The Sleeping Duck

Review – The Sleeping Duck mattress in a box

The Sleeping Duck

We have all seen the ads with the mattresses in the boxes, right? If you are anything like me you have been wondering if they are any good. There seem to be a lot out there and it can be hard to know if they are good quality or just a gimmick. So, to help you out we are reviewing The Sleeping Duck, one of the companies that make a mattress in a box

Now, it’s been about 10 years since we upgraded our mattress, and you can tell! It’s had a rough life, given that we have had a baby since we bought it and it has gone from being vomited and pooped on, to being used as a trampoline and gymnastics centre. It had an unfortunate meeting with some very cheap sheets that gave it a lovely green hue, and even with a mattress protector some of the time, those babies know when to hit it (just when you’ve stripped it, changed at and the doona and mattress protector are in the washing!)

The Sleeping Duck

The Sleeping Duck mattress in a box

The Sleeping Duck offered me a mattress to review. We have a queen bed and I chose the medium support option (there is medium or firm to choose from). The mattress arrived in a box, just as promised! The box came with wheels attached so that, even though it’s super heavy, it was easy to move.

The Sleeping Duck

How it works

It came out of the box fully vacuum packed. I’d never seen anything sealed so thinly! We rolled it out on the bed and then we cut the plastic. It inflated instantly! I thought it would take a while to grow. I really wanted to video the process for you all to see but it all happened too fast. Within seconds it was a fully formed mattress. We removed all the plastic and left it to sit. The Sleeping Duck says that it will take 21 days for your mattress to be completely itself, but you can sleep on it the same day.

The Sleeping Duck

The Sleeping Duck

The Sleeping Duck

Are they as comfortable as they look?

The answer to this is a big yes! Sleeping Duck’s Hyper-Adaptive™ foam, high-density firmness foam and 5-zone support pocket springs, along with its bamboo fibre topper means that it is super stable. Here is Tully trying it out to see if she can tip over the drink bottle by bouncing on the bed. I don’t even feel it when my husband moves on his side of the bed, there is no movement on my side at all.

Configuring your Sleeping Duck Mattress

As I mentioned before, I chose the medium support option. However, we found it way too soft for us. I didn’t feel supported nearly enough and I felt like I was sinking into the bed. The great thing is that included in the cost, you can request the firm foam inserts for your bed (or the medium if you chose the firm but don’t like it). One of the things I LOVE about this mattress is that it’s so easy to change. You simply zip off the pillow top and change the foam. The foam pads also come as two pieces, so if you like it firm and your partner likes it medium (or vice versa) you can configure the bed to your own preferences.

The Sleeping Duck

The Sleeping Duck

The Sleeping Duck

Some notes for you all if you are thinking of buying a Sleeping Duck mattress

Some things I learned that you might find helpful are:

If you can open your mattress somewhere and leave it for a few days before sleeping on it then I recommend that. It gives the mattress the time to fully form and removes the plastic smell it has from being vacuum sealed. It can be slept on the day you open it, but if you don’t have to then give it a day or two.

You have a 100-night trial, so use it! Take the opportunity to reconfigure the foam if you aren’t sure about it. Have a play around with it until you find your perfect sleeping combination. For us, the firm is perfect and I’ve slept amazingly since we changed the foam over.

Update April 2020

I have had this mattress for two years now and it’s still the best mattress I’ve ever slept on. The foam has got some softness where I sleep every night but no dents and it’s still so nice to sleep on. It’s holding up great and I’d love to update all the beds when I have the money.

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50 thoughts on “Review – The Sleeping Duck mattress in a box

  1. Maree james

    I have recently left a volatile situation with my child and we left with only the things we could fit in the car, a new mattress would be beyond amazing to help us get started settling in our new life.

    1. alisa bray

      Hi there, just wondering a few years on, is the mattress from Sleeping Duck still comfy, no sagging etc. Looking at purchasing one, but can’t seem to find reviews that are a few years on. Many thanks.

      1. mmMaraya Post author

        I can’t tell you how much I still love my mattress. In fact its always a fight who gets to sleep in my bed because the 8 year old wants to sleep in the comfiest bed! Even the teenagers climb in. If I had the money I’d upgrade all the beds. So yes, it’s still the comfiest mattress I’ve ever had.

        Hope that helps!

  2. Deborah Bolam

    I so need a new mattress ( never purchase cheap again ) apart from my heath issues my hubby has a inoperatable back problem so a new firm mattress would be wonderful for him

    1. Jason Saunders

      A Great Mattress that will last you a short time.
      We purchased a bed after seeing the Sleeping duck on Shark tank, then we slept on it amazingly for 12 months or so. After that, the felling of sagging in your sleep crept in. We now have back aches and wake up every morning and have to climb out of a pit. I am a 90 kg man, my wife is a 60 kg woman and we both wake up stuck in a bowl. Sleeping on my sofa is better. This is the first mattress that I have complained about. 2 years use and it feels like a 10 year old mattress. Not very happy that Sleeping Duck will not do anything about it. They say they guarantee against sagging, but say it must sag 30 mm for warranty claim. Sleeping duck say that they don’t guarantee comfort and maybe my comfort has changed. Damn right it has. I’M NOW UNCOMFORTABLE EVERY NIGHT I SLEEP ON THIS MATTRESS! Mattress does not look sagged, but the bed now sags as you sleep rolling me and my partner slowly to the middle.

      Don’t buy this brand even if CHOICE nominates them as one of the best. At first you will say WOW. and write an amazing review for them. Then you are left with a mattress that very quickly becomes worse than a mattress out of hard trash.

      There are more out there like me. We have spoken on Sleeping Ducks Facebook page. so it’s not just us experiencing this. Apparently Sleeping Duck upgraded the foams that they use in their mattress since I purchased mine, and the mattress that the team at #Bedbuyer reviewed was the updated version. Mmmmmmm Why would the engineers need to update the foam if there was no problem? The old saying goes “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it” So if my foam insert was perfect and there is no problem with my bed. Why are they suggesting I buy a new insert?

      Best go to a shop or a reputable Manufacturer that did not get there fame from Media and campaigning internet users.

      Hope this helps.Apparently Sleeping Duck upgraded the foams that they use in their mattress since I purchased mine, and the mattress that the team at #Bedbuyer reviewed was the updated version. Mmmmmmm Why would the engineers need to update the foam if there was no problem? The old saying goes “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it” So if my foam insert was perfect and there is no problem with my bed. Why are they suggesting I buy a new insert?

      1. mmMaraya Post author

        Thanks for all this info. I have found that mine is definitely softer when I sleep in the same spot every night but it’s not yet uncomfortable – I’m still loving it. I will take note of what you’ve said though. I’m sorry you aren’t getting a good response ffrom them – they should definitely be replacing your foam!

  3. Jan Wilson

    This would solve all our sleepless problems and be great as we live in an area with limited options of places to buy mattresses

  4. Kathy Ferguson Clark

    Would absolute love as have really wrecked my L4 and L5 discs in my back due to walking around the Easter Show this year have been in agony , my current mattress is like riding waves so many ups and downs on it lol ,

  5. Yvonne Brookes

    Both my husband and I have medical conditions, both inoperable. I currently sleep on the lounge so I don’t wake him, I am lucky to get 3 hours a night. With neither of us able to work we are unable to update our old, old mattress. Maybe we could share a bed again if my tossing and turning would not wake him and maybe I could also get a bit more sleep too.

  6. Jo Norton

    I bought what I thought was a good mattress but it turned out rubbish. The company went into liquidation so I couldn’t call on the warranty when one corner collapsed. My back and beck need regular trips to the physio to keep me migraine free. My boyfriend hates staying over because he got the side with the collapsed corner and financially it will be a while before I can afford to replace it.

  7. Sara Keli

    I need a comfortable mattress so I fall asleep quickly before my husband gets to bed and starts snoring!! I would rather be a Sleeping Duck than a Sitting Wide Awake Duck trying to get him to roll over!

  8. kelie schoch

    My hubby and I both prefer to sleep on different mattress firmness. I like mine medium he likes his firm. We also have 2 kiddies that often join us at some stage in the night. It would be wonderful to sleep the way each of us wants and hopefully in the future have more restful nights.

  9. Amy Throckmorton

    We would love a new mattress! There’s only so many toppers, protectors etc that you can add to make the current one comfortable! 😂

  10. Leisa

    As i get older my body is getting weaker and i spend a great deal of my night tossing and turning in pain. A new mattress would mean i get to sleep and be a much better mum to my kids.

  11. Wendy Hatton

    I think my mattress would qualify as vintage at about 32 yrs old. I suspect it is the cause of occasional wake up headaches so really ought to be updated but it’s an expensive new investment so I have put off for quite some time. The Sleeping Duck looks a bit mitaculous!

  12. Belinda

    We are in desperate need of this Sleeping Duck mattress! Ours is nearly 10 yrs old has springs coming out the side, stained from children and has a lump in the middle. We end up with our 6yr old and 2yr old in the bed most nights, and I’m pregnant with number three! A new mattress would be heaven 😍

  13. Jocelyn Lambert

    My family of 5 would absolutely love to review this mattress. My son aged 18 is still sleeping in a King Single. The sleeping Duck would be a welcome relief.
    Since he needs a goods night sleep after Uni and casual work.

  14. Kristen Stuart

    Our first mattress is now ten years old, and has been put through a lot whilst growing our family of 6. Apart from the fact that it’s causing back problems due to being so old, it looks awful from how the kids, and varying moves, have treated it. A new mattress is just what we need!

  15. Tracey

    Either a single for my oldest as we have not been able to get him a mattress that fits his bed or replace my double so when my husband comes home the bed is safe for him to sleep on. Could help my sleep apena too.

  16. Samantha Bassett

    My current mattress is a freebie my cousin gave me about 7 years ago. This mattress spent years being on a broken bed base until the bed was finally replaced and is not the most comfortable to sleep on. I would love so much to be able to replace my mattress which will hopefully help my back problems!

  17. Marg

    My husband and I need a happy medium in a mattress and this new style may be the answer. If it helped his snoring as well that would be a bonus for me getting a better sleep every night.

  18. Jo Filipi

    My sleep quality is lousy and hubby always had a bad neck and back so between us we’re like a cross between a zombie & a hunchback! I would love to give the Sleeping Duck mattress a go, we might find a new lease of life 😄

  19. Alicia T

    My husband & I have been waking terribly sore from a mattress that is well overdue for replacing. If it’s not the kids waking us through the night it’s the bed! We’d love a good nights sleep again!

  20. Melanie Hanson

    Oh I would think I’m a very lucky duck to be given a sleeping duck mattress. Our current mattress has seen better days and I would love a comfortable mattress so I don’t wake up tired from tossing and turning, all stiff and sore in the morning. Now if it just stopped my husband from snoring it would truly be the “miracle mattress”.

  21. Lisa

    We turned our mattress last week as I’d noticed a slump in the middle. The mattress says no need to turn on it so I’m thinking it’s time for a replacement! Would love to be able to give hubby a firm side and keep the medium for me!

  22. Karina Lee

    To give my Mum something comfortable to sleep on when she is babysitting our kids overnight! The couch just doesn’t cut it!

  23. Tammy

    Thank you! I had never heard of the Sleeping Duck brand. I have been looking at replacing mine because it has caved in and the fabric is ripped off by almost a foot on the bottom corner. It’s over 10 years old and I need to find something affordable and practical to replace it. I will definitely be looking into these as a possible option.

  24. Teka Ryan

    So many reasons for a good mattress. I have all the sob stories. Bad back after a tragic accident. My daughter sleeps on a foam mattress. We have no one to help us because we have lost my entire support network- mum, dad, aunty, mother-in-law and now my only grandfather. I need to sleep, I’m exhausted!
    So maybe this mattress could help me sleep like a ‘sleeping duck’ not a squirmy squirrel in feed day.

  25. Jodie Moss

    My husband and I have been married 12yeatsnand have the same bed he had before we were married and no new matresss. I’m unwell and bed bound most of the last 6 mths so a new mattress would be heaven on my sore bones and body,

  26. lynne lillington

    I’m using a mattress left in our unit when we bought it. It just isnt healthy or comfortable . I’d love a new mattress.

  27. Jody at Six Little Hearts

    I have six kids who all need new mattresses! The outlay financially, is crippling. Our 11 year old has wet the bed so many times that we have had to throw away 2 mattresses and are in need of a new one desperately now that he has mastered night control once and for all.
    I have not heard of this brand and would be so keen to try it.

  28. Jasmine

    My little guy has just graduated to a big bed and would love to give him a new mattress. He loves his new (secondhand but new to him) fire engine bed and a new mattress would be amazing.

  29. Adrienne Noble

    Duck Duck Goose
    Looks so comfy to use
    I love soft a-mattresses its divine
    that it will suit the bed and body of mine

  30. Eva Kiraly

    A queen bed with double mattress, doesn’t fit but I hack it, a Duck would suit my bed and let me rest my weary head.

  31. Rachel K

    I suffer from a bad back and hips placing a lot of stress on my body. I am also exposed to radiation from modern technology and pollution from my city environment. All these factors are causing an interrupted sleep pattern resulting in my energy flow to be uneven and unbalanced, leading to tension, muscle spasm, and raised blood pressure!
    I’d love to win a new mattress so I can achieve a total restoration of my body by sleeping deeply and uninterrupted, the whole night through thus transforming my bed into an oasis of rest and sweet dreams.

  32. Tanya C

    I get up at 4am for work, often waking hubby who can’t get back to sleep, leaving him tired and cranky for the day ahead. The high-density firmness foam and 5-zone support pocket springs might give me the stability my mattress needs for me to slip ninja-like from the bed and leave my husband a sleeping duck!

  33. Dale marriott

    I have raised 3 little boys with the mattress my husband and I are currently sleeping on. It’s starting to poke and is not as comfortable as it should be, and then there are the stains from the boys!! I would absolutely love to have it replaced with suck a good quality mattress.

  34. Catriona Woolard

    I would love a chance to win this. My current mattress is supposed to be back friendly. Sadly, because I have Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, and the associated back issues that go with it, I think going firmer again.

    At the moment I spend every day in pain. I would love the chance to try a Sleeping Duck mattress to see if that could help improve my quality of life.

  35. Damian

    I am a country boy.
    She is a city girl.
    The dream is a bit more rustic than we ever anticipated.
    I want to surprise her with a Sleeping Duck for her upcoming birthday.
    And perhaps she will surprise me with our first child.

  36. Jessica Ashbrooke

    I’m just sick of springs sticking in my back plenty of blankets just covering the bottom to avoid feeling them

  37. Karen Thompson

    Our mattress is so in need of replacing. It doesn’t matter how often we turn and flip it, it has a permanent hump in the middle! We definitely need a more firm mattress and one that doesn’t move when Hubby does. I can tell when he is turning over as I go for a ride at the same time. Thanks for the chance at such a great giveaway.

  38. Debbie

    Hi. I bought a sleeping duck queen mattress a few months ago. It’s v comfortable but . . . the standard sheets don’t fit! So instead of sleeping on nice, smooth sheets, the sheets are all bunched up underneath us. The Queen size in 11cm wider than everyone else’s. Very frustrating.
    Sleeping Duck sell expensive Tencel sheets that I assume will fit, but the washing instructions are ridiculous.


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