Real Mum Review- Reid Cycles kids vintage roadsters


It was an exciting day here when my six-year-old son received a delivery from Reid Cycles. His very own big boy bike. The same kind his best friend Tully has but this one was navy blue. Finally, the weekend rolled by and Nathan pulled out his tool kit to help build it with his dad. What a fun bonding experience that was for the two of them and Nathan finally had a legitimate reason to use his mini-me toolkit.

Speaking of mini-me, these Reid kids bikes are so adorable. A junior version of the vintage inspired design that we all know Reid does so well. I was about the same age as Nath when I got my very first bike. I developed a love of riding (well, cruising) from then on. One of my most treasured travel experiences involved riding a bike through the rice fields in rural China. I love the sense of freedom.

reid cycles

Nathan never took to the balance bike and has been riding his toddler bike with training wheels since age 3. He was relieved to see that the Reid comes with training wheels and is still very adamant that he needs them at age six even though he sees most of his peers riding confidently without them.

Our first venture out with his Vintage Roadster was for a camping weekend with about 12 other families. It got a good workout and was an absolute hit, with all the other kids fighting to have a turn. Then recently we met up with Tully for a twilight cruise along the lake. It was a little Reid bike convoy. So cute!

Reid CyclesReid CyclesReid Cycles

I love the style of the bike. I can’t wait until the day Nathan is brave enough to say goodbye to the training wheels and his brother Leo is big enough to ride his!

The Vintage Roadster comes in a navy blue 16″ and 20″ for boys and in an aqua 16″ and 20″ for girls. To find the perfect bike for your family visit

*Nathan’s bike was gifted by Reid Cyles

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