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When you find out you are expecting, whether it is your first baby or not, you know there are a few items that will require excessive Googling and sometimes a few months of umming and ahhing before you invest in purchasing the perfect product. After having my first baby almost 6 years ago I thought I was a pro at this baby product stuff – No. Just No.

Each child has his own preferences when it comes to baby products. So your first baby LOVED his baby swing? You can be sure that your next baby will absolutely hate it. Baby number 1 loved toys that made lots of sound? Guaranteed they will scare the bejesus out of Baby number 2! So sometimes you will find that whatever you thought you could hand down to your other children will in fact be rejected vehemently and you may find that you are frantically running to the closest baby store in search of a replacement – ASAP!

This is the conundrum we were faced with whenever we put our newest little man in his baby capsule. He hated it. He cried. I cried because he cried. There was a lot of crying. He hated being in the car. I hated being in the car. We hardly ever went in the car. We knew it was time to find him his own car seat that was not only safe but comfortable so we could at least get out of the house from time to time without us all having meltdowns.

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Maxi-Cosi were absolute dolls, and sent us their Maxi-Cosi Euro car seat to test out on Mr Ashton. And sweet baby cheezels the first time we took it for a spin he didn’t cry – not once! He was in cosy, comfy car seat heaven. The happy babbles and giggles coming from the backseat were music to my ears. He was smiling. I was smiling. There was a lot of smiling.

The first thing I noticed about the Euro was how comfy and cushioned it is. It’s like placing my baby boy in a big fluffy cloud – one that cocoons my baby safely in case we were to be involved in an accident. It also allows for our little one to remain rearward facing up until he is approximately 30 months old. Once he is ready to be moved to a forward facing position, it will grow with him until he is approximately 4 years old. Score! We love baby products that end up being a long term investment.


Ok – time to get a bit technical. Other features we love about the Euro:

  • GCELL™ – This technology provides a crumple zone for enhanced side full body protection in case of an accident.
  • Air Protect™ Superior Side Impact Protection – to protect your little one against side impact.
  • ‘Cool Baby’ fabric – we all know our little ones can get a bit sweaty, so it’s great the Euro is kitted out with this wicking fabric which draws moisture away from your baby and allows for air flow and circulation.
  • With all that sweat absorption it’s awesome that the seat covers are also machine washable!

The Maxi-Cosi Euro also comes with an easy to follow instruction manual, and if like me you also find it easier to follow instructions with visual cues, the Maxi-Cosi website also provides videos on how to install your Euro car seat correctly. YASSS!

So you will now find my baby boy happily sitting in his comfy Euro car seat as I cruise around the Adelaide Hills with a silly smile on my face, because now the baby is happy. So I am happy. There is now a lot of happiness.

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The Maxi- Cosi Euro NXT is available at all good retailers nationally, $649 rrp. Visit or contact Dorel Australia on 1300 809 526 for more information.



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