Road testing the Mitsubishi Outlander

textWhen the lovely people at Mitsubishi asked us to road test the new Mitsubishi Outlander model for a “real mum” review I had to virtually win an arm wrestle with Maraya to do the review. It’s not often we fight over who gets to do the “work” but this baby really had me at HELLO! Plus she always gets the good stuff! #MYTURN

To properly road test a car I believe a few trips to the supermarket is not going to cut it and I really don’t like to bore you all to death. We booked a road trip the Hunter Valley, packed the 3 kids in the car with two baby seats and a booster seat and my life belongings. We convinced my mum she should also come and headed off! #ROADTRIP #HELLOOOOOWINEBOOT

Packed boot. Obviously we travel light…..  Lucky it’s a 7 seater! We had my mum, the 3 kids and 10000 outfits packed.

We were lucky to be guests of Eaglereach Lodge in Vacy for 3 days. Looking back we are also lucky the 4WD function of the Mitsubishi Outlander was awesome as the resort is basically on the top of a massive hill with dirt roads. I had my eyes closed going down it was so steep. The car handled it like a pro. I don’t think we would have made those hills in just any old car. #YAYFORCARREVIEW

Over the space of 4 days we explored vineyards, stopped at little bridges to try and catch a few fish (failing) explored the dusty roads and a few horse riding treks. We took the car on a few adventures to find wine kangaroos roaming and other local wineries wildlife. A LOT of cheese and wine was consumed. Luckily the car handled the extra weight gained and seemed to take on the dirt roads like a pro.  I’m not going to make you all jealous and brag about my holiday and fun times, I am not even going to pretend I’m a good driver. Let’s talk #CARSTUFF

Mitsubishi Outlander 1

Stand out features I think you need to know about: #STUFFMUMSLIKE 

3 anchor points for rug rat car seats.

Roomy boot -lucky as you see I don’t pack lightly.

Comfy seats that received my mums approval. She is HIGH MAINTENANCE. Also has recline and tumble fold up function and HEATED front seats #THEBEST

Electric sunroof perfect for star spotting or when a toddler farts.

All the mod cons including: Digital radio/CD/MP3 and Sat Nav. Lucky we had the Sat nav as we got lost. A LOT.   Bluetooth phone connectivity, audio streaming & USB input. This means lots of handy iphone/ipad charging places. #LIFESAVER

Outstanding 4WD! Outstanding.

Safety features are truly a standout! ABS brakes, Emergency Brake Assist System (EBA), Reverse parking sensors, heated exterior door mirrors to Emergency Stop Signal Function (ESS) and Airbags. Trust me we used the brake assist on more than one occasion. #KANGAROOS

Mitsubishi Outlander 2

My husband’s favourite feature: #STUFFDADSLIKE

Adaptive Cruise Control. According to Google: ACC uses radar technology to detect cars in the lane ahead and adjusts the speed of your car accordingly while maintaining a distance set by you. #SOSMART

We drove the petrol model – 1500km and only filled the tank three times at approx $62 a tank. #ECONOMICAL #MOREMONEYFORWINE

Very Smart key and one touch start system.  This was also a noticeably very quiet car thanks to sound insulation and isolation damping materials. #SCIENCE #SMARTASS

In summary If you are looking for a new car that screams luxury, has kick ass mod cons, fit the mother in law in the back and also haul ass up the F3 then I really recommend you book in a test drive with Mitsubishi.  We test drove the Mitsubishi Outlander Exceed. Pop over to Mitsubishi for a dealership near you.

Disclaimer *We are now the new proud owners of another Mitsubishi model as my husband loved it so much he purchased one for work.  The after sales and warranty service has been outstanding and I have the Outlander at the top of my new car list for 2016… (Hint hint Mr Stuffmumslike 😉 #STUFFLYNSEYNEEDS  #INEEDANEWCAR

P.s many thanks to the poor man who took the car back and cleaned it. His face was priceless…. #KIDSMAKEMESS #GROSS



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