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Road test – Vuly Ultra Trampoline

vuly ultra trampolineIn this time of Caronvirus and self-isolation I can’t tell you how valuable having our Vuly Ultra trampoline is. We were sent it a few weeks ago for review and we are using it way more than I even expected, now that we can’t go out.

We have a big garden and I love having lots for kids to do here. Our place is the house that everyone gathers at and we often have a lot of kids here. We have the pool and the Vuly play swing set and an upgraded Vuly Ultra trampoline is the perfect addition.

Trampolining these days isn’t like it was back in the 80’s! Had you even trampolined if you hadn’t broken something and been pinched by the springs numerous times? These days trampolines are so safe; with nets, no access to springs, no chance of falling off and breaking a bone.

Vuly classic

Our Vuly Ultra trampoline is replacing a 7-year-old Vuly Classic that had been used and abused by so many kids. The nets had fallen apart, the tent has been ripped by some over enthusiastic 13-year-olds on a sleep over and the bumpers were beginning to fall apart. But that wasn’t our biggest problem. The problem is that the only part of the garden we can fit a trampoline has a lot of trees overhanging, which means our trampoline was filling with leaves and bark.

Road Test: Vuly Ultra trampoline

Vuly ultra trampoline

The new Vuly Ultra trampoline has a cover that fits over the top and protects the trampoline from leaves and bark, as well as providing shade and sun protection for the kids when they are jumping.

So, let’s take a look at the features of the Vuly Ultra:

The Vuly Ultra has rigorously tested nets that won’t decay in the sun. I can really feel the quality different of these nets compared to the older one. They also feel a lot sturdier.

Its curved bars and the hourglass net shape mean that the kids don’t hit the bars when they hit the net. Tully is obsessed with flips and handstands and she loves that these new nets support her firmly when she is upside down.

Vuly ultra trampoline

The new door design is zip free, so there’s less to break, but the crossover design means that no one will fall out while they are jumping

Water and sun resistant. Vuly trampolines are tested with 250 tons of water and 300 hours of rain.

The netting meets the mat so that no fingers can get caught in any springs.

The kids are LOVING it! We have a range of ages, from 2-8 in the house and it’s so safe for all. We can pop baby Trixie in there and she can bounce around safely, Mylo is loving charging about and running into the walls and Tully is practising her flips and tricks.

Thanks so much Vuly, for sending us the Vuly Ultra trampoline – it’s a hit!

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*This Vuly Ultra trampoline was gifted and all opinions are our own. This article contains affiliate links.

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  1. steve

    Appalling customer service. We ordered our Vuly trampoline in September 2021, arrived in Perth at the distribution centre on 20th October and to date we still have not received our product. We have been in contact with customer service team for the past 2 weeks and that cannot give us any information on where our trampoline is or when we will receive it. Only response we get is that they are “looking into it”. Recommend you buy your trampoline or product from another company as it seems that Vuly don’t care about quality customer service!!! It’s embarrassing the level of incompetence demonstrated by this company.


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