Score a family pass to the Royal Easter Show

Royal Easter Show

The Sydney Royal Easter Show is one of my top 5 days of the year (The others are Christmas, Avalon Market Day, my birthday and Easter Sunday in case you were wondering lol!) I’ve only missed it four times in my life and two of those were because I had Easter babies. I take the kids every year and we love it.

paulmcmillan-event-SRES-150407-016 The Royal Easter Show

My favourites are the baby animals and the Woolworths Fresh Food Dome. This year Tully has already decided she’s getting a Trolls show bag (because in case you missed that post, Trolls are our life right now)

Royal Easter Show Trolls Showbag

We are picking our rides and even the teenagers are excited about their showbags. It’s a family tradition that we all look forward to.

So, to make sure you get to create your own family tradition we are giving away two family passes to the Royal Easter Show (four tickets each)

To win you just need to tell us why you want the tickets!

(T&Cs: competition open to Australian residents only. Any flights/transfers/accommodation is up to the winner. Each winner receives 4x complimentary passes valid for the Sydney Royal Easter Show in 2017. Competition closes 1st April at 11 pm.)

To plan your trip visit

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73 thoughts on “Score a family pass to the Royal Easter Show

  1. Christine

    I would love to take my 3 boys as we have never been. Winning free tickets would mean I could save the money up for rides and of course a show bag each!

  2. Fiona Charlton

    Exhibits, wood-chopping, fairy-floss so sticky.
    Gorgeous animals who’ve come to the city.
    Kid’s eyes popping in the show-bag hall.
    The rides, where screams say it all.
    An amazing day finished with firework colours.
    The Easter Show, just like no other!
    The kids just adore the show.
    To see their smiles, I’m desperate to go!!

  3. Brianna

    I would love to take my kids to experience the show like I did as a kid but unfortunately it’s just not within my budget especially this year due to a few unforeseen expenses

  4. Joan

    I would love to win this as a birthday gift for my girl Daniela. Her birthday on 26 March we don’t have party or present for her. This would be a very special gift for her if we won. 🤗🤗🤗🤗

  5. Jodie Johnston

    I’d love to be able to take my kids to the show. Last year my son got to fulfil his dream of milking a cow – I can’t describe how excited he was. Plus hubby hasn’t been able to go with us yet as he was always working, so the kids would be esctatic to spend an awesome day out with daddy.

  6. Peta Newsome

    My kids love animals, just like me
    (and rides and showbags and hot food yummy)
    Each year we walk through all the pavilions,
    And say hi to the animals, it’s our show tradition!
    We’d love to go again this year,
    to say hi to each dog, cat and cow we go near.
    Plus the Showbags look awesome, I’m getting prepared,
    I’ve taken out a new mortgage, can’t miss the cool gear! 😉

  7. Jessica

    We would love to go to the show this year to spend some quality time together as a family doing something we would all enjoy. The thing I love about the show is there is something for everyone. ..animals, food, ag displays, etc. Having children spanning 2 to 6 years this day out caters for all of them.

  8. Karina Lee

    It was my family tradition to go to Easter Show every year.Now that I have my own family, I will continue this annual tradition because both my kid and I LOOOOVE the Easter show!

  9. Christina

    Would love to take my family this year. Our favourite parts are the animals, the pavilions, the food, the rides and of course the show bags.

  10. Melinda Mahlberg

    I would so love to win tickets to take our family on a much needed relaxing quaity family time day out. We have three kids and only one of them has ever been to the show when they were a toddler and dont even remember going.

  11. Natasha keogh

    My twin daughters are 5 and never been as I couldn’t afford it. It would be wonderful to be able to take them now they are at kindergarten

  12. Renae

    I used to go to the show every year too, 16 years ago I met and married my english husband and went to sunny England to live, I have always told my kids about the easter show but they have never been, after moving back home this year I would love to take my two children to experience a little bit of my childhood memories. I love the show and we have already spent ages poring over showbags, Trolls is top of the list for both of mine at 9 and 5.

  13. lara morello

    This is being set up for the last week, my boys are now old enough to realise what it is as we drive past. Guess we can’t hide from it forever, this is the year to take them.

  14. Tammy

    So I can steal ‘favourite Aunt’ title back from my sister when I take my niece and nephew to the Easter Show!!!!!

  15. Megan Beckett

    My kids have been talking about the show pretty much since boxing day! We haven’t been in quite a number of years and I’d love to win. Going to the Easter Show is something every kid has to experience at least once!!

  16. aH

    Going to the show is a great way to show the kids all about farm animals and of course we LOVE the rides, showbags amd all the fun it offers.

  17. Natalie Rose

    I have very fond memories of going to the show when I visited my grandparents in Sydney. I’d love to take my 6 yr son so we can make our own memories & I can relive my own childhood too. This would make a super fun school holidays & visit to Sydney too.

  18. Wendy

    I would love to take my one year old hes never been and loves animals and would love to get him his first show bag

  19. Leighanne Grant

    We would be DELIGHTED to win tickets to the Royal Easter Show,
    My three boys are extremely eager to go!
    DS10 aspires to be a farmer one day,
    DS7 loves nature and the outdoors way.
    Our “baby” turns 5 in April this would be a great birthday treat.
    He would love the baby animals and the yummy things to eat.
    A day of bright happy smiles and squeals of delight,
    Most definitely the school holiday highlight.

  20. Cathy

    I would love to take my girls 8years and 9months (it will be her first Easter show yay!) to see all the animals and the families that work so hard to show their animals here. It’s always a pleasure talking to farmers about their animals, they are so passionate I love it and the kids learn so much.

  21. Betty

    My kids have never been to any show and I think it would be an awesome experience for us. We live in northern nsw and we are visiting family down that way when the show is on so would love to give the kids a fun day after a rough start to the year.

  22. Jodie

    I too have an Easter baby – he turns 6 next week. It’s a ‘non-party’ year so this would be an amazing surprise for him. He is mad for Trolls so no doubt that Troll showbag would be top of his list!

  23. Anna

    I would love to take my three boys as a holiday surprise for my middle boys 5th birthday. Wood chopping, baby animals, the show bag pavilion and rides galore, Pluto pups, fairy floss and so much more. They have never been so would love to take them.

  24. Lisa harris

    I would love to take my son as he’s 7 and we have only been once because his birthday is around the same time. We have not really been about to afford anything else after his birthday. It’s like having his birthday at Christmas and only getting one present lol.

  25. Ros McFarlane

    I haven’t been to the Royal Easter Show since 2000, I now live in Wollongong after living in the country for 30 years. I now have grandchildren that I would love to take to the show and enjoy what I think is a great family affair. I remember going to the Easter Show with our Grandparents many many years ago, and it is a memory you cant forget. I would love to spend all day and night to really make a day of it.

  26. Nicole harrison

    I would love to take the kids, to remind them how fun it is ! Last year I struggled around the show for a few hrs as we had been looking forward to a family day for so long but ended up leaving to go to hospital. Emergency surgery, I was seriously unwell and in shock I’d made it through as long as I did. I want to create happiness for us all

  27. Jade Lyon

    I would love it because it would be fantastic to take my youngest to the show for the first time ever. And it would give me a reason to be in Sydney to visit all my dearly missed friends too!

  28. Crystal McFarlane

    I don’t get a chance to catch up with my mum too often as she lives in Sydney so the Show is a great way for the kids and I to travel down and share a fun day with her.

  29. Kasey Page

    I’d love to take my girls 4, and 18 months. They would love to meet the animals. I’d love to cerise through the Food dome, and we’d all live a ride on the Ferris Wheel 🎡

  30. Tatiana Miamoto

    I’d love to take my 3 kids to the show, because it’s one of their dreams and it’d come true if i win the tickets!!! Please, pick me!!! 🙂

  31. Leanne

    My parents used to take me every year to the show when I was growing up. I now have two kids if my own the youngest being 8, and she has never been. It would be so nice to take them and show them the true meaning of the show where they can learn about the importance of our farmers!

  32. Corena Henry

    I would love to take my 2 little children to the Easter show as they have never been and I think it is better value for money and so much more to see than our local show.

  33. Aimee

    Easter Show represents changing seasons,
    Summer to autumn……many reasons
    Excitement – walking through gates
    Every year – different dates!!
    Buzzing Showbag Hall, screams from rides
    Where to next? Checking guides…
    Athletic dogs, big, small
    Kids with Fairy Floss, having a ball!
    Childhood, adolescence, to adulthood
    Easter Show memories – sure been good!

  34. Taylor Bellomo

    I have 3 little city slickers who need a taste of the country! The closest they get to digging in the dirt is trawling through their messy bedroom. They believe that milk and eggs just appear neatly packaged in our fridge and the only exposure they have had to livestock is walking through the meat isle at Woolworths. I would love to take them to the show thanks to Stuff Mums Like and show them a little country living!

  35. Narelle Jones

    I would love to see the pure joy and excitement on my three little boys faces as they walk through the gates for the first time into a world of excitement and wonder. To give them what seems to be a rite of passage for every Sydney kid. I remember that feeling so well, it would be a privilege to give it to them.

  36. Narelle Jones

    To see the pure joy on my three little boys faces as they walk through the Easter show gates for the first time ever into a world of wonder and excitement. To give them what seems to be a rite of passage for lots of Sydney kids. I remember that feeling walking through with my Mum 30 years ago, would be a privilege to give it to them.

  37. Andrea Koster

    Oh I would LOVEEEEEEE to go to the Easter Show with my family! At the end of April we’ll be here 5 years. And we have never everrrrrrr made it to the Easter Show. We would be over the moon and beyond excited! Fingers crossed xx

  38. Amanda G

    I’d love to take my three little girls. They love Trolls too ❤️ they love animals and fairy floss and the rides!

  39. Bianca Barnwell

    My son is super keen on agriculture (he will be studying it at school) he would love to see the animals and learn more about the country coming to the city xx

  40. Amber Jones

    I would love to win to have the chance to take my kids. I have an April child so we cannot afford to do both – party and presents vs easter show. So naturally the party wins for my little rainbow baby who we nearly lost. I know my son would go mental over the stunt shows and my animal loving daughter would love all the animal exhibits and events. I remember going with my parents when I was their age and spending hours planning what showbag i could buy and the rides i was going to go on.

  41. Kristy Pickering

    I would love to take my girls to the Easter show to experience the excitement of the animals and rides. They have not been to one yet and it would be a very special day to share the fun with them.

  42. Brooke Hughes

    I would love to take my step son who has just moved in with us he’s 11 and never been and our youngest is 3 and she’s never been either. now we have 3 kids living with us, we can’t really afford to take them all….i went every year with my mum and it was just as good as Christmas and I would love to give our kids that experience….thank you

  43. Rebecca Pontaks

    Would love to take my 3yr old son again as he is now old enough to explore and participate in activities. We dont get to do family things often but this is one thing i know we would all enjoy !

  44. Hollie

    I would love to win to take my mum. She is struggling so much and still helps me out when she can I want to spoil her for once and thank her for all the help she has given me over the years, from being there when I had my first born, to watching her when I had my second. She is my rock and I love her to death.

  45. Rebecca

    I would absolutely LOVE these tickets for myself and my 3 kids to go to the the best show ever. If I was lucky enough to win these tickets my kids would be lucky to get more money spent on their fav things like the showbags and rides.

  46. Deb

    We have three little girls who are obsessed with animals. They often play games where they pretend to be different farmyard critters. Our youngest, carries her ‘lamby’ everywhere she goes, so she would be so excited to see a real life lamb! We would love to go and spend some time as a family ❤

  47. Renee

    Ruby, 11, loves showbags,
    Charlie, 9 he goes for the rides,
    Willow, she’s 6, animal obsessed,
    and Ivy, just 4, food is the best!
    Thank you for the opportunity!

  48. Cherie Cooper

    HORSE-ing around at the show
    RIDE-ing high on excitement like a FIREWORK
    SHEAR joy on the kids faces
    WOODN’t miss it for the world!

    1. Kate

      I would love to spend the whole day in the Aust Woman’s Weekly Theatre a kitchen with my daughter. We used to go as a family – then 5 years ago my son passed away at 14 after a bone marrow transplant due to Leukaemia – we then went as 3 – last year my husband had 3 amputations, and started dialysis 3 times a week. This leaves me as his carer. It’s our 25th wedding anniversary on 16 March – and my husband wants me to take my daughter to the show (we went to the show each year for 5 years together before our kids arrived). I have looked at every way I could do this but just can’t afford it. Would love to win tickets for my daughter and I to go – and fulfil my husbands wish.
      Thank you so much for the opportunity to win these memory making prize.

  49. Nicole

    I would love to suprise my husband and kids with tickets we have never been. I told them we wouldn’t go this year, but probably next year. I would love to see all their faces with some tickets in my hand.

  50. Liz

    When we told our 3 little boys that we can’t afford to go to the Easter Show every year, my eldest said “Can I give up my birthday this year so we can go to the show?” And the crazy thing is – I’m just as keen as him to go.. I just wasn’t as generous as him in offering to give something up so we could go!

  51. Emma Lovell

    My little ones have never been to the Easter show as it’s so close to both their birthdays and the expenses that come with it. I would love to take them to experience it. X

  52. Karen Baker

    I loved going to the Easter show every year as a kid at Moore park and since having my kids it has been difficult. My daughter has special needs and has found it to overwhelming and unaffordable but this year is the first year she has been doing so well and loves trolls and princesses and rides. I would absolutely adore to take our family this year and finally give my kids the childhood experiences I was so fortunate to have. Thanks for the opportunity to enter such a wonderful family prize.

  53. Amy Evans

    I’d love to go to the easter show this year, i can’t remember the last time i went, I’d take my boyfriend and his 2 kids, cause he can’t afford to. Please let me do this for him.

  54. Annie

    My kids have never been;
    There’s many things they haven’t seen.
    Something they’d like to do,
    Is see a baby farm animal or two!
    A seat at the Grand Parade,
    & their show memories would never fade!

  55. Kylie Berryman

    We are holidaying in Sydney from Cairns Qld from 1st-12th April. I would love to take our 11yr old daughter to the Easter Show. I used to go every year when I worked in Sydney many years ago, I could only image her face as she experienced everything, not to mention Hubby who has never been to anything but a regional show.
    Thank you for the opportunity to enter.

  56. Janelle

    I want to win tickets because I too LOVE the show. It isn’t about show bags or rides, for me it’s a whole day of entertainment, a chance to learn something new & be a big kid again (which the kids love seeing)

  57. Katrina sutcliffe

    I’d love to take my kiddlet’s to try this fabulous Sydney tradition that makes such great memories for the scrapbook! Who doesn’t love to watch the looks of excitement and fun on their kids! Makes a long day of walking about worth the smiles and memories!

  58. Philippa Comerford

    Free tickets are stuff mums like
    We budget endlessly
    But tickets to the Easter Show
    Are the ultimate family freebie!

  59. Maria

    We would love to take our 3 kids to experience all the fun and excitement that comes with the Easter show and share traditions that we did as kids also

  60. Kate

    Our day at Sydney’s Royal Easter Show is our favourite day in the year!
    When the gates are open we flock on in with such joy and cheer!
    From animals, and woodchopping, to fairy floss and rides,
    With Arts and crafts, fresh food displays, cake decorating and slides.
    The shows throughout the day are great but our fave above the rest,
    is the main arena extravaganza topped with fireworks -the best!
    Hands down the most fun entertainment our family really love.
    We are there for 12 whole hours, but still don’t feel thats long enough!!!!

  61. Natasha Nolland

    The Easter Show is so much fun, I would love to take my little boys along.

    Fresh lemonade and cheese on a stick, I just hope after the rides we don’t get sick.

    Wood chopping fun and and all the rides, Woolworths pavilion, cakes and the giant slide.

    On to the main arena we’ll stay until night, to watch the fireworks where we’ll get a fright.

    My memories of “The Show” I got from my Mum and I hope I can pass this tradition along.

  62. Melinda Mahlberg

    I would love to win the tickets as after a very stressful year, our family could really do with a fun quality family day out.

  63. Rachel

    My mum and i would love to take my neice and my nephew ( her grandchildren) as we do not get to see my neice and my nephew all that often as they live over an hours drive away

  64. Carmen

    I finally have a family myself so I would like to go on some family adventures. The Easter show is definitely on that list.

  65. Renee Vance

    Last year we went on Good Friday but it was waaaaay too busy, especially with a stroller. This year we need to go on another day!

  66. Gloria

    We would love to win tickets …

    We love creating fun, family , memories with our kids ..
    Our kids are 10, 8 and 7 it’s so perfect for their age groups .. best day /night out 🙂

  67. Rebeca

    My boys have just turned 11 and 8,my April Fool’s baby.
    They have never ever been too the Easter show and this would be a amazing present for them.
    Which means,I would have more money for cheese on a stick,if they still sell them.

  68. Katharine Fuller

    We would love to take our 3yr old son and our niece and give them a day of fun. We have a nephew who is autistic and takes a lot of time and attention away from his sister……to spoil her and give her undivided attention for one day would be amazing. She is truely the most amazing 6yr old I have ever met.
    So I guess selfishly I want to see her happy….cause that woukd make us so happy

  69. Marguarite Shannon

    My city dwelling kids need some country fun…and education! Maybe a show bag or two as well 😉

  70. Kristy

    Id love to win to take my 2 boys to the show this year. They are so good for mummy they deserve a great day out.

  71. Megan Beckett

    I would love to win because I’d love to take my partner and our 4 kids. 2 of our kids have never been and they would absolutely love the show as much as i did as a kid!

  72. Melissa Mitchell

    I’m a newly seperated mummy with 2 little girls. The 6 year old is struggling and this would be sn awesome way to take her mind off life’s harsh realities and have a little fun that i otherwise couldn’t afford 😊


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