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Scooter Review – Globber Scooters

globber scooters

Scootering as a family is one of our favourite activities, and we just got Tully a brand new scooter for Christmas. So when I was offered the chance to review Globber Scooters I knew I had to pass them on to a scooterless family. So I organised my for my friend Elana to be sent two for her family.

Here’s what she has to say about her new scooters…

We were never the scooter kind of family. My two boys have been on bikes since before they turned one! That was until late last year when I had to drive my smaller car to our family camping trip. All of a sudden we had no room to carry their wheels. My boys were devastated. The boys borrowed their friend’s scooters for that trip so they would be able to ride around the campsite with everyone and we haven’t looked back since. We got our own now, and I can’t get the boys off them. Both have an adjustable height which means they’ll last each of them for a few years and my youngest just can’t get enough of his light up wheels. They are just loving them. And I love how easy they are to throw into the boot or even grandma’s hatchback when they go out for a play. How did we go this long without scooters?

globber scooters

About the scooters

Elana was sent two scooters, for her six-year-old and almost nine-year-old. Globber sent her:

Globber Primo Plus

The Globber Primo Plus has a four height adjustable T-bar that should last ’til your child is about nine. The steering lock button fixes the steering system of the two front wheels to only move forward & backwards for learners and it holds up to 50kg. The scooter weighs about 2.5kg and you can remove the T-bar to put it away if you have limited space. It the perfect starter scooter, with three wheels for extra balance.

globber scooters

Globber Foldable Flow 125

The Globber Foldable Flow 125 is a two-wheel scooter designed for kids from six to adults up to 100kg. It has a foldable T-bar that is adjustable to four different heights so it grows with your child. The scooter weighs 3.14kg and is the perfect scooter to transition from a three-wheel scooter to a two-wheeler.

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