Roadtest- The Kneepal


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As my babies turn into toddlers I find there is million reasons that I need to be on my hands and knees. In-between the cleaning, fixing, organising and all the glamorous jobs around the house there is also very important barbie shacks needing refurbished, children needing to be bathed and a million Lego forts to build higher than the centre point tower.

When Kneepal approached us to review their clever product I did a little fist pump! I’m no spring chicken and with lack of sleep and the never ending chores I’m all about the work smarter not harder mantra.

Some smart cookie has invented an actual pad that not also perfect to save my knees it’s also compact to store away and cleans with a wipe. For those of you that are still bathing babies- you need this! It is non slip and sits next to the bathtub to kneel on while you are holding baby in the bath. It’s way better than kneeling on a soggy bathmat and helps give you support and stability.


The Kneepal is also waterproof and resistant to decay, frost, heat and chemicals.

Think about it:
Bath time will be easier with the kids. You won’t ruin your clothes gardening. Scrubbing those stickers of the floor the tiny terrors left on will be a breeze. I might even lend it to my husband to finish that DIY project he started in 2012…

The Kneepal is available in four colours: Aqua, Pink, Charcoal and green. You can check Kneepal out at:



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