Road Test- Mamas & Papas Armadillo Stroller

Armadillo pram

We were lucky enough to be asked to review the brand new Mamas & Papas Armadillo stroller recently, and as we are total pram junkies we couldn’t put our hands up fast enough! The Mamas & Papas brand is HUGE in the UK- When I was there it seemed to be pretty much the only brand I could find aside from Maclaren. We bought a second hand one to use while we were there and it was great!

So once we got our hands on this shiny new stroller it was road test time!

Test 1- The Park/ Beach

Armadillo pram

So the first place we took our Armadillo was down to the park near the beach. Anyone buying a pram or stroller needs to know if it will go off road so the thought that was the best place to start! So many strollers don’t work on grass and it’s something you don’t get to test at the shops. We tested out the Armadillo on the grass, with occasional sandy pockets and we are please to say it did a great job. It manoeuvred great on grass, and was a little sticky but still pretty good on the sand, given that it has small wheels.

Sand/ Grass rating: 4/5


Test 2- Urban Out and About

Armadillo pram

The next test was how it went on the street. How did it go on curbs and gutters? Was it stable? Did it handle well? Well we are pleased to say it passed with flying colours here- the Armadillo is perfect for urban living. It went up and down the gutters and curbs with ease and it felt really stable. I never felt like it would tip over. It’s also really light (at 8kg) so it’s easy to lift. It steers well and you can drive it well with just one hand, giving you the chance to drink your coffee and walk without having the stroller wander off into oncoming traffic!

Urban rating: 5/5


Test 3- The Cafe

Armadillo pram

One of the worst things about a giant pram if you can never get them inside! You can’t get them in cafes, through checkouts or between cars- the Armadillo does all these with ease. We took it to The Armchair Collective, a busy cafe and home wares shop full of stuff! So we cruised in with all the school drop off mums for our chai and a treat and the Armadillo squeezed in beautifully! We got through the gaps in the tables with ease and it parked beside the table well. (After all- who wants a pram that is so big they are stuck sitting outside in the cold!) It has a great turning circle, which made it easy to turn in tight spaces, and the front tucked under the table well. It also has the “Ohhh” factor- with lots of mums (and the waitresses!) commenting on its bright colour and shape.

Cafe/Shopping rating: 5/5


Test 4- The Pack Up

Armadillo pram

Some prams and strollers can be soooo unnecessarily complicated with their packing and folding! Combine that with the excessive weight of them and sometimes it’s not even worth getting them out of the car! But in this section the Armadillo has everyone beat! It’s hands down the easiest pram I’ve folded- you just twist the handlebar and then grab it by the handle under the seat, effectively carrying it like a suitcase! This feature makes it a fantastic travel pram too.

Pack Up rating: 5/5


So overall, if you are looking for a stroller style pram that you can use from birth, the Armadillo is perfect. Its look is reminiscent of the Bugaboo, for those who want that trendy look, but it’s a third of the price. The Armadillo has a carseat adaptor and it also lies flat. It’s perfect for those with a small car boot or that live in an urban space- especially if you live in flats and have to carry it up and down the stairs. It’s easy to lie back and sit up and the buckles are idiot proof!

Available in 5 fashion colours: Lemon Drop, Blue Fizz, Black Liquorice, Coral Pink and Stripe. RRP: $499.95
Optional Accessories: Car seat adaptor (Maxi Cosi) RRP $29.95 


We loved our Armadillo so much we are giving you the chance to WIN ours!!! Just enter below

(Australian residents only)


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19 thoughts on “Road Test- Mamas & Papas Armadillo Stroller

  1. Karen Fisher

    I tried this pram out recently and thought it was perfect !! Loved the style, high back rest, wide seat, leg rest that can be raised, easy to reach basket, lightweight and easy folding system. I would love this pram !!!!!!!!

  2. sarah yates

    I would love to win this my 5month old has a hand me dow pram from his cousin would be lovely to have a shiney new one! 🙂

  3. sarah yates

    I would love to win this my 5month old has a hand me down pram from his cousin would be lovely to have a shiney new one! 🙂

  4. Jo Thompson

    I love the look of this stroller. Do you think it is suitable from newborn? Having seen friends buy massive pushchairs and only use them for a couple months before buying a smaller one, I’m wondering if you could get away with using this from birth? This would save the hassle and money of having a big pushchair then smaller pushchair then mcclaren stroller etc. Thanks 🙂

    1. mmMaraya Post author

      Hi Jo,
      Yes it’s perfect to use from newborn upwards. I agree about getting the giant ones- I downsized to a stroller as quickly as possible because it was so heavy! This pram is one that I would use from the beginning if I was starting again. Maraya x


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