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aden + anais baby productsHaving had both my boys in January, I was very much aware that due to my babies being born in the height of Summer, I needed to ensure my boys were kept comfortable – and we all know that keeping a baby at the right temperature can be a full time job in the first few months! They need to be kept warm and secure, yet they can’t get too hot in their clothing otherwise they can overheat.

After my first boy was born, I was introduced to the world of baby wraps – they came in all shapes and sizes, and different fabrics and textures. There were so many to choose from I didn’t even know where to start! I tried and tested so many and after some time I found what worked for us best and stuck to it!

When I knew Mr Ashton would be born in January as well I knew exactly what I wanted – and that was PLENTY of muslin wraps. Those things come in handy! But I soon found that for the life of me I could not find exactly what I was looking for. The muslin wraps I was coming across were either too small or would get out of shape after one wash making it awkward to swaddle my little man.

Cue aden + anais! They were lovely enough to send me a care pack which included their gorgeous Swaddle Pack, a Baby Bath Wrap, Gentle Cleansing Bar, Mum + Bub Soothing Ointment and Mum + Bub Hair & Body Wash. I was in aden + anais heaven!

aden + anais muslin swaddles / wraps

Those swaddles = AHHHMAZING! They were exactly what I was looking for! Their muslin swaddles were the perfect size for multi use. I use those babies for everything! Obviously I predominantly use them to swaddle my little man. He is my little sweatbox so I have to be very careful how I dress him and the aden + anais swaddles have provided me with the perfect solution to ensuring he is cozy but does not get too hot and sweaty. He sleeps as snug as a bug in a rug when I wrap him in one! I also use them to cover his pram when he is having a little snooze. They are big enough to completely cover his pram and offer the perfect coverage from the light whilst still allowing fresh air to circulate. I have also used them as a cover when I am out and about and need to nurse him. They are so comfy even my 5 year old uses them as a light blanket when he wants to snuggle and have a nap.

Bath time has been made that much easier with our yummy bath products and the Baby Bath Wrap. I am IN LOVE with that Bath Wrap! Do they come in adult size? I would totally stock up on them if they did! My baby boy is all smiles when he goes from his warm bath to his cozy Bath Wrap. I have found that Mr Ashton has already outgrown his other baby towels (at 3 months!), but the aden + anais Bath Wrap still has plenty of room for him to grow and will definitely last him a lot longer than 3 months.

aden + anais bath wrap/ towel

So I am officially converted – aden + anais ticked all the boxes for me. Their muslin swaddles were exactly what I was looking for. I am also pretty chuffed they introduced me to their heavenly Bath Wraps and Bath + Body range. My boys and I all have sensitive skin and it was great being introduced to products that we could all use that are both gentle and nourishing.

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