Road Test: Toilet Trouble by Hasbro

Toilet Trouble

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Over the long weekend, we went camping with friends and family for three nights. There were six kids along for the ride and, on an unpowered site, we needed some entertainment! Hasbro had sent me their new game, Toilet Trouble, to try out, and I thought this might be the perfect time to give it a road test. After all, with all the kids aged between three and seven, toilet humour is the funniest thing ever!

 So how does Toilet Trouble work?

This is probably the world’s easiest game for little kids to play. You fill the toilet with water and leave the lid open. Each kid takes a turn to spin the toilet paper to get a number and then flushes the toilet according to the toilet paper spinner. If the ‘toilet water’ sprays them in the face then they are out! It was easy for even the youngest to play and the suspense and element of surprise when they got sprayed with water was almost more than they could bear. They loved watching as much as they loved playing the game.

Toilet Trouble Toilet Trouble

Is Toilet Trouble easy to play?

Tully has only really gotten to the age where she is interested in board games and she’s definitely still learning to take turns and how to be a good loser! We are starting to play board games regularly now and there is drama when she doesn’t win! So it was interesting watching the kids navigate the rules and taking turns on their own. We kept right out of it. The game was fantastic for their social skills to negotiate the logistics of turn taking and making sure they were all taking the right number of turns and so on. The toilet paper spinner only goes up to three so it’s easy for them to read and count it all on their own.

Toilet Trouble

Toilet Trouble is so easy to travel with because it’s all one piece, no little bits to lose. I love this because my world is full of tiny pieces of toys that are constantly lost so this is a big winner in my view. It takes batteries though so don’t forget to pack some. If you have kids that are four and up then they will love Toilet Trouble, there is nothing funnier than toilet jokes at this age- unless it’s being sprayed in the face by a toilet!!!

Toilet Trouble

Toilet Trouble provides a wacky and unique experience that is both fun to play and fun to watch. To get yours visit

We are giving away two Toilet Trouble games. Just tell us your kid’s funniest toilet humour jokes!

(T&Cs- Australian residents over 18 only. Giveaway finishes Monday 1st May at 11pm)

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14 thoughts on “Road Test: Toilet Trouble by Hasbro

  1. Jeanie

    It’s not just what they they it’s what they do – Rolling and folding the toilet paper up in a attempt to make something Origami style! Not too long ago I left with a toilet roll turned into broken snowmen AKA toilet snowballs.

    1. Jeanie

      I can’t believe I made so many boo boo’s in my original comment – here is take two. Thanks

      It’s not just what they say is the joke, it’s what they do – Rolling and folding the toilet paper up in a attempt to make something Origami style! Not too long ago I was left with a toilet roll turned into what they called broken snowmen AKA toilet paper snowballs!

  2. Renae

    My daughters favourite joke at the moment is:
    Q – If you are Australian in the garden what are you in the bathroom?
    A – Euro – peein

    She likes telling this to her European aunty.

  3. Renee Ballantyne

    My son has a disgusting habit of accidentally on purpose forgetting to flush after he goes to the toilet

  4. Joanne C

    At a market last Christmas… I was left caring for 7 children including 2 of my own while two mummy friend’s when off for a few minutes to complete their secret santa shopping… When my friends 5 year old daughter yelled out that she needed a toilet and needed it now. We were off! I was pushing two prams and the 5 toddlers were walking hand in hand as we looked for that toilets as quickly as we could. When we found the toilets, we all packed in. But, it seems the toilet joke was on me… Miss 5 pulled out her doll, placed it over the toilet, made a pisssst sound and said “thanks for getting dolly to the toilet so quickly, poor dolly was busting!” Our toilet emergency was for a dolly to pee!

  5. Sharon M

    My kids all learnt this joke from a young age : Why did Tigger stick his head down the toilet? He was looking for Pooh!!!!!!!! and yes, some of them did look in the toilet for Pooh!!!!! 🙂

  6. jane gardam

    My grandson makes me laugh as he not only squats on the toilet but faces towards the back of the toilet. Hopefully he will rectify this before starting school Now for my joke…What did one toilet say to the other toilet……you look flushed.

  7. Irena

    My daughter’s toilet joke: ‘A: Knock, knock… B: Who is there? A: Toliet B: Toilet who? A: Toilet, flush the toilet! 🙂


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