Road Test- The LG Cord Zero 2in1

LG Cord zero 2 in 1I was given the opportunity to review the LG Cord Zero 2in1. Because I work full time and my husband is a stay at home dad, the cleaning is his job! So I passed it on to him to do the review- here it is, a man’s opinion on the The LG Cord Zero 2in1 😉 (brace yourself- he gets technical!)

The LG Cord Zero 2in1 is a multi purpose, battery powered, portable vacuum. It is sleek, manoeuvrable, lightweight and very convenient.

LG Cord Zero 2in1

It works well on floorboards, carpets, furniture, rugs and stairs, and has a rotary brush to help dislodge debris. The rotor does sometimes stop when the unit is being used on thick rugs, so you do need to use a light hand with it. Having said that it still picks up loose debris very well, even without the brush spinning.

The head of the unit swivels to almost 180 degrees, enabling easy cleaning underneath lounges, raised cupboards and freestanding benches. When it is at full tilt it stands at just under 100mm tall at its widest point, with the head itself being only 70mm high. The main head is also fine for picking up items much larger than your standard piece of dust. Frozen peas, small pieces of torn up paper and dead balloons have all been removed from my floor without protest. Things like popcorn, carrot chunks, and dead cockroaches require a small amount of persuasion.

LG Cord Zero 2in1

LG Cord Zero 2in1

The main motor, battery and bag is packaged within a removable “Dustbuster” style handheld piece, which features a fold out extension nozzle, enabling it to reach into the cracks and crevices of car seats, lounges, or anywhere else where precision cleaning is required.

LG Cord Zero 2in1

I don’t know if it was specifically designed for the stairs but this light weight unit does them very well. Not only by creating little strain and precisely zero risk of a power cable getting underfoot, but I found the ergonomics of actually vacuuming the stairs to be very smooth. Going through the sequence of sweep left, spin, right, detach handheld, clean the edges, reattach and move on to the next step is fluid. The engine doesn’t even need to stop running. Corded vacuums are usually heavy, clumsy, and can be very dangerous if they ever create a trip hazard. None of that exists with the 2in1.

FullSizeRender (3)

The charging station, which also acts as a cradle, is small enough to tuck into a cupboard and features a separate slot for a second battery. It would be nice to see some kind of wall mounting options for the station. The batteries seem really good, boasting 20 mins of use from each (when full). I accidentally left the vacuum off charge for a few days yet when I went to use it the battery still had enough power for a decent clean.

The head features slightly rubberised edges, to prevent damage to skirting boards and furniture, yet these edges can make it a bit tricky to clean as they clings to these surfaces rather than gliding along them. You need to either drag the vacuum towards you, rather than being able to push it, when doing the outside or a room, or you could use handheld mode. I do wonder if the head will become less sticky over time.

The size of the bag (well more specifically the size of the reusable plastic dust storage compartment, which for the purpose of this review I will call a bag because it is much easier to write, sounds better and you know what I mean anyway) is very small for a unit that implies you can use it for up to 40 minutes at a time. I don’t think that the ‘bag’ would be big enough to be used on very much carpet before it needed emptying. Mind you the good thing about having a small bag is I don’t worry about emptying it into the kitchen bin and having dust spill everywhere, as is the case with other vacs.

IMG_7736 IMG_7730

At the end of the day the 2in1 is a great multi purpose vacuum. As with all multi purpose tools, the flexibility of the unit has given away some of the functionality. For example, the foldout nozzle on the handheld unit is not as long as I have seen on some single purpose handheld vacuums. Also the fact that it is battery powered means it will never have the same amount of suck as most 240 volt vacs will have.

I am not quite ready to get rid of my big vacuum, as it is much better suited to the heavy duty requirements of a full on house clean, but for everything else I will be reaching for my new LG 2in1 Cord Zero.

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