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Annabel KarmelWhen Mylo was first starting solids I made him some basic purees with different fruits and vegetables, he took to food straight away and became a gobble guts. When he reached 6 months I decided that I would start giving him proteins. I started googling for some recipes and ideas. I discovered Annabel Karmel and I downloaded the app. She had so many great recipe ideas that were much more creative and interesting than plain old fruit and veg. I loved making Mylo’s food. I would make up big batches and freeze it, defrosting it as I needed it. I converted all of her recipes so that I could make them in the Thermomix. We have had our challenges with food over the past year, for example when he decided he would no longer eat anything off a spoon and he would only feed himself finger foods. I am very lucky though as Mylo is generally a great eater.

I went back to work full time in February. Suddenly I had a lot less time on my hands and I still had a very hungry baby. My husband stays home with Mylo during the day and let’s just say he is definitely not the chef of the house. At first my husband really struggled with what to feed Mylo for three meals a day. I decided to sit down with the Annabel Karmel website, app and meal planner. I created a seven day meal plan for Mylo that included three meals a day as well as morning and afternoon tea. My husband found this much easier to deal with as he was able to just look at the day and meal that was required, grab it out of the freezer or fridge and ensure Mylo had a meal. This is a great system although it still requires me to find lots of time to do batch cooking and freezing his food. We have since bought an extra freezer to keep in our laundry as we had run out of space!

When I was doing the research for my meal plan I saw that Annabel Karmel had ready made meals and products available in the UK. I was disappointed that we didn’t have them here so you could imagine my excitement when I received an email telling me that her products were coming to Australia! The meals are divided into four stages:

Stage 1: Pop and Peel fruit purees for 4 months and up.

Stage 2: Pop and Peel purees with protein for 6 months and up.

Stage 3: Toddlers meals and finger foods for 1 – 4 year olds.

Stage 3: Ready meals for 3 years and older.

Annabel Karmel frozen meals

She has also included some tasty desserts for children 1 year and older ( I have tasted them, they are delightful).

Things I love about the Annabel Karmel ready made meals:

1. They are easy and I can keep them in my freezer. If Mylo needs a meal, it is ready in 5 minutes.

2. They are nutritious, there are no added colours or preservatives and they are low in salt and sugar.

3. They are the same Annabel Karmel recipes that I would make at home except I can conveniently buy them pre made and frozen.

4. The Annabel Karmel bites. Protein finger foods that Mylo can feed himself without any mess.

5. If I want Mylo to try a new recipe I can give him a frozen meal first to see if he likes it before putting in a whole bunch of time and effort making him something that he is just going to throw on the floor.

6. If  we are travelling in Australia I know that I will be able to nip into Coles when we get there and grab Mylo some frozen meals that we can keep in the freezer so that I won’t need to cook for him.

Annabel Karmel

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9 thoughts on “Review- Annabel Karmel frozen meals

  1. Lauren

    I am also in love with these frozen meals, our son has dinner at daycare before we pick him up and knowing that he is having something nutritional is great. I have tasted some of the meals and no wonder he eats them all up.

  2. Jerry

    They’re not low in sodium, it’s misleading. Toddlers should get between 200-400mg sodium a day. Standard meal of AK has 250mg sodium in it. That’s their daily intake, in ONE meal.

    Not good!

  3. Belinda Ray

    Just found these little packs in woolworths baby has tried three so far and absolutely loves two of them, that’s a big plus when baby has started to get so fussy. Really fantastic and convenient. Keeping them in my freezer for sure. Very happy I can keep her eating and so quick and easy. So recommend people try these. I’m in Australia and didn’t even know this existed until 2017. Get onto it Australian mums it’s great. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  4. Primrose Mhute

    I discovered these by accident a month ago and they are just a life saver. I love the variety of meals they have. And my 1yr old absolutely loves all of them. My 14yr old has tasted the meals when his brother is eating and he too thinks they are amazing.

    Thank you so much Annabel Karmel. You are a mummy genius.

  5. Kathryn

    We brought these for the first time today and my son had the vege pasta for dinner. My son in 18 months old and likes to feed himself. Half way through the meal I noticed he’s cheeks were bright red and he started getting quite adjetated. I put him in the shower with my partner and checked the ingredients on the box to make sure he wasnt illergic to any of the ingredients. Everything on the box he had eaten before without any issue I then proceeded to clean up the pasta and sauce off his high chair. The sauce also got onto my hands in the process and within minutes my hands had a burning itchy feeling and flared up in a red rash only in the spots the sauce had touched. Has anyone else had this problem this this particular meal before? The only thing I can think it may have been is oregano? The ingredients only states herbs and spices. It was fine to eat just irritated the skin!

    1. Olivia

      Hi Kathryn ! Yes the exact same thing happened to us tonight hense why I’m looking at the reviews . My daughter was eating the vege ravioli and she started making a weird sound , she then came up in bright red blotches on her face , put her in the shower and within 30 min the the rash had subsided . Did you end up figuring out what it could be ? Like you my daughter has eaten everything on the box without reaction ???

  6. Anthony Sorensen

    Thank you Annabel Karmel for all of the tears you have prevented, tantrums you have averted, arguments you have avoided and time you have saved in my house and in my marriage. My wife and I love your product as we are guaranteed a “no arguments” dinner time due to our children being in control of their dinner destiny by choosing a nutritious dinner which they enjoy.


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