Real Mum Review: Plum Pod


After being professionally wrapped by the seasoned midwives in special care for two weeks, my home wrapping was just not cutting it for bubba Elliot. It seems I have the ability to “freestyle” wrap in two ways.

1) The sushi roll. This involves tightly wrapping baby up until he resembles a little sushi roll. I thought he looked very neat and snug and was quietly smug with my oragami masterpiece.  However, a midwife helpfully let me know that the way I’d wrapped him was “interfering with his chest rising and falling.” AKA the ability to breath … AKA I was slowly strangling/suffocating my son. You’d think by #3 I would get the basic “allow them to breath” thing.

Another problem with this sushi roll/master origami method is that it constrained his hips. My 2 daughters had dodgy hips at birth so I was aware of the need for them to be kept in the “relaxed” froggy position. Aware yes, but just not sure how to achieve this with the humble muslin wrap.

Cue freestyle wrapping error #2. (Sushi hand roll) The “tight around the arms, loose at the hips”.

This came with its own host of problems. The inability to sleep more than a sleep cycle before kicking and squirming loose problem was only superseded by the wrap flung over newborn face/around neck problem.

So… Then came the opportunity to review the “Plum Pod”.

Review Plum Pod

Firstly, I love the happy, “neutral” animal designs. Not a fan of the notion that boys need trucks or boats and girls need flowers of butterflies. So that satisfied my grumpy, sleep deprived anti-gender-conditioning gripe.

I really love the fact that it’s made of organic material. Besides preferring less chemicals against his delicate newborn skin, it also feels so smooth and silky! When I fumble around for it in the dark it is easily distinguishable from the plethora of baby clothes “waiting to be folded” .. On my bed.  ie, never going to be folded, ie my bed is his wardrobe.

The Plum Pod has a really unique feel. I guess I don’t own many other items made of multiple layers of fine, organic bamboo.

Review Plum Pod

Perhaps more importantly than feeling divine, it also allows his chest to rise and fall comfortably and safely as although it’s snug it is also stretchy with a lot of give.

Pop on over to Plum Collections to snap up your very own Plum Pod – prices start at RRP $34.95. 

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