Road Test- The Mitsubishi Mirage


Ahh the family wagon- it’s not very glamorous is it? The big  car, full of carseats, school bags, scooters, shopping and endless toddler paraphernalia that you drag with you just so you can get from A to B without a screaming meltdown. At this very moment I can tell you that surrounding the toddler seat is; 1 fairy music box, 2 pairs of gumboots, a pair of sandals, a pair of sneakers (kid has a shoe fetish!), a packet of half eaten Tiny Teddies, an iPad that needs charging and some Sylvanian Families toys sprinkled about for good measure! So when I was given the opportunity to dump the family wagon and take the new Mitsubishi Mirage ES Sedan for a spin, I lept a the opportunity faster than the toddler leaps on a new pair of shoes!

Mitsubishi lent us the new Mirage to show us that you don’t need a huge car to fit a family- plus you can have a family and still feel like you are young and free in a cute little car! To test their claims we put it through it’s paces on our road test.

Test 1

The Accessories

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I’m a girl and to us the accessories are the most important thing in a car! Who cares about engine size? I want to know that the car has places for all my stuff! So first up- the Bluetooth! This is hands down the easiest bluetooth I’ve set up. I got into the car and it was completely instinctive. I just pressed the button and voice control took over, directing me through every step. It look about a minute and was so easy!

Next up is front seat storage. The Mirage has two drink holders, which is great, but it doesn’t have a centre console between the seats and I did miss this. There wasn’t a lot of place to put things like my phone and lip gloss etc.

It has an input jack for your phone/ipod too but not a USB (although I hear the premium model has a USB).

The stereo is easy to use and the controls are also on the steering wheel for extra accessibility.

Accessories Rating: 3/5


Test 2

City Driving

Mitsubishi Mirage 4

To test out the Mitsubishi Mirage in the city I took it right to the CBD! We had booked tickets to The Lion King several months earlier (in about April!!!) so the teenagers and I hopped in our sporty new car and heading into the city! By all reports the back seats are super comfy and there is plenty of room for long legs.

The fuel consumption is AMAZING! One of the highlights of the car. The whole week I had it I used less than a tank of petrol and that was three city trips and a return trip to the Southern Highlands. I couldn’t believe it.

It has a great take off from the lights and is nice and zippy! The other great thing is that it’s nice and small so slips in easily to tight, inner city parking spaces.

City Driving Rating: 5/5


Test 3

Country Driving


So how does the Mirage fare on the open road then? I took it on a trip to the Southern Highlands (about two hours from home) to test it out. First up, even on a four hour round trip the seats were super comfy- I never had to do the awkward sitting back stretch thingy you do in a car on a long drive. As I mentioned before, the fuel consumption is the best, the trip barely made a dent in the tank!

I did the trip with my mum and she was impressed too! It was smooth on the motorways and not noisy at all. It handled well, even when we were going past big trucks and busses (when often it can feel like you’re going to get blown off the road). It felt very safe- not like some of the small cars that feel very tinny and light. My only complaint again is the lack of centre console- I needed more space for my road tripping essentials, soft drink and lollies!

Country Driving: 4.5/5


Test 4

Family Life

Mitsubishi Mirage how did the sexy little Mirage cope with family life? Pretty well by all accounts! I have three kids (2 teens and a toddler) and everyone fitted in the back without pushing and shoving (well any more than usual!). The Mirage can accommodate two carseats and has three anchor points, so you can configure the backseat to suit your family’s needs.

The other thing is storage and boot space. The Mirage sedan looks small but the boot is deceptively big! You can fit a Mountain Buggy in it easily, and there’s plenty of room for your shopping, school bags, scooters and toys.

Family Life: 4.5/5

So to wrap up- while the Mitsubishi Mirage may not be the car for you if you are dragging around three toddlers and a double pram, its a great alternative to automatically buying a massive car just because you think that’s the only way you can accommodate your family. At a starting price of only $15990 I don’t think you could really ask for anything more for your money. It’s definitely the best car for it’s price range that’s I’ve driven.

Driving the Mirage was a refreshing change- I felt light and free and ready to take on the world (and those tiny parking spaces in the Aldi car park!)

The Mirage Sedan is designed for families looking for affordability and value for money without compromising on standard features, latest technology, safety and space.  For more information visit the Mirage Sedan Showroom here.




20 thoughts on “Road Test- The Mitsubishi Mirage

  1. Gemma Stirling

    Great job girls!!! Finally a review about a car covering important things for us women!! Car looks amazing!!xx

  2. Karen

    Wow, the boot looks bigger than I thought, I also didn’t realise that it was so cheap! Handy information, great idea to review a car… carting kids around car shopping when you don’t even know the basics is painful! Keep up the great work Stuff Mums Like!

  3. michelle miles

    Love that there is space in back for teenagers – looking for something with space in the back for my daughter but still small outside for city driving . Think I might have to take hubby to Mitsubishi dealer soon.

  4. Kelly Smith

    Great review, would def like to have a look at this car. Love your detail re storage, let’s face it that’s the main thing when you have a family. No centre console is a downer but with a closer inspection I’m sure I could find another pocket to put my lipgloss..

  5. Carly Hall

    Interesting, thanks … Not a car I would have thought of with little kids. Yay, maybe a not so expensive option!

  6. Isabelle Pearce

    What a great review! We are looking for a new family car and will definitely be going a test drive the mirage during the weekend. Thank you

  7. elana

    Small family car with room for the Mountain buggy?! I’m there. I love the sound of this car and so handy to read a review of it from a young family point if view but to hear it still fits teenages in the back comfortable too is important to me. Will def put the Mirage sedAn on my wish list. Thanks for your awesome blog. I love reading all your mummy reviews.

  8. Linda Spadina

    I’ve been searching for a car with lots of boot space without having to buy a 4WD or a station wagon, and this has opened my eyes, and placed a smile on my face once I saw the great price for such a great car with exactly what I need. I only have street parking so a smaller car is on the top of the list. Running a party business and needing huge booth space is 2nd on my list. Also chatting constantly with clients and these the days the only time I can do it is in the car so the ease of hooking up to booth is 3rd on my list. Forth and finally list I am a female driver and I just need simplicity with style, and a reliable car. Mitsubishi is known for this so it’s a car model I trust. Not like the rubbish Holden Astra I currently have, never again will I drive a Holden.

  9. Sara Bell

    What a great little car. I’m definitely one of those people that went straight out to buy a big car the moment I found out I was pregnant. I wish I had seen this then!

  10. Kelley Ivan

    Thank you fort he very fair review Stuff Mums like… I never would have thought of this car for my family of five but wow the value for money and the economic fuel usage are a great incentive plus it is quite stylish!! Thanks for the review it helps I would like to know a little more on the safety features, being a fireman’s wife its one of the things we look at when purchasing a car…but otherwise great review and really makes me consider taking one for a test drive!!!

  11. Amber Fuller

    Great review. I wouldn’t have considered this car, but it sounds fab! Shame about the centre console, but other than that, seems to have all my family would need!

  12. Carli

    This car seems a good cost effective option. I find big SUVs very intimidating to park in busy malls so something smaller but still roomy is ideal

  13. Bec

    This is the 2nd time I’ve heard the Mitsubishi mirage is a good small family car. I’ll def be adding it to my list of cars to research! Great blog


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