Road Test- SmarTrike Explorer

Smartrike explorer smart trikeGetting out and about with a baby can sometimes involve hours of preparation, even if it’s just for a stroll to the park or shops. As you run through the checklist in your mind of everything you might need like nappies, a change of outfit, bottles, water, snacks, toys (the list could go on forever) you suddenly realise you are not leaving home without a huge bag and a fed up baby ready for some entertainment.

Bring in the SmarTrike Explorer. With its handy detachable bag on the back that zips closed at the top, you can store away the nappies and snacks knowing that you aren’t going to loose them mid way to your destination. Next, strap you baby into the SmarTrike with the easy to manage 3 point harness and added safety feature of the wrap around bar. Recline the seat, drop down the footrest, extend the sun canopy, release the food break and you are ready for a nice easy stroll.

Once you have a toddler on your hands, like I do, the SmarTrike Explorer becomes more interactive. Bring the seat into the upright position and flip out the pedals. My son Flynn is now ready to ride the SmarTrike Explorer. Not only does Flynn feel like he is in control of where he is going with the easy to reach handle bar, his feet can also reach the footrest and most importantly the pedals when he is ready for a bit more action. The great thing about these pedals is that you can lock them into place, so even though Flynn may feel like he is steering with his handles, it is really me that has all the control.


The SmarTrike Explorer has a 360-degree rotatable front wheel, allowing a smooth drive and the ability to easily manoeuvre any obstacle in your path. The parent steering handle also features a zip up bag to store you phone, purse, keys and sunnies. Flynn also has some features for himself including his own attached mobile phone and drink bottle holder.

Stopping off at the local shops with a toddler is now a breeze when you have the SmarTrike Explorer. There is no longer the frustration of having to sift through trolley after trolley looking for the one that has a harness that works, and isn’t covered in an UUS (unidentified sticky substance). I can strap Flynn into the Smart Trike and walk to the shops. That handy bag I had Flynn’s spare nappy and snacks in also double as my shopping bag. Not only does it hold my groceries, but keeps them out of arms reach from Flynn. Gone are the days of random items appearing in the trolley or me left guessing at the checkout where that packet of chocolate biscuits ended up.


The SmarTrike Explore is deigned to grow with your child through five stages. In 18 months time, Flynn will be old enough to use the SmarTrike Explorer independently. I’ll be able to easily remove the handle that we currently use to push him around, fold away the footrest, unlock the front pedals and he will be off to explore on his own trike.

The SmarTrike Explorer is a smart purchase that you will be able to use with your child for years. It was easy to assemble and transform through the stages, and is compact enough that it can be stored in the corner of my garage. Now if only washing and ironing could be this easy.

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