Road Testing the Baby Bjorn Travel Cot Light

DSC_0363So what is it that you don’t like about travel cots? Let me see… that they are big, bulky, heavy, complicated to put together and the mattress is has hard as a rock? That was my list anyway, so I was incredibly surprised when I came across the Baby Bjorn Travel Cot Light. Now I am not generally a ‘hands on, build it’ type of girl. Ikea furniture and DIY jobs are way out of my league… I am pretty happy with myself if I manage to change a light bulb. These types of jobs are usually left to my husband. When we go camping I tend to hand him the things he asks for while he puts it all together. So when my Baby Bjorn Travel Cot Light arrived I thought… should I wait for him to get home so that he can help me set it up? I got too excited though and decided to do it myself.

The first thing I noticed was that it was that it was light enough for me to pick up and carry without any issues and it came in a great little carry bag. It is in a flat rectangular shape so it is easy to store and pack in the car etc. I unzipped it and pulled it out. In one motion it all came together, all I had to do was straighten the legs and pop in the mattress. I managed to do all of this before I even found the instruction booklet!


The next thing that bothers me about the usual travel cot is the mattress. There is no way that I could sleep on a mattress that hard so how could we expect our little ones to? I know lots of people that get an extra piece of foam cut so that they can place it in the cot so it is a bit more comfy. The issue with this is that it really defeats the purpose of it being easy to transport. The Baby Bjorn Travel Cot Light has an extra comfy mattress. It contains a hard base with a layer of foam over the top to ensure that your little one is comfy and cozy. It is just as soft as the Moses Basket that my newborn sleeps in.


Because this travel cot is so quick and easy to set up I use it for many other things besides a bed when we are away. If there is no one else home I can pop bubba into the travel cot whilst I’m in the shower and I know he will be safe and sound in there. We also have a dog, and my toddler niece lives downstairs. The dog and the toddler both love the baby but they often want to climb on him and lick his face (the dog not the toddler!). I used to have no idea where to put him if I needed to do something while he was awake besides put him into his bed in his room. Now I know I can pop him straight into the Baby Bjorn Travel Cot Light so he will be dog slobber free! As he gets bigger I know that I will also be able to use it as a playpen to stop him crawling under my feet whilst I’m in the kitchen. It is such a compact size that it is easy to leave it set up in the corner of the room without taking over our whole living space.


All of the things that I listed about the negatives of a travel cot at the start of this review do not apply to the Baby Bjorn Travel Cot Light. It is small, compact, and easy to carry, store and set up with a mattress that I am happy for my baby to sleep on. 5 stars – I love it!

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