Review- The Listies Make You LOL


On Saturday we were lucky enough to be given tickets to see the kids’ show ‘The Listies Make You LOL’, as part of the Sydney Festival.

It was held at the Seymour Centre in the city and Tully was so excited to go along after watching their little YouTube promo video. ‘The Listies Make You LOL’ is a children’s comedy show for kids around 6 and up- but Tully isn’t even 3 and she laughed the whole time…as did we because they are hilarious!

the listies make you lolI grew up with a comedian for a father and I spent a lot of time at shows just like this on festival circuits and this really was one of the best I’ve seen. The ‘Listies’, Matt Kelly and Richard Higgins, have put together such a tight, funny show that had the kids laughing from the moment they started. Harnessing all the best fart and poo jokes the duo have, as well as some fun mime and great alien interaction (you really have to go just for the aliens alone), it was an hour of non stop laughs for all of us.


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