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Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Nappies- if you’re like me you are always trying new brands. Some leak, some fit strangely, some you just don’t like the feel of. We were asked to review the BabyLove nappies, which have just been released in Woolworths with a Giggle and Hoot partnership. Now when you buy a box you get a super cute Giggle and Hoot puzzle to keep the kids entertained with. Driwave Babylove Toddler_Jumbo81I hadn’t bought BabyLove since my teenagers were babies (when I used them all the time) and I was impressed with how much they have changed over the years. The cover is nice a breathable, they seem comfortable and they didn’t leak in the day or over night. They are very affordable too- you get 72 nappies for under $30. These last me three weeks so at $10 a week it hardly makes a dent in the grocery bill! To celebrate the partnership with the ABC we have a prize for you. One lucky reader will win:

1 x Giggle & Hoot nappy pack $29.03

1 x Play School Jemima Plush toy $26.95

Prize Pack Value: $55.98



To win tell us your biggest nappy disaster!

(Open to Australian residents over 18. This is a skills based comp and finishes on the 12th Nov 14)

The new Giggle and Hoot BabyLove nappy range is now available in Woolworths stores nationally for $29rrp (Infant to Junior). Each pack of BabyLove nappies sold through Woolworths stores will include a Giggle and Hoot frame tray puzzle. A lucky winner can win a prize pack which includes a Giggle and Hoot BabyLove nappy pack ($29rrp) plus a Jemima Bedtime Plush Toy ($26.95rrp). Jemima loves to cuddle and is a perfect bedtime pal!’ (Total prize value $55.98).

5 thoughts on “Review- BabyLove Nappies

  1. Ali

    Putting miss 4 months in her older siblings nappy by mistake.
    Cue number 3 – poo down back, front, up to neck, on clothing, bouncer, floor and mum.

  2. Jocelyn R

    I’ve had so many poo explosions its not funny. My 2 year old likes to whip her nappy off and throw the nappy away, usually its just after I’ve put it on, so no problems there. One night I went in to check if she was asleep, and spread all through the bed was, well,… her number 2. I put her straight in the bath and threw the sheets in the bin, it was the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen!

  3. angeline grant

    Was out paying bills with hubby and little one when I noticed bub straining. Get back to the car to change him. Took him out of pram to find poo all over pram, up his back, down his legs. Then to my horror realise theres no wipes or a change of clothes.
    Send hubby to get wipes, try to distract bub so poo doesn’t go anywhere else wipe bub down and. Put in car in just a nappy

  4. Elizabeth

    This is a long one- but stay with me: On an aircraft for a 45 minute flight between Chicago and Saint Louis to visit family with Miss 4 months. Hot steamy Chicago summer day with storms forecast. Miss 4 months in a beautiful white short jumpsuit (what was I thinking?) Board small plane with hubby and bub, a kind grandmother sits next to us. Just as plane pushes back from the gate, the pilot announces that there will be no inflight service as they are expecting a bumpy flight. As we start to taxi Miss 4 months does a poosplosion it is leaking everywhere – back, front, sides, and the white jumpsuit is now yellow!
    Of course my bags are in the overheard stowage (thanks hubby!) and all I have is a feeding cover and white muslin wrap!
    I’m now covered in poo, and panicking about being covered the whole flight. Praying frantically and suddenly the pilot makes an announcement: we’re going back to the gate a warning light has come on! prayers answered. Made a quick dash to the toilets, changed bub and cleaned me up. Just as back in seat pilot announces ‘that was odd- the warning light came on for no reason- full in estivation revealed that all instruments functioning perfectly’!

  5. Ally

    My newborn’s very first nappy explosion was in the hospital one morning with hubby not around. Bub had a very dirty nappy, but as I was changing it he did some more, and there was poo simply everywhere! I closed the curtain, stripped off my own soiled top and bra and ran a bath for bub. With him screaming and me in tears, it seemed everyone chose that moment to want to drop by! The midwife chased everyone away, but then the paediatrician came. Huddled awkwardly behind the curtain I asked him not to come in. His response was “Oh … I can see a LOT of poo … well, that’s very healthy!” and he was happy enough to go on his way.


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