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Growing up, the thing I loved the most about visiting my grandmother was getting to play with her SodaStream. Oh it was magic how it could turn my water fizzy! Sometimes I was allowed to add a splash of lime cordial as well. It was sooo exciting!

 Now, as an adult with two teenagers I can see why, with four kids, she thought the Sodastream was the perfect solution. It turns tap water into sparkling minteral water in seconds and there is no endless bottles of soda water or soft drink to keep buying (and running out of when hoards of teenagers are in your house!) Basically if you have running water you have an endless supply of sparking water.

I love it because I’m not that great at drinking a lot of water (or of anything) so making the water sparkling gives it a bit more appeal. It’s especially refreshing on hot days. (Oh and sometimes I still add some lime cordial to it!)


The kids love it because it’s endless drinks. There is a massive range of different flavours that you can buy. They cost around $6.50 each and make a whole lot of litres so it’s much more economical than buying soft drinks.

So how does it work?

Your SodaStream comes with a gas cylinder- it makes around 60 litres of carbonated water before you need to change it. A new cylinder costs you around $50 but if you take your old one back to be refilled then you only pay $20. This means it’s saving on the landfill from gas cylinders as well as plastic bottles.

You also get refillable plastic bottles. You fill these with water and keep them in the fridge. Then, when you want to make yourself a drink you just fizz the water and then add the flavour, if that’s what you want.

Did you know that one SodaStream BPA free PET carbonating bottle saves the average household 2,190 bottles from being landfilled or ending up in our parks and beaches, over its 3 year lifespan? That’s a massive difference you are making to the environment.

NOTE that you must add the flavour AFTER you fizz because otherwise it will clog up your machine.

Your SodaStream Power now comes with any easy way to decide how bubbly you want your water too- just choose the setting you like the most!

SodaStream Power is the perfect gift this Christmas… so we are giving you one valued at AUD $199.00 to win! Just tell us in the comments below how you like to drink your sparkling water!

(Entries close 11:59pm on Sunday 20th December. Get the full Terms and Conditions here)

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181 thoughts on “Review- SodaStream Power

  1. Raychael aka Mystery Case

    I love that you now have the ability to control the fizz. I’d love to be cheeky here and say I love my soda with a shot of gin but I also don’t mind a bit of what I like to call sassy soda water. Splash of lemon, slice of cucumber and a sprig of mint.

    My favourite soda stream flavour is the sour grapefruit.

  2. Shanna Uptergrove

    I LOVE to drink water- but it has to be over ICE and cold!!! But flavors added would be amazing to give it some variety! And then my kids would love to try the caffeine free sodas!

  3. Melissa

    Oh how the flavours have changed since I was a young girl! I like to drink my soda stream in a tall glass with ice. Simple and very yummy!

  4. Pearl

    I have two kids and soda water is a health alternative to soft drink! Our kids actually only have soda water all year round as their special drink!
    The kids favourite is adding a little amount of logenberry juice and a squeeze of lime/ mint
    Adult version (and festive times) includes a little pineapple juice, soda water, vodka mint served with cucumber slice! Perfect

  5. Gillian O'Neill

    I had a soda stream when I was a kid and I loved it! I loved the creaming soda flavour and I especially loved showing off in front of my friends! It was like magic! I would love my kids to have the same experience!
    Thank you

  6. Emily Howard

    Omg these soda streams are amazing! I love sparkling water! I am always stocking up on the mount franklin sparkling berry flavour in the groceries. I live off this stuff through Summer keeping me hydrated. 🙂

  7. abedabun dawn

    How do I like to drink sparkling water? I dont know. I have never tried it. It does sound interesting though. Would love to try it.

  8. Kathryn Parkes

    I would like to drink my soda with a dash of soda stream ginger beer mix, some fresh mint and some strawberries enjoying the summer sunshine in the backyard surrounded by friends and family !!!

  9. Lynnette bull

    I like to have it with a hint of citrus, orange or lime. The lime is refreshing and the orange is a bit of a wake me up

  10. Amelia

    I like to spruce up my sparkling water with a little elderflower cordial, a sprig of mint from the garden, and a crushed strawberry or two for colour. Although, when the baby is awake (which is always) I usually only have time to drink it straight. I mean, (*puts on activewear*) “raw”… bubbles are paleo, right?! 😉

  11. Jen

    My husband loves to drink the soda stream every day just as sparkling water! My 2 yr old is obsessed with it too & loves her “izzy” water…(fizzy that is)!
    I like to add it into my cocktails! Perfect for the festive season. We have an old style one, had it for years. I’d love to surprise hubby with a new one for Xmas! Thanks for the chance 🎄😊🍸🍹

  12. Nicola Gale

    I love my sparkling water with a squeeze of fresh lime and some mint. So refreshing on hot days. My four year old thinks “fizzy water” is the best treat!

  13. Kate

    As my grandfather used to say… “I like it neat”… But occasionally I’ll add some lemon or lime slices.
    Would love to win this & thanks for the opportunity. Merry Christmas!

  14. Narelle Shirreffs

    Fresh sparkling water with some ice and a dash of fresh lime juice after a big day chasing after my boys always gives me my energy back to get them bathed and in bed!

  15. Emma

    Either in a Christmas inspired Mojito or just simply with some fresh lime and lots of ice. Very simple but also very refreshing.

  16. Jess

    I would love to win this would be soo handy with a toddler to be able to make her nice refreshing drinks with the soda streamer
    Thanks for the chance

  17. Michaela

    I like to drink it with homemade lemon cordial, fresh pomegranate, strawberry, lime, mint and ice…. Very refreshing.

  18. Tanya Ewer

    I love my sparkling water with a dash of Bickford’s Lemon, Lime & Bitters Codial, a slice of fresh lemon and a handful of ice!

  19. Katrina Buchanan

    I absolutely love my sparkling mineral water by itself. I go through so many bottle of mineral water a week. Would have worked out cheaper for me to buy a soda stream by now with how many bottles I go through lol. Would love to win one 😋

  20. Natasha heron

    My favourite is sparkling water infused with loads of fresh fruit and ice… so perfect for hot sunny qld summer days

  21. Mama Stylista

    I love my sparkles with a twist of lemon on the rocks. I’m a sparkaholic! I drink sparking water everyday. I’ve been meaning to get a Soda Stream for ages. The same great taste at a fraction of the cost in the long run! Yes please.

  22. Natasha

    I love my sparkling water with a squeeze and Alice of line and a few slices of cucumber…. The combination is not only limited to gin and tonics (though a G&T would be great too).

  23. Gloria

    I would love to drink my sparkling water with some fresh mint from my garden and a couple of slices of lemon ..

    It would be so cool to
    Show my kids how easy it is to made sofa water 🙂

  24. Emma Harkin

    This machine looks so sophisticated now, like it’s all grown up! I like to enjoy my sparkling water, “Shaken, not stirred” with a twist of lemon or lime – how very Bond of me…or was that my martinis?!

  25. Deb

    Love to drink soda stream either with a flavour and crashed ice on a really hot day or as just as plain soda (maybe with a dash of lime) with vodka as a relaxing drink on the holidays.

  26. Natalie

    My childhood favourite is called ‘ soda gembira’ or happy soda, so it’s combibation of sparking water, strawberry syrup and condensed milk. Stir and some ice cube. It is the best !!! I want this prize..

  27. Liz

    I love my sparkling water with a hint of berry flavouring. I’d love to win this soda stream and stop buying the absolutely ridiculous amount of coke that we currently drink.

  28. Wendy Hatton

    I like slightly less fizz than my kids do and love crushing a mint leaf or two and dropping it in for an extra refreshing zing

  29. Justine Hordyk

    I love to enjoy my sparkling water with ice and a slice of lemon i really love cola with ice as well i buy to much coke everyone should own a soda stream much better for the environment

  30. Nicola Wilcock

    I’m a lightweight so I like to have my soda water with white wine so I don’t get drunk too quick & it’s not so tart! It’s a pain in the bum having bottles & bottles of soda water for this one reason so I’d love to win and then I can make low sugar soft drinks for kids too! The Soda Stream Power looks a sexy bit of kit for my new house also! Win-win-win. Thanks for another fab competition ladies! 🙂

  31. Katherine

    At my brother-in-laws I love having bubbles with a slice lemon. I would love To have it more regularly, rather than once a year!

  32. Stevee-lee Anderson

    I love my sparkling with pineapple mint! I came across this plant at a market and adore it. The flavor it gives is amazing.

  33. Carolyn Mars

    I’d Love to add it to my home made iced tea-would give it some zing! My boys tell me my iced tea is better than the shops so why not? 😊

  34. Dana

    I have not had Sodastream since I was a kid and was so envious of my friend who had it. I would love to win it for my family & would definately try sparkling water with fresh fruits 🍏🍊🍋🍇🍈🍉🍐🍑🍒🍓

  35. Dana

    I havent had Sodastream since I was a kid and was so envious of my friends who had it. I would love to win it for my family & would definately try sparkling water with fresh fruits.

  36. Kate

    Over summer, lots of ice, mint crushed, orange peel, pomegranate seeds squashed and fresh soda water straight from the soda stream. Refreshing, hydrating and tasty!

  37. Emma Russell

    I like to treat myself to a soda lime and bitters if I go out so how amazing it would be to make this at home with the reusable bottles as I don’t buy soda bottles from the supermarket. The kids will also love the chance to drink something different than plain water. What a wonderful invention!

  38. Nicole

    I love to have my sparkling water over ice, a lychee or two, a slice of lemon and some fresh mint. It makes a delicious flavoured mineral water without all the nasty colours and sugar. Yum!

  39. Lisa

    Very impressed with the fizz control! I’d love to say with a sneaky splash of tequila and lime in it, but I’d happily drink a virgin soda and lime too 🙂

  40. Jasmine

    I like to drink mine over crushed strawberries & lime; the way Nanny & Grandad made for us as kids. I’d love to pass the tradition down to the next generation.

  41. Stephanie

    I would love to win this. My husband loves his sparkling water for work and this would save me space in my kitchen since he buys 100 bottles at a time!

  42. Vicki Smith

    I’m not keen on very fizzy drinks, the new Soda Stream allows me to adjust the fizz & add one of the many flavours ( favourite is Lemon)

  43. Elodie Howe

    I love mine with a bit of tea extract, slice of lemon and a couple of mint leave and lots of crushed ice. Its amazeballs.

  44. Elizabeth

    I love to juice mandarines that are turning and not longer nice to eat and add them to sparkling water for a very refreshing drink in the Queensland summer heat!

  45. Angela Baker

    Wow, thanks for the opportunity to win such a fantastic machine…
    Having 5 kids under 10, one of these would sure get a workout in our household!

    Sparkling water, ice cubes and a squeeze of a lime wedge dropped into the glass, perfectly refreshing for a hot summers day!

  46. Trudee

    The lemon lime is my favourite sodastream flavour and us a busy mum of five it would be a blessing to have this new machine in my home and knowing we’re all getting the healthy benefits of sodastream.

  47. Kathryn Horne

    Mine is a little naughty great for this time of year orange,pomegranate seed,apple,Moscato,sparkling water and raspberries 👌

  48. Christine Kirk

    With a piece of lemon and I’m sorted, my daughter likes the flavours and so does my husband.. I had one growing up, so we bought one about 4+ years ago just one of the cheap ones and we use it so much it’s on its last legs so here’s hoping we win 😊🤗

  49. Lisa Robertson

    How awesome is the fizz control!!! We had one of these growing up and it would take FOREVER to get the bottles done!! I loved them all so much though. Adding some cola was my all time favourite and would love to try it again

  50. Natalie Bailey

    With a lime, lemon or orange wedge or with a splash of pimms, strawberry and cucumber pieces, mint and lime for Xmas 😍😍

  51. Amelia Howells

    I enjoy sparkling water on a hot day with sprigs of mint, thin slices of cucumber and a very small dash of bitters. Simple yet refreshing and yummy.

  52. Meryem

    Happy kids and happy parents👨‍👨‍👧‍👧
    Soda stream for sparkling water
    1 cup pureed watermelon🍉🍉🍉
    Mint leaves
    2 tablespoons lime juice
    Ice cubes
    1- With the weather warming up quickly
    2- Kids are going to prefer something chilly
    3- Combine the watermelon puree with lime
    4- To enjoy during summertime
    5- Mix into the sparkling water
    6- Pour it into a tall ice filled glass
    7- To enjoy a tasteful water that is first class
    8- Decorate with mint
    9- Ohh and one more hint:
    10- Best enjoyed outdoors under the sun 🌞
    11- Where there is lot of fun!
    12- That is how we would like to enjoy our sparkling water during times when it is hotter.

  53. Donna Leysley

    My kids would LOVE to have this under the tree XMAS morning.. they LOVE their BUBBLES !
    Me I like with a squeeze of lime and lots of ice.. mmm maybe a little vodka too..

  54. Nikki Koutspis

    With some fresh mint leaves from my garden and a lime from my tree. A soda stream would eliminate soft drinks from my fridge and be such a healthy alternative for the kids too.

  55. Nicole

    I love mine with lemon cordial and mint. But when the sun goes down in the summer I add a little naughty kick with the some vodka.

  56. Trish Leonard

    On hot days there is nothing better than a glass or three of fresh juice mixed with sparkling water. I love using strawberries, lemons, limes but I enjoy trying other fruits. It’s lovely and refreshing.

  57. Rachel

    Pina Colada because it would infuse a calypso style party within my body. Invigorating and tantalizing mind, body and soul!

  58. Melanie Ieraci

    We use to have one growing up… The soda streams are looking a bit more funky these days!
    Sparkling water with OJ is a thirst quencher and I love it on a hot Perth day ☀️☀️☀️

  59. tash willetts

    I like to drink my sparkling water ice cold with a lemon or lime wedge! Divine! And I just know my two young kids will get a huge kick out of being able to make their own drinks! Love it 😃

  60. Holly

    I love my sparkling water straight up with a slice of frozen lime… or even a slice of lime and a dash of gin!! Very refreshing on a really hot day!

  61. Natasha McDonald

    Lemon, lime & bitters cordial with Sparkling water for a refreshing drink over crushed ice is my favourite, and made in the comfort of your own home, heaps of different drink ideas for the kids and there friends and when we have family or friends over you can customise your drinks with some alcohol for a great BBQ or layed back party night

  62. Annie kent

    As we run towards a long hot summer I couldn’t think of anything better than my afternoons spent with friends and family enjoying a long sexy glass of bubbly water with the mojito mix with a sneaky shot of tequila…
    Or I love Re-visiting my childhood with my girls
    Red fire engine drinks and ice
    Raspberry flavour yummmm
    Bring on summer fun I say

  63. Win

    Sparkling water with a hint of lemon’s my favourite, but the cost adds up, and then there’s all that landfill! Soda Stream Power would be happy and guilt free for me.

  64. Cheryl Moulton

    On a hot Aussie summer day, my sparkling water is consumed whilst working, walking and at BBQs with friends, mostly without any flavouring, but sometimes with and the children love it

  65. Wendy Brown

    On the hot summer days, nothing beats sparkling water and ice cubes, naturally infused with fresh lemons, lime, mint, strawberries and pineapple. The best thirst quencher !

  66. Alyssa Borrie

    Anything to help get the kids drinking more water! “Look you can add your own bubbles by magic “. And would be perfect for mum’s vodka lime and sodas too 😉

  67. Ari Powell

    I love a glass of cold fizzy water with some lemon juice. I’m nearly 18 weeks pregnant and moving house/city next week. I can just imagine sitting down in my new home, feet up and just relaxing with a cold drink after such a hectic time!

  68. Vicki Johns

    I love my sparkling water with Bickford’s Lemon, Lime & Bitters Cordial or the Bickford’s Lemon Cordial over ice & a slice of lemon

  69. Catherine Mesic

    I love my sparkling water ice cold with a dash of Blood Orange, Mango and Guava Balsamic Vinegar. Oh so refreshing in summer! Add some fresh strawberries and fresh mint for good measure. And perhaps a shot of vodka 😉

  70. Belinda Murray

    I love just plain soda water maybe with a slice of lemon it’s refreshing , my kids love all the flavours creaming soda maybe their favourite 🙂

  71. Jasmine G

    We are a H2O drinking family, but sparkling mineral water is a special delicious treat we love to have. Adding various combinations of fresh fruit that we’ve got in our fruit basket or frozen in the freezer makes for a refreshing and healthy drink.

  72. Samantha Gill

    Generally just plain sparkling water, with some lime, passionfruit or black currant flavour for special occasions.

  73. Annie Burton

    I love the idea of creating sparkling water without the calories, unless of cause you add one of the soda stream flavours. I would love to have my sparkling drink with an ice cube frozen with fresh mint or cut up fruits in it. To make it super cold and refreshing on a aussie summer day.

  74. Jodie Anderson

    I can’t get enough of soda water and if it’s not as is, then I simply add a squeeze of lime juice (or a dash of lime cordial for that sweet hit) and a slice of lemon over ice with a straw. This got me through when I stopped drinking a few years ago due to anxiety… Now it’s my go to drink and hangover free 🙂

  75. Julie Webb

    I love soda water with ice and a slice of lemon although I would love to try the Soda Stream flavours available. Soda dream aahhh….

  76. Fiona

    While pregnant with my third son I developed a craving for mineral water. My baby is now 7 weeks old & I still enjoy a cold glass of mineral water. However, getting to the shops now is a bit of a mission & having a soda stream at home would be so handy. Plus the older boys could enjoy a cold fizzy drink on a hot summers day.

  77. Elizabeth Butler

    I love to drink my sparkling water in a nice glass, with some fruit and a straw. It feels more like a refreshing holiday than a drink!

  78. Amanda wehrle

    Wow so fantastic to save all those soda bottles going to landfill! Being able to enjoy sparkling soda water and drinks and helping the environment is a great thing!

  79. Kirsten O'Callaghan

    I could tell you something healthy but my true favourite is soda with a splash of Irish whiskey and a slice of orange – try it!

  80. Cathie

    We love our soda stream! I love just bubbles, kids love flavours and hubby likes the diet range. This would be an awesome prize as I love ‘lightly sparkling’ and the ret of the crew like ‘mega-bubbly’ and make the machine ‘burp’ numerous times! This machine would make us all happy!!

  81. Kate

    Love being able to have a fizzy drink without worrying about the sugar content for myself and the kids.

    I love the mojito flavour for a treat. And cant wait to try the new herb ones I’ve seen on the website.

  82. Kate Hyland

    There is nothing better than a tall glass of refreshing lemon, lime & soda. It’s my favourite summer drink! I love that Soda Stream gives you the ability to control the sugar content, so it’s a win for parents & kids alike.

  83. Emily stephens

    I love mine super fizzy at room temperature with ice (yes weird I know !) and a slice of lime, so refreshing !! I would love to win this, our recycling bin would thank you too !!

  84. Mel

    With a tad of sparkle,
    A bit of fizz,
    I’d gulp, slurp, loving my water,
    Will it be flavoured of plain, I not sure on that one.
    Because it will be made by the kids! I don’t think I be able to get my hands on the Sodastream. More fun that way.

  85. Rebecca

    I love my soda water over ice with a shot of white rum, a dash of lemon, a dash of lime and a large sprig of fresh mint. Sugar free Mojito 😀

  86. Stacey

    I love my soda water chilled with lots of fizz and a slice of lemon. Refreshing on a hot summers day, but my husband likes less fizz so having a Sodastream Power would be the perfect addition to our summer days this year.

  87. Nicole Harrison

    I like to drink it ice cold with a dash of raspberry and a slice of lime , ok and sometimes I’ve added vodka !!😜

  88. Juanita Torr

    I’d love to make my own Dry Ginger Ale Soda Stream and plunk in some crushed ice, so it’s icy cold and then squeeze some fresh lemon juice in it and add a slice of lemon to float on top.

  89. Adrienne Harries

    Sparkling water with a twist of lime
    Tastes divine
    Healthy drink that tastes nice
    Adult is splash of vodka and ice
    Kids some raspberry flavour
    Anyway it’s a drink to savour

  90. Eein Gray

    Icy cold with some fresh lime wedges and a handful of fresh mint. Super refreshing and hydrating for this mumma to be 😃

  91. Jude Little

    The perfect summer prize, great for entertaining or just chilling at home. I like my bubbles free flowing with dash of lemon – so refreshing!

  92. Kirsty

    On Monday I’d add a lemon slice to my sparkling water. It’s a healthy way to kick start my crazy week!

    On Tuesday I’d add a splash of raspberry cordial to my sparkling water. It’s been a favourite since I was a kid.

    On Wednesday I’d close my eyes while drinking my sparkling water dreaming of an island getaway. This will keep me motivated to get through the week!

    On Thursday I’d add extra cola flavouring to my sparkling water. I love a cola hit!

    On Friday I’d add a few cubes of ice to my sparkling water. It would cool me down after a hot exhausting week.

    On Saturday I’d add lime and bitters to my sparkling water. It goes well with my Saturday night coconut macaroon treat baked by the kids.

    On Sunday I’d add fresh mint to my sparkling water. Keeping it green and quenching usually after a tiring day gardening.

    A Sodastream would be helpful, exciting, hydrating, fizzy, fun, healthy and sometimes with a bit of added naughty sweetness everyday of the year! Merry Christmas

  93. Clare Hansford

    I buy at least ten bottles of soda water every week, often more. I’m afraid I am the one polluting our planet with landfill!! I’d love to own a beautiful new Soda Stream, alas I just found out I’m too late. 😁😁

  94. Michelle

    In a tall ice cold glass, over lots of ice, with a wedge of lime and a sprig of mint!!! So refreshing on a hot summers day


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