Real Mum Review: We try out EasiYo!


With a 2yo and 3yo at home, I’m finding every reason I can (cue incessant toddler tantrums) to venture to the supermarket less.

So any product that means I can DIY-it at home instead of another trip to Woolies… is my kind of thing!

Introduce… EasiYo.

With a husband and two yoghurt-loving kids, yoghurt is one of the first things that we run out of every week.  And being an easy breakfast option, it’s something that I like to have in the fridge at all times. Now, I’ll admit that I’d heard of EasiYo, but I didn’t really understand exactly what it was, or how it worked, so I was keen to give this product a run through it’s paces.


I’d looked into making yoghurt previously, but it seemed pretty complex with having to heat and cool the milk to exact temperatures, then allowing it to ferment… it all just seemed too hard. (especially with two tiny helpers in the kitchen!) So with the full size EasiYo yoghurt maker, AND the mini, plus a range of flavour packs, I was an eager beaver to get my own yoghurt going.

EasiYo was surprisingly easy – the instructions were clear to follow… and it really is a simply as half-filling the canister with water, adding the sachet, topping it up with water, then sitting it in the yoghurt maker with boiling water. There’s no electronics, no heating to the right temperature and cooling… just literally throw it all in… and 8 hours later? You got it… the most perfect yoghurt!


The resulting yoghurt was thick and creamy, so scooping it out with a spoon was a breeze.  Hubby put the yoghurt to the test first, and his report… “a sweet strawberry spine-tingling sensation!” The true test though is what the kids would think when they see it’s homemade and not scooped out of the usual container. I served it up, held my breath, and waited for the onslaught. Nothing. Silence. They loved it!!! I gave a smug little smirk and walked off with a skip in my step… winning!!!


Cost wise, I’ve found the sachets are only slightly cheaper than buying an already made pot-set yoghurt (a saving of around $2), but for me… you can’t put a price on convenience. The fact that I can whip up a litre of yoghurt in about 30 seconds, and have it ready the next morning, that’s the kind of TIME saving I’m after.

At first I thought EasiYo might just be another kitchen gadget that doesn’t get used, but I can honestly say that EasiYo has saved my run-out-of-yoghurt butt many a time already!!!

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1 thought on “Real Mum Review: We try out EasiYo!

  1. Alicia | FreshBabyGear

    We love Easyo a lot too. And I love how easy it is to prepare it and have instant froyo for me and for the family. I even take a few bags when we go on a vacation in our cabin, because I know that sooner or later I’ll hear “Moooom, is there a froyo in the fridge?”. Lovely and inexpensive way to treat your loved ones for sure.


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