such a handy feature for a quick fold and go. Plus the one handed unfold!

  8. Amanda

    That buggy board would be perfect for my slightly bigger kiddos! I would love this as an alternative to my double which takes up so much space!

  9. Cassie Holzer

    I love the look of this beautiful pram but what appeals to me most is the easy fold and light weight of the pram, with a shoulder injury and surgery 12 months ago this is so important to me!

  10. Laura

    My friend has this pram and I saw it today. It’s so stylish and sleek and modern and I love how comfortable the handle is (other pram’s I’ve pushed have uncomfortable handles). Currently a few wks pregnant and starting to look at prams now.

  11. Lisa johnston

    This pram looks amazing! Love the scooter board attachment and the easy fold. Would love to wine this!

  12. Kelsbells

    I’m jealous of the lay flat functionality, I’m wishing my pram had that to be honest. Makes the first few months a lot easier. I love the tan handles too, they look great!

  13. Ashleigh

    Being able to reverse the direction is my favorite feature – I’ve never been able to see my babies whilst pushing 🙂

  14. Keran Holder

    I love the look of this pram and how compact it is when folded down. Love the style and looks easy to push with the buggy board too! Gorgeous 👌🏼

  15. Rebel Wylie

    Oh *swoon*. I’ve had four kids and FOUR prams. Prams are really such an integral part of your family once bub comes along.

    I absolutely LOVE the combo wheel feature that Redsbaby has thought of here. What a genius idea. The entire pram is really well thought out, how lucky families are to have this option available.

  16. Rebecca Smit

    The ability to have my baby looking at me so I can talk to her, the compact fold is also a great feature, with 3 kids not having to pull apart the pram is amazing! It’s also super stylish.

  17. Kelly

    It looks so nice! But i love the idea of unfolding one handed! I have a new bub a 4 yr old and 6yr old. Anything that helps me do things one handed is golden in my eyes!!

  18. Stacey

    Omg! Your blog is a godsend for a new mum to be. The best feature for me would be the affordability and the accessories that you can buy for these Prams. Thank you for your review, there isn’t many options in Mackay so good to know you can buy this online too

  19. Justine Missen

    My favourite feature is that it’s not my crappy pram! I’m seriously into that leatherette handle though and ginormous shopping basket 😍

  20. Joan Razon

    Thank you for the review, currently on my third trimester with my second bub and was pondering on which pram to get with so many choices out in the market I started to feel a bit overwhelmed. But upon reading your review which has been the most comprehensive/ informative one I’ve encountered…It’s hard to say which “one feature” to love about it becuase there’s more than a couple that’s impressed me. To put it simply It’s won me over with the practical design/ functionality, its surprisingly stylish and the price makes it amazingly appealing considering other brands with the same features and look cost almost double. Love it!

  21. Caroline

    The easy folding/unfolding of this pram is amazing. Also the compact folded size a great bonus especially for smaller cars.

  22. Despina

    I have a newborn baby but an 11 year old pram! I really need an upgrade so I can stop staring at every pram that crosses my path! Being able to fold it down seamlessly in one piece would be a dream, not to mention the generous storage caddy so I don’t find myself making three trips to the car to offload shopping!

  23. Bronwyn Coulston

    I’ve heard such good things about redsbaby prams and compared to my 12 year old clunker, anything lightweight with reversible seats sounds blissful. I like that this pram has been designed with parents in mind – light, simple to put up and down and a huge basket for lugging all the stuff you need with a baby.

  24. Lorraine Williams

    This is the perfect pram. We’re expecting it 2nd and just started searching for a new pram that has the seat/bumper attached so our toddler can sit next to his baby sister due in January! This would be the one for us!

  25. Despina

    I have a newborn baby but an 11 year old pram! I really need an upgrade so I can stop staring at every pram that crosses my path! Being able to fold it down seamlessly in one piece would be a dream, not to mention the generous storage caddy so I don’t find myself making three trips to the car to offload shopping!

  26. Despina Sierra

    I have a newborn baby and an 11 year old pram! I am in need of an upgrade so that I can stop staring at every pram that crosses my path! Being able to fold it down seamlessly in one piece would be an absolute dream, not to mention the generous storage caddy, so that I don’t find myself making three trips to the car to offload shopping!

  27. Damian

    I’m excited to becoming a dad soon. There are so many things to like about the Redsbaby Metro pram bundle. My favourite of all, is that at the flick of a switch the handlebar can be raised or lowered. This is perfect for my partner and myself. I’m tall and she is short! It means we can both comfortably and easily have turns navigating these cool wheels while bonding with our precious family on board.

  28. Nev

    I love the parent facing option! There are so many prams out there and my wife and I didn’t realise parent facing was even a thing when we went shopping for one. Now we’re dreading our bub growing out of her capsule because we’re so not ready to not be able to have walk chats with her anymore. This pram is walk chat future proof!

  29. Rebekah Ballingall

    Easy to fold!! With rheumatoid arthritis in my hands, its hard to find a pram that folds easily and isn’t to heavy

  30. Ryan H

    I love that it has a canopy that you can unzip and let extra airflow through to keep baby cool in summer. Great for the heat here in Perth over summer.

  31. Abigail B

    The fact that the handle bar is also adjustable is great as I’m a lot shorter than my very tall husband so we need it at two different heights.

  32. Gabriella H

    The fact that on the back of the seat is a convenient pocket where you can keep your phone and keys etc. Perfect for me who always ends up putting these items on the top of the pram only for them to fall off and get lost on walks.

  33. Jo chen

    I love that Megan & Brett had a dream, made it come true and are sharing it. My dream is to be healthier and be involved in our community. We have traded in our car for walking and public transport. The agile maneuvering of the metro pram is so very user friendly on busy buses and trains for everyone. I’d have no need to ask strangers for assistance to get on and off with my sons and I wouldn’t be bumping into people and profusely apologising for the inconvenience. Having such a pram would get me a step closer to my dream.

  34. Alysha

    Definitely the basket space! I am a new mum and was unable to afford a new pram. The one I borrowed has a poor design and therefore I cannot use the basket for anything. Carrying a baby bag and a baby has not been good for my back at all! Would like this pram for its basket space (and fold up design)

  35. Melissa

    I’ve purchased many products and it’s taken me years to discover the operations and functions so the demo days and online videos are amazing. The super sized basket at the pram base that holds a whopping 10 kg and wouldn’t ever lead to the pram toppling over is just as amazing. I have 3 children and this Mum is quick on her feet but toppling prams are stressful and tricky to catch.

  36. Sarah White

    Thank you for your review. So many wonderful features! I love the simplicity and ease of use, the smooth release from sitting to lying down, and LOVE the style. The pram looks like an old school pram, with all the modern features!! Will def be checking out the website!! Thanks again 🙂

  37. Simone Gilbert

    Love this pram! It seems to have all the features of the high end options including good looks but the price is actually quite reasonable. The light colour seems just perfect for an Aussie summer bub. Thanks for taking the time to review it – only downside seems to be the difficulty trying it out before ordering it.

  38. Rebecca Perry

    I love one handed fold up action, so if i need to try and unfold the pram while drinking my 6th coffee for the day I wont get my sleep deprived fingers stuck. Or if im trying to multi task while a toddler is hugging my leg & a new born is im my arms the chances of a successful outing are increased with a fast one handed unfolding motion and buggyboard

  39. Jasmin Doust

    As a new mum-to-be, who lives in a small house, I love the one handed compact fold. The super stylish look is also a win. A fantastic pram for the aussie lifestyle. Xx Jazz


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