Share the Love Valentine’s Day giveaway

IMG_3816-2To celebrate Valentine’s Day and all things lovely we have a giveaway full of our all favourite brands with FOUR prize packs to be won!

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Enter below for your chance to win one of our four packs.

(T&Cs- Australian residents over 18 only. Ends 14th February and is a skills based Competition. Please like us in Facebook and answer the question to have a valid entry. By entering you are giving Stuff Mums Like permission to add you to our database.)

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282 thoughts on “Share the Love Valentine’s Day giveaway

  1. Pen Johnston

    The worst date was when I went to met a guy for coffee. He wanted me to go back to his car and kiss him on the first date. What the hell is wrong with people? I made a hasty get away. He texted me later and I just ignored him. Dodged a bullet on that one!

  2. Donna Damyon

    Met a guy through RSVP – he was nothing like his profile picture (not sure if any are) he wore one of those heavily knitted colourful aussie jumpers, couldn’t manage more than a few words per sentence and sooooo boring. Yep I did cliche thing, went to bathroom, texted my girlfriend the situation and 10 minutes after being back at the table she rang “in tears” needing my support. I said a lovely goodbye and never answered his calls again (harsh I know)

  3. Hayley

    Worst date I got drunk walked into a lamp post and then turned around and apologized to it! At least I showed manners! Love life pack looks amazing!

  4. Ingrid Robertson

    My worst date began with him telling me he just wasn’t that into me! After that blunt ordeal, I need some cupcakes and sweet love!

  5. Michelle Waters

    One of our very first dates. Beautiful restaurant. We walk in, both looking like a million dollars, get shown to our table ….. right next to his ex and HER new date. Well THAT was comfortable. NOT!

  6. Sannie W

    Sweet Love… but that wasn’t the case on my worst date, when he invited me to his sister’s party and ALL his friends and family were tragic Billy Idol fans and dressed, and sang, accordingly… and they played Billy Idol all night …. ewww…

  7. Jacqui D

    Worst date: Xmas Eve (also my birthday),
    No present (but he promised the Xmas present was for both)
    No dinner (he forgot to book)
    So we just went from club to club, I drove because he already
    had a few drinks beforehand, at the end of the night he vomited in
    the passenger door pocket!
    Now 15yrs later we’re married. I am an idiot!

  8. Cherie

    Love Life Pack please, I need some lovin’!

    Worst date that I can remember… Not so much the date but what the guy did. After having quite a nice meal he proceeds to unbuckle and unzip his pants! Umm, why?! He ate too much. Leave that for at home buddy!

  9. Michelle Miles

    It was a blind date and we met at a pub in the city on a Saturday afternoon and he ordered a pot of tea, I would love the I’m in Love Pack to spoil what became the best date of my life xxx

  10. Amanda

    My date was an hour late and explained the police had been searching his house!
    All the packs look great, but I’d be most keen on the Love Life please.

  11. Stephanie Powell

    Id love the Im in Love pack but they all look great. We have been married for almost 10 years. Id love to spoil my husband

  12. Eva Kiraly

    I went on a date to the beach, he picked me up in his car and on the way home his wheel fell off along with the axle, we survived but I never saw him again after that. I’m In Love pack please 🙂

  13. Helen G Brereton

    Spoil the Man in your Life Pack Please.

    I met a fellow at a Mature singles dinner night (desperate & dateless!) and when he took me out the next week, all he talked about was his Barbed Wire he had brought that week and kept in the spare bedroom… looking back that should have been a BIG warning, but luckily I never went on a 2nd date with him (or to his house…..) as he had the hands of an octopus and I could barely escape his clutches.
    Luckily, the next man I met after him was wonderful, and now has been my hubby for 15 years.

  14. Benjamin Travia

    Besides using a pseudonym, speaking in riddles and strongly hinting she had royal blood…it was a great night.

  15. Brenda kapsley

    he took me to a party to meet his friends, left me sitting by myself all night, with only occasionally coming over seeing it i wanted a drink then walked away to talk to a different girl all night

  16. Charlotte Knudsen

    I’ve never even been on a date, unless you count having dinner with someone who is already your boyfriend(now husband)? Never done the whole awkward first date thing.

    So I guess never having had a first date at the age of 28 is pretty bad? lol.

  17. Linda

    Love life ..Its a shoe thing!
    My worst date ever was being brought to the cemetery, He showed me were all his ancestors were buried.
    He could see my unease , so decided to say something nice.”Maybe someday we will be buried here together”… sweet jeez I was outta there fast

  18. Beck

    I am quite tall. There was one guy who took one look at me and said “Oh no! You didn’t tell me you were so big. I’m not attracted to large women”. So rude.

    The Sweet Love pack looks great. Cakes and a candle. Lovely!

  19. Andreea Nicolescu

    I was so nervous before one date I had a couple of drinks while getting ready, I sat down to wait for my date to arrive and fell asleep, I woke hours later…I missed the date..the date that never was, oopps

  20. Kasey E

    I only every dated my hubby but when we first started dating I had bundles of nerves and just couldn’t eat, plus I was super skinny. He thought I was anorexic lucky he kept it to himself, 15 years later I am nowhere near that weight and have curves that he adores! LOVE LIFE PACK please.

  21. heather

    Boy I’ve had some really bad dates…. One that really ranks high on the list is the time a man asked me out to dinner on a date. We went to a restaurant had dinner and then… Oh he forgot his wallet and I paid! I was stupid enough to go out with him again thinking that maybe it was just an innocent mistake then he forgot his wallet again!! SHAME ON ME FOR THE SECOND TIME! People really do suck!!!!
    I like the sweet love pack.

  22. Alison

    My now husband took me out for the first time, and I wore quite a revealing top
    I was nervous and got rolling drunk – boobs popping out the poor man spent the night tucking me back in. Based on that I’d love to win the men’s prize!

  23. Emma

    In high school a friend took me to a restaurant that was way too fancy for high schoolers, we both felt so awkward and the whole date was really uncomfortable and we hardly spoke! He was very persistent though and the next time we saw each other he brought me a big tub of my favourite gummy bears and we went for a walk which was much more relaxed and we had a great second date!

    I love all the packs but the xoxo is especially cute!

  24. Lauren

    The worst date I’ve ever been on was when I was asked me to go watch a new-ish boyfriend play cricket. He didn’t/couldn’t come and speak to me the whole day (I never knew a cricket match went for so long!), I spent the morning watching the wrong guy anyway (my eyesight isn’t that great!), I had no idea what was going on and at the end, he told me he was going to grab a drink with the boys (no invite!). Needless to say, it didn’t last…
    PS I’d love the “love life”‘pack please!

  25. Amy Devon

    My worst first date….. It ended up with me sneeking off from the toilet after he said that he loved me and we should be together forever. Awkward! Any prize pack would be fantastic, I’ve never actually been given a Valentine’s day present before.

  26. Rebecca Roffman

    Our first valentines day together when we were dating we made plans to meet at his house and go out for a romantic dinner. I arrived at the planned time, my boyfriend (now hubby) was no where to be seen. I chilled out on his outdoor couch, happy to wait…but fell asleep. He arrived and woke me up a couple of hours later, completely forgetting our dinner plans. Happy valentines day to me! He obviously made it up to me as we are now married with 3 kids 😉

  27. lorraine mattea

    Worst date was a website date that I met for a coffee and all he talked about was himself. Definitely not a good listener. So into himself it was embarrasing. I went to loo and never came back to table. Was my one and only web date. Disastrous.

  28. Selina

    I have the ultimate worst date ladies. The most gorgeous man I had ever met invited me to his house and cooked me the most delicious meal I’ve ever eaten. Doesn’t sound bad does it? Well, it was the best date of my life until his WIFE let herself into THEIR holiday home and started hitting ME in the face. Lost. For. Words. That was 20 years ago before Google could have told me in 3 milliseconds to turn around slowly and run for the hills when he asked for my number.

    I’d love the Love Life Pack because you gotta love yourself to love others and get the most out of life. Thanks!

  29. kelly

    The love life pack would be awesome!
    My worst date was running very late, met me at the restaurant, ordered EXACTLY what i did (yep, even added the no peas request!), didnt offer to pay at all then didnt walk me to my car after! First and last date with him!!

  30. Jennifer Cross

    It was my first internet date and I had been talking this charming guy, late 20’s, who seemed witty and looked hot. Reality: He was 40, desperate for a good time (if you know what I mean) and just smelt weird.

    Yeah, I never used internet dating again.

  31. Nikki

    Sweet love please……my worse date – we go to the cinema to see a chick flick, he falls asleep on my shoulder all through the film, dribbling, and snoring, and wakes up just ask the credits roll. He drives me home and tries to kiss me – uuurrrggghhhhh like being caught in a washing machine….

  32. Leah

    My worst date was also my best. Got too drunk and didn’t have a lot of coordination left by the end of the night. My date was even worse than me. The next day he suggested we make up for it by going to brunch but we got caught at the movies when West End was flooding in Brisbane’s 2011 floods. I had to bunker down with my date and his family as I couldn’t get home. We have been inseparable ever since.

  33. Mary Preston

    On a first date he turns up with his mother. I think he could have given Norman Bates a run for his money.

    Sweet Love thank you.

  34. Katrina Harrison

    My worst “Date” was when I drove 5hrs to meet a guy and he wasn’t there, he was out with mates. and I would like to win the I’m in love Pack for For the guy I drove 5hrs to meet that wasn’t there and still ended up marrying…I know long story but he is my soul mate and father of my beautiful kids.

  35. Trish Leonard

    Many years ago I met this guy and he casually invited me out and he seemed like a nice person so I said yes. He took me to his friend’s party was acting really weird and then disappeared. I was annoyed and then I found out that he told everyone that I was his girlfriend. I said I wasn’t feeling well and went home.

  36. Alana

    My date thought he would be sweet and towards the end of the night pulled my necklace towards him to kiss me… Except the necklace broke and the beads went flying everywhere! He also thought he would try to stop me from leaving and ran into my car with his body denting it. The most expensive date I went on! Got to laugh about it now 🙂 I would love the sweet love pack!

  37. vanessa mccallum

    my first and only real date was beautiful, beachside restaurant and motel for the weekend, could only be better with the perfect person, witch he wasn’t… Awesome prizes.

  38. Kathryn Horne

    Mine was when i was about 19 my date and i went ice skating where i decided to fall of cause and broke my arm in two places my date then decided to DROP ME OFF at the emergency room where i had to ring my mum to come and pick me up i never saw that date again! XOXO pack love that dress

  39. Michelle Waixel

    The first ever date my now husband took me on. He ate Maccas, I tried to peel the monopoly sticker off the whole time, only to find out at the end of his meal that he had already done it.
    Then he took me to see Chopper and didn’t even glance my way during the movie, let alone hold my hand. Didn’t want to miss any of the film apparently. Lucky he made up for it!!

    I would love the Sweet Love Pack please!! :o)

  40. Ainsley

    My worst date ever was a bit of a non-event, literally! I received the most gorgeous bunch of flowers at my work, addressed to me but with no sender’s name. Ooooh, soooo romantic! Except the sender never revealed himself/herself! Who sends flowers anonymously & never owns up to them? That was over 10 years ago now & I still wonder who that mystery flower sender was!
    I’d like the ‘I’m in Love’ pack please!

  41. louise crocker

    my worst date… lovely walk along the boardwalk overlooking the sunset at the beach (high heels get stuck between boards – date has to get down on his knees and pry them out) once my shoes are freed we walk hand in hand down the steps to the bar ( i somehow think there is an extra step and end up landing on my knees on the braille tiles) bloodied and bruised with my ‘polka dot’ knees we head up to the surf club where we enjoy a lovely meal and i proceed to choke on a fishbone.

    the i’m in love pack would be great… after all he did marry me but still complains that i’m clumsy! Duh…

  42. Frances

    Worst date was with my husband when we where in Singapore. It was valentines night and nothing went right. Hot, bad restaurant, bad service and I got a little tipsy as was upset. On the other hand he proposed to me the next morning. My hubby is my only boyfriend I’ve ever had so that’s the only bad date I can think of. We don’t date anymore, to hard with kids lol.

    Would love the xoxo pack.

  43. Nicola Pengilly

    I was stood up for a date to the beach – the date that never was. Would have to be the worst! This was back in the days before mobile phones and social media so I just waited like an idiot. Never saw him again……
    XOXO pack please!

  44. Stephanie

    My worst date would have to be when I was asked out by a guy who fixed the air con at my workplace. I had to pick him up for the date, the whole time he spoke about Australian women (he was Irish), putting out on the first date and it went so badly that when I dropped him home he had the balls to say “I’d invite you in but I know you don’t put out so what’s the point?” All because I said I don’t believe in having (meaningless) sex on the first date. I couldn’t wait to drive away from him!!

  45. Elizabeth

    Love life pack!
    Worst first date ever,
    Date brought a mate,
    One hour wasted,
    Making me wait,
    But that wasn’t the worst part,
    Mate was a sleaze bag
    Who told me they were late,
    As my date was having a shag
    With another date!

  46. Lisa

    I had a dinner date which went quite well. Afterwards we decided to take a walk and while walking, he got a phone call. Quite without shame, he took it in front of me and organised a booty call for an hours time! The one redeeming point is that he walked me to a taxi instead of rushing off immediately. He called me a few days later and asked if I’d like to do it again!

    I’d love the sweet love pack please

  47. Danielle Tassan

    I was so nervous before a first date that I drank a bottle of wine beforehand,fell asleep on the couch and missed the date.
    “I’m in love pack” please.

  48. sue petrie

    Worse date was he rang up at 5pm and asked me out for 6.30pm meal in town at an Italian restrauant so i went in.I met him and we had spaghetti and he dropped it all over me and than had the nerve in blaming me and refused to pay .He took me home in his car on the way hom he went via a dark road and stopped and asked for payment i told him to back off and got out of the car he drove off leaving me .Lucky there was a phone i rang my father he came and picked me up.
    would love to win;I’M IN LOVE PACK: ty

  49. Isobel

    We’d arranged a whole day at the beach but I had injured my foot the day before and had to go wearing a large borrowed slipper on one foot! I really like the Love Life Pack.

  50. Jenna

    Worst date…
    Trying to be all discreet but bumped into a friend of my mums at the restaurant who then rang my mum and told her what I was doing!!

    Would love to win the isowhey pack fort for husband!

  51. Michelle Leach

    My worst date was when I had a coffee date with a man I met on a chat site and not really having much in common I never contacted him again but after a few weeks I realised I was being stalked, he knew where I lived and where I was going and sent me messages to say I looked nice in that dress .. I ended up going to the police!
    Thanks for the chance xx

    1. Michelle Leach

      Sorry forgot to mention I would love the XOXO pack please.. Just love the Witjuti slouch dress, perfect for a winters night out <3

  52. Bree

    Worst date ever.. Spent an evening with a guy and a few of his friends (who hardly spoke to me). The guy got totally wasted, he had picked me up and driven me to where we were going so I had to drive him home home in his car. I was then stuck at his house for the night as I had no car and not enough money for a cab because I lived a fair way away from his place. He drove me home the next day and I never looked back!
    Ps. I love the XOXO pack (needless to say he wasn’t getting any XOXO that night!!)

  53. Kimberley

    My worst date ever? He wouldn’t tell me where he was taking me and so (with me completely overdressed in my beautiful new dress and heels) he surprised me with a terrible indy/garage band in a tiny venue which was overcrowded with hot, sweaty, drunk 18 year olds. At the end of the band’s set he took me across the road for a Big Mac and a Coke and then I jumped in the nearest cab as quickly as I could to dodge the very sloppy kiss that was coming me way.
    And now I feel the need for some Sweet Love as cupcakes make every terrible memory of dodgy past romances better.

  54. Anna M

    Many years ago it was my first date with a guy from work.
    To start with he forgot the movie tickets that he had been given and so had to phone his Dad to deliver them to us so we were late to the movies. He was mildly annoyed with me when i went and purchased some popcorn and then when I asked him if he would like some he sshhhed me. After the movie he decided that he wanted to use vouchers he had for McD’s…by one get one free so he got 2 Big Macs and then got annoyed when I said I didnt want the other Big Mac and that I would get some Chinese instead which I paid for. He threw the Big Mc in the b in and was so annoyed that I wasted food. We never went out again.

    I would very much love the Spoil the man in your life with our I’M IN LOVE PACK please

  55. Eliza

    I went out with a friend of a friend for a seafood meal. I drank a few wines and was really getting into him. As we went for a smooch, I gagged into his mouth and then projectile vomited down his back, arm and chest with splash back going into his face! I ended up in hospital with severe food poisoning but still he came to pick me up the next morning! We ended up together for two years but that first date… hmmmm, not a good one.

    I would love to be considered for the LOVE LIFE or SWEET LOVE prizes.

  56. Karly

    In my early 20s (nearly 20 years ago!) I was on a date with a guy that I really, REALLY liked and I was explaining how delicious and healthy this new food called Sushi is. I was explaining the seaweed layer, the raw fish and the avocado. I put a huge lump of avocado in my mouth but it was wasabi and I sweated and cried and burned. And died 100 deaths of embarrassment.
    All the packs are great but I would choose the SWEET LOVE PACK please.

  57. Michelle lalezari

    My worst date would probably be where I accidentally burnt my date while trying to cook him dinner. Anyway he saved my house from burning down but suffered 3rd degree burns all over. I then spent the next 6 weeks caring for him full time.

  58. Alicia Kimberley

    Worst date every was being told to order a salad as that’s what il be getting used to eating as I needed to loose weight, go to the gym and eat healthy 🙁 he was a personal trainer and tennis coach and let’s just say that’s where it ended too!!

  59. Kylie Rogers

    I was on a date with professional wrestler. I knew he had a match the day before, so trying to make conversation I asked if he won. He looked at me like I was stupid and said “I’m a BADDIE” lol. It didn’t get any less awkward from there

  60. Trudi Verrico

    Worst date was sitting in the main street of town on a saturday night with about 10 other cars and watching the police take everyones names because they thought we were going out to do burnouts

    oh and I would love the Love life pack

  61. Sonia El-Sheikh

    Met this guy online and we went for a coffee when the bill came out he gave it to me to pay as he ‘forgot’ his wallet at home ! I just couldn’t wait to get out of there because he was so not my type and there wasn’t much both of us said to each other ! He sounded better on the phone than he was in the flesh!

  62. Catrina

    Worst date was when I went to watch a movie at a guys house and drank to much soft drink so needed to burp but was holding them in and I kept getting these weird noises coming up that I couldn’t stop.

  63. Stacey Henry

    I was still quite young around 15 years of age so a “date” was a massive thing still and very exciting, scary and important! I was going to the movies with a boy from school so I dressed up in a pretty white dress, it was summer and looked amazing with my bronzed skin. Not realising that, that day was the day I got my monthly girly date I was sitting for a good 2 hours in the theatre and it had seeped through to my white dress leaving a stain on my behind. The worse thing was I didn’t realise until I had got home. I was completely mortified and hoped no one had seen, I never brought it up with him or anyone!

  64. Sonia Chang

    My worse date was the man did not arrive in time and I told him- this is a sign by the universe. I never seen him again.

  65. Lea Anita Black

    I would love the XOXO PACK, it is so date ready!

    My worst date ever, going out to the Park with my first real boyfriend and I get a fly go up my nose! I had to go home and water it out….so embarrassing!

  66. Rachel K

    The worst place I have ever sat would be on a nature strip in St Kilda, Melbourne. I had arranged to meet my boyfriend (now husband) in a particular place (as he is Greek and his parents didn’t approve of an “Aussie” girl) however he was late, yes typical male! I was waiting for some time and became tired so sat on the nature strip. I was all dressed up, heels, make up and a short dress! The next thing I know a car full of young men drove pass slowly, then came back and they started hassling me, telling me to get in and then the question that shook me – “How much?”…I was horrified, they actually thought I was a prostitute!
    I got up and started walking away, not knowing what to do, when I sighted a familiar car – my boyfriend/husband! I was so angry with him, yet so relieved he wasn’t any later. It turned out that part of the street was known for prostitution, pity it wasn’t known to me!!!!

    I’d love the I’M IN LOVE PACK thanks!

  67. Amelia Kingston

    My worst first date the bloke looked nothing like his profile pic, proceeded to take me to a rubbish cafe because it was closest and didn’t have to walk, terrible food, told me he had children but had not told me about this in our many prior conversations, and then asked me to have sex with him in his car in the carpark! I got up and left!
    Love Life pack

  68. El

    Worst date was back when I was 17! I’d just started driving and told my pals i’d met this guy. Told them i’d met him locally whilst he was on holiday. In actual fact i’d met him in a chat room!!!! 3 of us decided to drive to blackpool, UK and go meet him. He didn’t exist or at least he wasn’t who he said he was. We ended up sleeping in the car, freezing and freaked out at every noise!! worst experience. I was so embarrassed i confessed all! It was a good road trip I guess!!!!

    Sweet love pack
    Love life pack

    look amazing 🙂

  69. Paige Yang

    I was supposed to date the guy but it was ending up with meeting his parents. They wanted to see me first, if they were satisfied then their son would meet me. Oh well… Sweet love pack would be nice.

  70. linda

    Worse date ever – we went to a lovely seafood restaurant but when his meal came out the size of a pea he ripped into the poor waitress and refused to pay the bill. V embarrassing. Love Love Love Witjuti Bamboo products. Thanks. x

  71. Amanda

    Back in my early twenties I was once asked out on a first date, I spent most of the afternoon preparing myself for a romantic night, I even splashed out on a new outfit. When my date arrived looking calm and casual I was slightly concerned I had gone overboard in my efforts. Well my concerns were justified I highly disappointed and VERY shocked when we rolled up to Pizza Hut for an all you can eat pizza/pasta buffet dinner. Needless to say we never went on a second date.

    Would love the Sweet Love pack please

  72. Kirsty Petersen

    My worst date would have to be One night it was raining so my dress got dirty before we left home. Then we went to the top of the mountain to view the city lights which was lovely then we headed home and hit a rock which broke the rim and flattened the tyre. We couldn’t go anywhere so we waited in the car for racq for ages.

  73. Sharon Mcnair

    my first never showed up at a resturant and I never been able to trust a guy fully ever since, and my current partner never remembers the important things he does not even remember our anniversary we have never really celebrated any special day

  74. Del Renton

    So many I don’t know where to start…
    This one date I should have given a miss started badly and just got worse…
    I had to catch the train to meet my date in a town 30 mins away and see a comedy show. I was running late for the train so I was running to it and fell flat on my face and skun my knee blood every where but didn’t want to miss the train so got up and ran and jumped on the train… Sat down handed my ticket to the conductor who told me I was on the wrong train but great running and walked off… The train stopped in a small town with apparently no taxis… Took 30 mins for a cab to come get me and drive me to where I needed to be… I’ve still got a bloody knee which I’ve managed to clean up a little with the only thing I had in my bag (a sanitary pad)… I get to the venue and can’t find the bloke I’m meant to meet so sit down to get myself a drink… He turns up 15 mins later and looks at my drink and says ‘oh you drink alone do you’… I’m like ummm wow… He then proceeds to tell me he doesn’t think girls should drink and why… (Apparently girls it just shows we’re easy if we do) 50 mins later (and still sitting on the one wine because I’m scared to drink) we head into the comedy show… This comedy turns out it’s only funny to people with really bad sense of humour… When the show finishes he says he’s booked to go to a resturant I figure I have to eat so may as well – we go to an Italian place we he proceeds to order the ‘spag Bol’ and a water then comments on my decision so I feel terrible that I’ve order a ‘fatty’ pizza not pasta…
    Still very sober at this stage he starts telling me about his job in fitness, now I’m a pe teacher so I know a bit about this but everything he was telling me was wrong everything, I tried to explain something to him and he said ‘teachers are teachers because they can’t do and pe teachers teach pe because they can’t teach’ awkward even more… His spaghetti comes out and he tries to eat it by using the fork and piling it on to his spoon then getting the spoon quickly to his mouth, which resulted in him covering himself in spaghetti and sauce…(which he didn’t wipe off) Dinner finally over after many comments on how much pizza I ate (one small size) I make my excuse to catch the train home get up and leave… I get 100 m down the road and he catches me up and starts walking with me talking about his leg muscles and what he does at the gym to get them ‘looking that good’… I get to the station and say good bye again and he walks to my train and gets on behind me… Politely I sit down opposite him and ask where he lives, he meantions somewhere opposite directions and says he’s making sure I get home and starts talking about ‘our plans’ for next week… At this point we’re not going in a second date ever but he won’t listen to me saying that!! While on the train he gets a phone call from a girl and organises a date for 1 hour later on the town I’m stopping in. When he gets off the phone he tells me ‘when we get to your house we won’t have much time to muck around so let’s just do it and get it done, I’ve got to get to an appointment’
    I got up and moved seats…
    Yeah it was bad… But it took him weeks to stop sending me weird photos of his leg muscles…:/ crazy!

  75. Caz

    Worst date seemed perfectly fine at the time, we even kissed at the end of the night. Until a few days later when he messaged me that he had been ‘drunk’ at the time and that we should ‘just be friends.’ As if!! I’d love the Love Life pack please.

  76. Amanda S

    My first ever date was to the cinema. Unfortunately the fire alarm went off part way through the film and we got evacuated. We were then forced to converse, which was bad. Then he got the bright idea to pass the time by showing me about two hundred pictures of motorbikes. There the relationship finished.

    “I’m in Love” pack please.

  77. Kristy

    I met a guy for drinks he invited his mate, I met his mum the same night, I thought wow he’s keen, only to find out letter he borrowed money off her, we went back to his place, looked at old pics (which included ex girlfriends) by candlelight because he hadn’t paid his electricity bill! Something must’ve sent right though, we are still together 13 yrs later 🙂
    Love life pack would be perfect

  78. Kristy

    I met a guy for drinks he invited his mate, I met his mum the same night, I thought wow he’s keen, only to find out later he borrowed money off her, we went back to his place, looked at old pics (which included ex girlfriends) by candlelight because he hadn’t paid his electricity bill! Something must’ve been right though, we are still together 13 yrs later 🙂
    Love life pack would be perfect

  79. Carly

    My worst date ever was with a guy who just kept talking about himself…the entire time!!! I don’t think he stopped once to find out about me! :-/
    I would love to win the love life or xoxo pack 🙂

  80. Melissa

    The sweet love pack looks great.
    Worst date ever – I was 17, my neighbours asked me to go to the movies with their mate, he was looking for new friends, that’s what I was told anyway. He picks me, turns out he wanted more than friends, he was 28 & so not my type. Told him I wasnt interested in dating, but being friends would be nice, he got cranky and told me what’s the point of that, took me home and did a burnout up my street.
    I turned on the tv to unwind, and saw what I thought was a graphic movie, by it was September 11 unfolding. When asked where I was whew I heard about September 11, is just got home from the worst date ever.

  81. Barb

    Spoil the Man in your Life Pack please.
    Nice guy, meet at work. He asks me over for dinner… fish and chips… on the floor, cause there is NO furniture EXCEPT a mattress on the floor…. Yep, didn’t stay long! All style

  82. Marie

    i would love the I’m in love pack. Mine was Valentine’s Day 2007. I woke up expecting my boyfriend of a year to have planned a nice date, instead, I got dumped

  83. Marcia Pasilas

    SWEET LOVE PACK My worst date ever was when my date showed up late and took me to a fancy restaurant where they left the head on the fish and the chicken was raw and then the movie we went to was awful. I was so relieved to get home and I never went out with him again.

  84. jakki dodds

    the worst first date i ever had, the guy first of all decided to cancel when i went to confirm the time we were meeting a bit earlier in the evening, by saying he forgot he had to have dinner with his parents that night! i gave him a second chance but that didnt turn out much better. i’d love to win the Im in love pack for my current sweetheart, or the xoxo one please-great prizes!!

  85. Izabella Del Papa

    Young love hurts and still to this day I carry a broken heart! I was in grade 5 and my “boyfriend” at the time was supposed to meet me at the cinemas. I went with friends but was stood up!!! The next day he wrote me a letter (which his sister gave me) stating that his mum said he wasn’t allowed to have a girlfriend!!

  86. Izabella Del Papa

    Young love hurts and still to this day I carry a broken heart! I was in grade 5 and my “boyfriend” at the time was supposed to meet me at the cinemas. I went with friends but was stood up!!! The next day he wrote me a letter (which his sister gave me) stating that his mum said he wasn’t allowed to have a girlfriend!! I would LOVE the love life pack- new shoes can mend a broken heart!

  87. Tracey ibbott

    A corny first date. flowers & chocolates then out for dinner. So bad that there was no kiss at the end
    love life pack please

  88. kathy ferguson clark

    Went to the drive in the guy was a leech he spilt beer over me burnt the roof of his car with a cirgarette and sat on my popcorn never went on a second date

  89. Richelle Aikens

    Love the xoxo pack! Xx
    It’s hard to remember dating to be honest! Lol
    When I was a teenager I went on a date with a boy that ended with my mum yelling at me in the car park and dragging me into the car and home…hmm maybe I said I was with friends .

  90. m morgan

    Worst date was a guy I met on rsvp. He was nice enough had lovely dinner but when he tried to stick his tongue down my throat and thought I was going back to his hotel room he had booked for the night. I said goodnight and never went back on rsvp.

  91. Janine Gardiner

    I was so excited, all dressed up, ready to go. He knocked on the door and I made my sister answer it. He took one look at her, she took one look at him and that was it. She went out with him that night while I stayed home and cried myself to sleep. They’ve been married ten years now so I had to forgive them both. The LOVE LIFE pack is just what I need.

  92. Laura Larsen

    The worst date I ever (or never) went on was when a guy came to pick me up to go for lunch and he thought it was a better idea to have the date in my room. Safe to say he copped a (verbal) beating and I never saw him again!!
    And I looooove the Love Life pack

  93. Jo Cardamone

    Met a guy for an evening coffee, he had been working since 5am in the morning, he was yawning through the whole date!!! I’m sure I wasn’t that boring

  94. Josette

    When I paid for his airfare coming from the USA just to meet him in person. And the rest is history, we’ve been married for 16 years now. I would love the love life pack please. x

  95. Angel

    My worst date was a blind date with a guy who my friends set me up with. It was worst dinner date which was spent mostly by the guy talking about how good he is, his achievements, his fitness, and so on. I’ve never met anyone who is too interested about themselves than others.

    And xoxo pack please. 🙂

  96. Jaimi Layt

    He was over thirty minutes late,
    Don’t know why I went on this blind date.
    A magical moment I had hoped to create,
    But, it wasn’t to be, it was definitely fate.
    When he finally arrived he was in a poor state,
    Dressed as if he were homeless, you couldn’t debate.
    Finally reached the restaurant, we were dreadfully late,
    Dinner was rich and heavy, I felt almost sedate.
    He picked his nose at the table, talked about his ex girlfriend’s weight,
    Licked his knife while eating and did a long winded speech about his prostate.
    At the end of the night, we caught a cab back to my front gate,
    He grabbed my bum, tried to kiss me…which made me irate.
    He said, “Can I come in?”……”I really enjoyed our date…”
    My knee met his crutch, couldn’t keep his face straight,
    “Sorry, but you better go home and check your prostate”.

    The XOXO pack!

  97. Leonie

    The love life pack looks fab! My worst date was a guy I met online – we met up at an art gallery where he gave me a plush toy slug (wtf?) and was one of those guys who look like the opposite of his picture.

  98. Aleisha

    Love life or sweet love please, but they all look so good!
    My worst date was to his house (we where 14). He lived in a shack outside the parents house and the inside of both his room and the house looked like a setting for Hoarders! Before mobiles so I had to wait for my parents to come back and pick me up.

  99. cleo sids

    I was asked out for dinner and so I accepted, when it was time to pay the guy expected me to pay for my half. I thought this was wrong as he asked me out , so I paid my half and said I had to go.

    Would like the love life pack.

  100. Leanne Mugridge

    Meeting my husband’s parents for the first time as they were heading out and leaving us with a fairly newborn to babysit! Was not ideal, and I was only a teenager. Love the XOXO pack.

  101. Joanna

    He turned up smelling of oranges with a tape of animal sounds he’d created himself… I couldn’t wait to hop out of there!
    I’m in Love 🙂

  102. Donna

    My first date he arrived with his 2 kids which was a huge concern as you never involve your kids with someone you dont know. We had a meal which was very unpleasant as he kept referring to his ex as if they were still together and not only that but his kids kept running off and i felt very uncomfortable especially when he tried to kiss me as we were leaving. Some people have no idea what is acceptable and whats not on a first date.

  103. Nikita

    My worst first date was driving 2 hours to his hometown! Having to met his family at the same time – as I picked him up and which then he wanted to see the same movie I saw the previous night before and ended up falling asleep watching the movie!! Oh and did I forget to mention I paid for the movie too!
    I so wanted to leave him in the movies but I’m too kind hearted to do that.

    My pick of a prize pack would be: love life pack


  104. Kristy winters

    Xoxo pack.
    My birthday dinner date our five year old son was being baby sat, he decided to tell me we were heading on different paths and it was inevitable were would break up…………

  105. Rachel Kriss-Newell

    Worst date and most memorable. Planned to privately celebrate our recent engagement, eating out at a lovely restaurant. My fiancée and I had moved to a new town and within days he came down with chicken pox. Desperate to present me with the ring but too sick to go out, he planned a candlelight dinner at home instead. Serving up what should have been the most delicious chicken cordon bleu, we quickly discovered the oven was in fact in Fahrenheit heating and so the chicken came our raw pink. So desperate to make it a success he remarked “It’s just a new version of chicken, the flesh is pink”. Anticlimax at it’s best. It was disastrous but also very memorable – one we’ll tell our grandkids about. And yes, we married and are due to celebrate our 20th anniversary this May.

  106. Rachel Kriss-Newell

    I would love the ‘Love Life Pack’ – so handy for me as I’ve started jogging or the’ I’m in Love Pack’ for my hubby.

  107. Adrienne Harries

    Love life Valentine’s pack please
    Worst date ever
    Repeat date never
    I had to drive my car
    Pick him up from very far
    First stop KFC
    Not a great start for me
    He then went on a pub crawl
    I went home a told him to never call

  108. Jessica H

    I was 16, bringing my first serious boyfriend home to meet the family. I can’t remember the exact conversation, but somehow this gem came out: “If you see on TV I’ve been accused of rape, it would be a complete lie. But if it was murder, it would probably be true.”
    Think I dodged a bullet there, literally!

  109. Laticha A

    i’d love the xoxo package. my worst date was one where the guy had no mind of his own, agreed with everything i said, ordered the same food i did and said he liked the exact same things.

  110. Clare G

    Worst date ever: my then boyfriend took me out on his Dad’s boat in the rain, 1/2hr into the date & the boat started taking on water.. Instead of trying to phone for help, he jumped into the water! Leaving me standing knee deep in water still on the boat! Needless to say, the relationship didn’t last!

  111. cindy

    Geez, its gotta be a toss up between the guy who rocked up to the date wearing his wedding ring, talked about his wife on the date and then indicated he wanted to see me again, or the one where the guy was a cross dresser who proceeded to tell me I wasn’t lady like, asked what size I was and called me a bitch coz I was smaller than him.

  112. christina

    love the xoxo pack!

    my worst date, getting my period for the first time, was really upset as i didn’t know what to do and stuffed loo paper in my undies. So basically spent the whole date freaking out. Not a very nice memory for a 15 year old first date haha. lucky I can laugh about it now. 🙂

  113. Sharyn W

    I was young and naive – was meeting a guy in the city for a movie – he turned up 45 minutes late (yes i know i should not have waited that long) BECAUSE he was smoking pot with his mates, he was high to say the least – silly me still decided to see the movie with him as i figured i had waited that long and i wanted to watch the movie – BUT then i had to pay as he had spent all his money on the pot so i had to pay for the movie and food (he had the munchies) – AND the whole time (while shoving food into his mouth) he kept trying to crack onto me (ie. hands on my leg, moving it up my leg – you get the drift) – after the movie i said i had to go to the toilet and i took off – learnt my lesson from that bad date.

    the I’M IN LOVE PACK i would absolutely love for my husband/soul mate – he works hard to put food on the table for us and he always makes time for me and kids no matter what – he has wanted a dremel for ages but our budget does not extend that far (as i am a stay home mum at the moment) and to able to give him such a special pack to show how much i love and appreciate him would mean the world to me. Thanks for the chance.

  114. Krystal Haddad

    Worst date was when I had that time of the month and after breakfast it leaked everywhere. I managed to hide it but he wanted to show me his place. I demanded that he take me home… Now, I’m married to him ☺️

  115. Fiona

    Worst date ever would have to be the guy who lied about what he did for a living, the car he drove and his marital status! A nightmare!!

  116. Kylie Harris

    I’m in love pack to spoil my love… Worst date was my first one, I travelled to Kalgoorlie to meet him ( yep internet) and He took me to the mining site.. A huge hole in the ground is not very romantic at all, should have taken it as a sign 😛

  117. Katrina

    One of my first dates with my now fiance we went to the cinema and when I went to sit down but missed the seat and sat down on his frozen coke instead. It was messy.

  118. Maria

    My parents were very strict so I snuck out one night and met a guy I was keen on. He drove too fast, drank too much and instead of a nice dinner we went to McDonalds. Worse than that, my parents found out and I was in real strife! Would love the Love Life Pack.

  119. Jessica Ashbrooke

    Love the I’m in love pack. My worst date was with a musician who loved himself so much. We went out for dinner and when it came time to pay he seen friends and said” I’m just gonna catch up with these guys for a minute your right to get the bill arnt you?” I was that offended I went and paid my half of the bill and left. I heard later that he left thinking his was paid and got called back in by security. Serves himself right arrogant pig.

  120. Barbara Fehmel

    “The sweet love pack” It was such a long time ago, I had a date with a guy I had so wanted to date with. He eventually asked me to dinner at a restaurant. I had on a velvet corduroy dress, he stood up and caught the cloth pulling all our dinners over my beautiful dress. I rushed out never to see him again.

  121. Diana O

    The sympathy date. I felt sorry for him so said yes to one date after many months of his hounding me, hoping it would finally get him off my back. I was very direct and told him I had no affection or attraction to him on any level, and the silly dork fell madder and deeper in love with me for my honesty. Drove me insane, as did him not ordering dessert, merely asking the waitress to bring two spoons so he could share mine. It was enough to make me vomit in my own mouth a little bit, he grossed me out so much by that one tiny gesture.
    I’M IN LOVE PACK please.

  122. Kelly Rita

    I would prefer the Love life pack but would also be happy with the Sweet life or xoxo packs.
    I’ve never had a bad date that I could share as they’ve all been good. Although my first boyfriend, at 15, kissed me once with really bad breath and I had to build up the courage to tell him to brush his teeth before kissing me again.

  123. Di

    I’ve been scrolling up and down for ages and can’t choose one pack over the other, so if I’m lucky enough to win I’d love you to surprise me! 🙂
    Worst date ever? Can’t say I ever had a bad date, they were all great because I was dating the wrong men, the one’s wooing me for all the wrong reasons, you know the kind that can charm the birds out of the trees, the bad boys we all want but they never fully give their hearts to anyone other than themselves. Many worst break ups, and dead end relationships but never, ever a single, solitary bad date.

  124. Sophia Vlake

    My worst date was with a guy who ended up staring at me intensely all evening and ended with him stalking me for a few weeks, made easier because he lived in my building and would watch the front door security camera channel to call me whenever I got home.
    I love the Love Life pack

  125. Ita-mae Brammer

    There was a radio station i really liked because of the voice on the other end, so one day i decided to call this voice and tell him how sexy he sounded, well he was excited and asked if we could meet up i was like can i bring a friend, well later that week, there was a knock at my door expecting my date i opened the door all shy and excited, to see a guy standing aways from the door, then i looked down and it was a dwarf man, omg i was sooo shocked and embarrassed, me and my friend didn’t want to be bad so we went to the movies then made a excuse that we had to go. I have nothing against dwarfs but aren’t my type lol.

  126. gail tulk

    sweet love: worst date was a blind date set up by my daughter in-law (I’m sure she didn’t like me). when I went to met this man who was shorter than me, first mistake as he keep mentioning that. then he starts to tell me how he is mixed up in the drug trade and could be going to jail for a long time, second and final mistake he made. saying that I was going to the bathroom and leaving out the back door never to be seen again. on speaking to my daughter in-law later she said that they didn’t know any of that stuff about him. never ever went on a blind date again. funny now but not than.

  127. JaniseR

    Worst date ever I was seventeen, nurse, patient invited me out to Drivein, I didn’t take notice of car or colour,went to Ladies but couldn’t find car,next thing heard horn blowing, finally found car date and many people not happy.
    was never asked on date again film was The Odd couple.

    Would love thexoxo please

  128. monica s.

    Chinese meal with new man…he pulled the table closer and it completely disconnected from the legs, after getting that fixed, during the meal he knocked over the wine everywhere! To top of the night, i ended up with Satay hand prints on my white top from his roving hands – on the front – Yikes!

    LOVE LIFE PACK – please 🙂

  129. karina l

    I went on a date with a guy who decided to give me afoot massage under the table. He ended up twisting my ankle and ruined my trip to Thailand!

    Love the Love Life Pack please!

  130. Stacey Shailer

    After a romantic meal out for our 2nd ever Valentine’s Day, my boyfriend and I headed home to snuggle up on the couch together and watch a movie. Unfortunately something he ate must have been off, as he ended up spewing all over me and the couch half-way through the movie!

  131. Lauren A

    XOXO pack please.

    My worst date was many years ago. Several friends and I were piled into the back of a ute. I had my back to where we were going, and started feeling carsick. Just as my date leaned over to kiss me, I threw up into his lap… there was no second date.

  132. Jaclyn

    My worst date ever was with a guy who thought a surprise fishing trip would impress me. He hired a tinny boat & off we set. I wasn’t dressed for a fishing trip but that wasn’t the worst of it, twice he started the boat with the anchor still down. The first time, his very sharp knife was unsheathed & it stabbed him in the foot. The second time I was half standing & I was thrown hard onto the side of the boat. After that I demanded we return to the shore. On land he kept trying to put his arm around me & kiss me, despite my obvious anger towards him. Finally he drove me home & said he had a great time & wanted to see me again. I got really mad & said don’t bother me again, ever!

  133. Alaina Marland

    I can’t believe this date actually happened to me and that I didn’t just leave earlier in the evening. I worked in Wollongong and lived in Sydney and agreed to go on a date with a new store guy at work. After work I went home (an hour away) to get ready and drove back down to Woolongong for the date at night. I met at his house to pick him up because he did not have a car (No.1 mistake). His room mates girlfriend let me in because he was not home, he was apparently waterskiing! He texted me and said he would be home very soon, So I waited on his lounge. He came home almost an hour later and really didn’t seem to care he was late and kept me waiting & then he had to go shower and get ready. I was already beginning to question going out at all, especially because I had worked that day and driven back and forth to Woolongong and would need to drive an hour home still and get up very early for work as my work begun at 5.30am. We drove into Woolongong City and I expected he had a reservation for dinner or some idea where we were eating as he had asked me out to dinner and he lived here and knew the area. But no…. We drove around aimlessly and then parked to look at a few places along the beach front. I chose a nice looking seafood restaurant (not too expensive, just average prices) and he said ok. We got inside and sat down & he said he didn’t have any/much money on him so he would buy our drinks and I can get the food bill. I was in disbelief, I thought he was joking but he was very serious. I’m no tight ass and I am one of those girls that pay for many things and normally go halves on dates but after what had already happened earlier with his lateness and me doing all the driving and he wanted to take me out to dinner I was NOT impressed. I got up and said well this place is pretty pricey if you have no money & I’m not very hungry anyway so let’s go somewhere else. We ended up at a takeaway burger/fish & chip place and he got dinner (if you could call it that) and we sat on a crapy old table out front with cars flying by. He told me I could buy them drinks and he wanted cocktails in a near by club. I was so furious in side with his crapy crapy sidewalk date I had waited and dressed up for and i never let him know how angry I was, I just pretended to keep the peace and I had to take him home and see him at work. I lied and said I was so tired and still needed to drive a long way home. He was not impressed and said I owed him a night out with drink…unbelievable! I took him home and he would not get out of my car & was very pushy & tried to kiss me and I gave him a peck and said by a bit coldly and he flipped out and tried to grope me and keep kissing me and I pushed him off forcefully. He called me fridged and asked if there was something wrong and hadn’t I been with anyone before. I was so shocked, angry and in disbelief that a guy could be such a moron and not even realise what a jerk he has been and that no girl in her right mind would want to go anywhere near him after this selfish date from hell.
    I’d love to get the pack for my man, I’m in love pack (cos I have actually found a great guy now) and I aways have trouble picking something good for him and this looks perfect!

  134. Jo

    I would love the Sweet Love pack!
    My worst date was when I was 16 and my boyfriend got the sh**s about something and disappeared leaving me alone on the beach, over an hours drive from home. I was utterly distraught wondering how I would get home, when he finally came back. Being the silly ‘in love with being in love’ teenager I was, I put up with this sort of behaviour for many more months before the relationship ended. Why oh why do we women often feel we don’t deserve anything better??!!

  135. Jackie

    XOXO pack please. 🙂

    It’s pretty sad really… But I’ve never been on a date.
    I met my now, hubby, at work and all our friends were mutual friends and we just got together one night and that was it!
    Wish I had some Date memories. Or do I?…

  136. bree witherspoon

    My worst first date was when I was 18, a guy I worked with asked me out for dinner, he took me to this lovely italian resturant it was going so well and I was really into him until his mother showed up to sum me up, Im not one for mummas boys! Sweet love please

  137. Teena

    I went on a date with my best friend of many years and it ended up being really uncomfortable because of the tension, we ended up leaving the restaurant and going to McDonalds and agreeing we should just be friends!! Love the “Love Life” pack 🙂

  138. Sarah Birchmore

    I was on a first date with a guy who told me he had a female flatmate who had a child, which didn’t bother me until about halfway through the date when he called her his partner! He tried to cover it by saying that it was a personal joke kind of thing between the two of them to call each other partner, but I just could not get out of there fast enough.

  139. Krystal D

    In hindsight it wasn’t too bad, but I was traumatised to realise that I spent the whole night with blue eye-shadow on my cheeks and pink blusher on my eye lids. I’m lovin the I’m In Love Pack.

  140. Jaala

    Blind date- met at a surf club and he bought me 1 drink and we chatted for a while. Went across the road to a kebab shop for some food- I paid for my own meal. went back to his place to eat it and have coffee ( real coffee) . He then started the full on grope and expected me to have sex with him!!
    needless to say I left pretty quickly !!
    XOXO or the sweet love pack will do 🙂

  141. YvonneB

    Love Life Pack please

    Met someone I had spoken to on the phone through work for over 6 months, should have stayed talking on the phone, the food was great at the restaurant but the company was so into himself I am surprosed he was not inside out!

  142. Sarah Voisey

    Worst date ever, was a guy being so sweet and amazing, it was four dates. After that he moved out of town unexpectedly and I later found out one of his mates was a guy I had seen a while ago who had given a heads up on me. I felt so humiliated. I am loving life now though with an amazing man that I have just had a little girl with so I’d love to pick the love life pack please.

  143. Rachel

    My worst date:

    We didn’t know the area well (were holidaying) so we googled and found a Chinese restaurant nearby. We drove together and parked the car in a parking lot. Upon getting out of the car we discovered we had in fact gone to a very shifty china town of sorts. We walked to the ‘restaurant’ which ended up being a dodgy takeaway joint. We ordered some food and decided to eat it in the car. It started pouring down so we ran back to the car and sat in the seats to devour some dinner. Upon getting in the car, boyfriend said to me “Maybe I should have bought an umbrella, but they were $5! And I thought I’m not paying that for an umbrella”. How considerate of him. We ate our food and then raced our bowels home before they could release the fury that was obviously a result dodgy food. Fun times!

    I would love the Sweet Love Pack!

  144. Bonnie-Lee Dean

    I haven’t ever been on a date to be honest, I take my family out for tea a lot cause it’s one thing I missed out in but haven’t been blessed with that man yet..
    Thankyou stuff mums like for the opportunity, I would be happy with anything, I’m happy to still be alive for my children. 🙂



  145. Rhonda Lockery

    Love the Sweet love pack
    my worst date was with my now hubby , he took me to a mates place
    for the night & his mate had ferrets that ran around all night so I wasn’t game to close my eyes

  146. rebecca

    worst date ended up with me being taken to the police station.I went on my first date with someone,they had a warrant out for them and when he got arrested I was with him.I had only just met him and it had been a blind date.

  147. Sarah Phillips

    My worst date ever,
    I should have never,
    Pretended to be into football,
    Because I don’t like it at all.
    My date took me to a game,
    Was so very lame.
    I was bored out of my mind,
    So I ended up leaving the poor guy behind.

    I would love any of the packs but the ‘Sweet Love’ pack is my fave 🙂

  148. Wendi

    I LIKE the xoxo and the and the Im in Love

    worst date ever go on the date and only have a one line conversation for the entire 3 hours that was the most ridiculous time ever stupid lol

  149. Shelley Ashby

    I’ve had many terrible dates, one that I will never forget is when I went on a blind date organised by a friend. He was extremely short, I towered over him,it was uncomfortable but he was nice in personality so I didn’t rush to leave and thought I’d at least enjoy a drink with him. Until he laughed and said ‘you know, everyone says I look like a lollipop with my tiny body and big head!’. Yes it was true, and awkward but to actually randomly say that to me was so strange and off putting!
    The date ended abruptly. It was horribly awkward!

    I’d love the sweet love pack please 🙂

  150. Juanita Torr

    My worst ever date was when I was about 20 and I met a guy out at the club one night, I thought he was awesome and we got along so well, we spent the whole night together, he came back to my place and we sat up talking and kissing all night – I thought WOW!!! this is turning out great. Anyway, when he finally called a taxi to go home, we had made a date for dinner the following Friday night.
    So Friday night comes around and he picks me up, I was all nervous and excited, but also shy ….I hadn’t spoken to this guy without being under the influence of alcohol, which of course always made me friendly! It seems he was kind of the same, we got to the restaurant and had a table for 2…we did not know what to say to each other…he was as shy as me. It was the worst, most awkward date EVER…we got through dinner somehow, left there, he dropped me home and it was like a silent agreement – we did not have to say anything but we both knew it was not going any further….

  151. Angela Johnson

    My worse date was my first Christmas with my then boyfriend…he was 5 hours late arriving at my Mum’s place (I was 17), he had his best mate with him and they where drunk as, carrying a milk crate full of beer with my Christmas present on top…Lol …33 years later that silly boy and I are still together and happier than ever..the Sweet Love pack please…Thanks…

  152. Jennifer B.

    There’s been NO bad date. It was perfect from the start.
    Guess that’s why I married him and hate being apart!

    So for him… The “I’M IN LOVE PACK”. Thank you.

  153. Debbie M

    Worst date was probably the 2nd time I seen this guy. He came to stay at mine and my flat mates house with weekend. One of my best friends shows up and after she leaves he goes “I wouldn’t mind seeing her again”! I just gave him a dirty look and asked him to leave!

  154. Julie Jackson

    I went out with a guy who I was quite smitten with, and actually found out later he was already engaged, (rat!) and then he tried to put the hard word on me and I said “NO”! So he told me he was “very disappointed” with me! Oh dear, poor him! I was glad I escaped the big ego love rat! Not long after I met my husband to be and we’ve been married for 42 years.

  155. Renee Carnegie

    The worst date I ever went I got stood up so we didn’t even get to go on a date because he went skate boarding with his mates instead. I would get a kick out of the Love My Life pack

  156. jb

    Xoxo pack please.

    My worse date was him inviting me to dinner valentines day. Was perfect till after the entree when his x girlfriend came up and introduced herself. Well, they ended up hooking up again!! and I was told to get a cab……:(

  157. Claire thrower

    Love life pack please, went on a blind date the guy ended up being so short after saying he was 5 ft 8 ( I’m 5 ft 2) he referred to himself in the third person ( personal pet hate), kept sending messages and checking his phone so rude! Kept saying he had met famous people so I would say ‘really’ and he would say ‘no not really’ UGH! Needless to say I did not invite him for coffee.

  158. tizzerina

    My first date, sweet 16! Getting scared and trying to get ready. A guy from school was picking me up and of course mum and dad asking never ending questions. Well! when he rocked up in a panel van, dad decided he was coming with us. The most embarrassing night of my life.

    i would very much like the xoxo pack thank you.

  159. Elaine

    My worst date, I met up with a mutual friend’s friend at the pub for a drink – he got embarrassingly drunk and maudlin . He proceeded to text and call me every day for over a month, after getting my number from the mutual friend, trying to get me to go out with him again..

    I would very much like to win the XOXO pack. Thanks 🙂

  160. Sarah

    Worst date…… sitting on the couch all dressed in my new outfit and not only does he turn up 20 mins late, we miss our dinner reservations so he decided to take me home. Quickest date ever..35 mins. Spent the rest of the night in my pjs eating ice cream

  161. Natasha Pettit

    So after pushing this to the back of my mind for self preservation purposes… Here it is in all its dignity stealing glory!!!
    At the time I was still living at my parents place… After our night out and me naively agreeing to go back to my place then breaking the cardinal rule – no sex on the first date… I was blissfully unaware that my dad had just come home from night shift when my “date” said he needed to use the bathroom… I told him to turn left down the hall but he turned right, butt naked… And walked out to the dining room where my dad was sitting eating his breakfast… My dignity shattered into a million pieces when I heard them both very awkwardly but politely greet each other before the embarrassed guy walked back into my room.
    My dad didn’t talk to me for 2 weeks!
    And here’s the real kicker… I found out “that guy” got married the following weekend!
    Soooo many lessons learnt right there!!!

    I would really love the Love life pack xx

  162. al2ab

    At the time I met this gorgeous man, at a time when life was busy, and I wasn’t looking for anyone.
    He persisted we go on a date, so i decided to go and just have fun. He said to get dressed up and we are going out to his favorite restaurant.
    Dressed up for a night on the town, we drive into the Macca’s carpark, i thought he was just getting a drink, but no, this was his favorite restaurant. I felt odd, dressed up at the local macca’s as all around me people were in sports uniforms, or casually dressed. Mind you they looked at us odd. We ended the night with a fun time on the town, but it was the worst start to a date ever. However i look back now and laugh at the scenario

    XOXO or Sweet Love please

  163. Annelee

    I went on a blind date with a guy to the drive in. We saw a kids movie, it was awful. He fell asleep during the movie and snored! I had to wake him up when it was finished so he could drive me home.

  164. Angela P

    The guy took me to Ihop where he worked and his father was present the whole time, just to be fair to the guy it was his first date ever, It felt very weird

  165. Sue B

    Looks like we’ve all experienced a horror date or two. Mine was a dinner that sounded great but ended up as a drive to pick up an ex-girlfriend who’d had too much to drink. When she got to the car I wad asked to sit in the back…it kept going downhill from there. Sweet Love Pack would be lovely 🙂

  166. lisa

    Havent dated for 15 yrs, I cant really remember, nothing to bad thank god! Id love to win anything, my favourite would be the LOVE pack.

  167. Kara N

    Would love the XOXO pack. My worst date would have to be the time I started vomiting and the date had to be cut short! Not to worry though. He was my first date and my last! We’ve been married for over 6 years now and still going strong!

  168. Katherine Bamford

    I was only 19, I had been with my then boyfriend for only a few weeks (first ever boyfriend). He took me out somewhere really nice for my very first Valentines dinner, a walk along the beach and gave me a beautiful gold bracelet…I felt like I was a queen that night! Only to be told, via text message, the next day that he was in love with his best friend! What the?! Needless to say that bracelet found it’s way to the bin within seconds!

  169. Tiffinie Guillesser

    My worst date was being invited ice skating by my high school Bf, I was dropped up to his house and he spent ALL afternoon washing and polishing his car…we never ended up at the ice rink and actually that was the end of that relationship. I went on from that to meet my amazing husband who I’ve been with for 11 years and we have 2 gorgeous kids. Things got bad for a reason, so I could write the next chapter

  170. Karla Oleinikoff

    Driving to the beach for a picnic, my then boyfriend noticed that his bonnet was loose. He pulled over to the side of the road and I hopped out to push it down. Turning around to get back into the car, I managed to walk into a metal strip that was sticking out slightly from his car that neither of us had noticed. It went 2 inches deep into my leg, and because it had a hook on the end I had to pull it out myself. I was in a lot of pain, and he drove me straight to hospital. Two hours, four stitches and 1 Tetanus shot later, we finally left and he drove me straight back home. I ended up forgiving him and we’ve now been married 17 1/2 years.

    Sweet Love pack please!

  171. Dorothy

    Worst date ever was when my then boyfriend took me to the local dance party and then decided to flirt with another woman in front of my eyes. We had a big fight over it and decided to go our separate ways.
    Another male was watching all this happening and offered to take me home. The said male and I have been married for 39 years now and have six daughters. I am so blessed that from a bad date I ended up with my solemate.

  172. Vicki Cooley

    First of all thanks for the opportunity to win such a great prize! My worst date was a blind date years ago. This guy kept telling me, all night, that I looked like his sister! He wouldn’t quit talking about his sister. It was really creepy and I never talked to him again! I love the XOXO prize pack! I hope I win!! Thankss

  173. Summer Hinaki-McDade

    LOVE LIFE PACK would be fabuloys, Thank you! @Stuff Mums Like.

    My worst date would be finally going out with a guy friend i really liked only to have him fall asleep out cold during the movie! Which happened to be the boringest movie i saw, which wasnt much as a left and went for a walk while he slept on!

  174. Michelle Roberts

    Worst Date, went with new man and OUR combined 5 kids to the railway museum, the kids ran amok, attempted takeaway on the foreshore, it rained, eldest kid hated youngest one, one fell off a train and sprained ankle, all in all unmitigated disaster, stress levels were at all time high, we should have sedated them all before going out, LOL, we returned them to our respective ex partners and went out for a lovely dinner, have been together nearly 20 years now and married for 9, best man ever now the kids have all grown up and left home!!! Would love the I’m in love Pack, as then I would have my own Dremel,

  175. Jen Smith

    A first date was to a guys work Christmas Party. We were bused to our destination for a river side BBQ. What a cheap skate, due to my disgust, I indulged in the Christmas cheer and vomited in his lap on the return bus trip. That was that.


    Worst date that I can remember: I was set up on a blind date from a friend. So we meet at a coffee shop things started off pretty good and as we went through the night a women showed up and it was his wife and they both were trying to get be to go back to their apartment and share in a relationship with them it was the most crazy night of my entire night. Oh I better tell more and no I did not join them in their crazy life style and I no longer talked to the person I thought was my friend. CRAZY!!!


    I was remembering the worst night of my life I forgot to tell the pack I would choose… I would choose the xoxo pack thanks for the chance…

  178. Clare

    Worst date was my first date. We saw a movie with discount tickets, then he took me to McDonald’s where his mate was the Manager and we at free Maccas.

  179. Lauraine Ormond

    the im in love pack would be awesome. my worst date, his love was football and he told me he never wanted kids…i have two and told him so! love my kids!

  180. Lisa G

    Trying to impress a new boyfriend that happened to be a chef, I spent hours in the kitchen preparing the most magnificent spag bol. Only to have it slip straight off the plate into his lap as I approached the table. I don’t think it was the “hot” date he was expecting. The Sweet Love pack maybe just what I need.

  181. samantha Sutherland

    I try not to remember it too often but my worst date was with a guy who turned up 45min late (can’t believe I waited!), then ordered a bunch of expensive drinks and when it was time to leave announced he’d “forgotten his wallet at home”! He actually tried to get me to go home with him after all that too…

    I would be delighted to win the Love Life Pack!

  182. Vanessa Smith

    Worst date ever. Went bowling with my date but instead of spending time with me all his mates turned up and it turned into a drinking eating male ego night. I dont think he even noticed i left an hour after it started.

  183. Nicole Tilbrook

    I would love the “sweet love” pack. My worst date ever would have to be with this guy I met on a night out, he asked me on a date the following week. When I met him out he was like a statue. He didn’t say or do anything apart from stand there! When he did speak it was pointless as he only said one word! I gave up on him and luckily met a guy who I have now been married to for 8 years. Strange how things work out! :o)

  184. Leanne Love

    Oh my goodness, my worst date was when I went out with a guy who did nothing but talk about himself the WHOLE time, no wonder he was single. Certainly did not go back for a second with that one lol.

    I would love to win the xoxo pack


  185. Christy Seymour

    My worst date was the fact i have never been on one……wahhhh.

    That’s right……..hubby never took me on a date.

  186. sam

    I was on a lunch date and sipping my milkshake when he made me laugh – and i snorted milk all over myself, my date, our food and the glass table. We didn’t do a second date.

  187. Ros McFarlane

    I went out to meet a man who didn’t turn up. Bad Move. Just goes to show shouldn’t do that, come home alone.

    Would like to man pack. I have lots of men in my life. (Sons)

  188. Katrina Wigfull

    Worst date I’d say going out to dinner with an ex partners parents. Spent the whole time being put down and devalued!

    Love the love life pack

  189. leanne

    Worst date was valentines day organised dinner at a restaurant baked a special cake I took with me wine pressie the lot dressed nice, smelt good, and waited and waited, texted and texted, rang and rang, endured the sad looks from waiters, boyfriend of four years no show, excuse at phone call at midnight went out fishing with mates and fell asleep when got home woke up thinking oh no. Me I said Oh no theres the door, Bye Bye.

  190. Deidre

    My worst date- I was out of the dating scene for years, in fact never really been in it. A guy that I thought was attractive who worked at the club invited me to dinner. I hadn’t been on a date ever and had not seen anyone romantically for a few years so thought why not. He took me to a chinese restaurant and told me how much I should spend….I ordered a curry chicken no mushrooms. When it arrived it had mushrooms but I wasn’t too worried I just pushed them aside. My date however was apparently fuming and called the waitstaff over to complain about it and demanded we get a new plate, and that both our meals should be free. They declined but did get me a new meal without mushrooms. We didn’t talk at all, just sat and ate in silence. When we had finished and he told me we weren’t getting dessert, so told them to bring the check. When it came over, he said that I had ordered something he wasn’t happy with so said I had to split the bill. I was a little taken aback but went along with it. We drove up to the beach and were just sitting up there in the dark. He asked if he could kiss me, I replied he could. He leaned in and his version of kissing meant getting super close to my face and giving me a million pecks, no open mouth at all, and he looked ridiculous bobbing back and forth giving me pecks. I just sat there and when I tried to initiate an open mouth kiss he told me it was inappropriate and he would now drive me home. I had a horrible night and never wanted to see him again. I was a regular at that club and the next time I went there he had told all his workmates that I was a bitch who’d broken his heart and wanted to have sex on the first date. I was soo embarrassed that I left in a hurry. That story circulated for months, then he transferred to another city and I never saw him again. It was the worst date ever and I stayed away from dating for 2 years after it.

  191. Lianne Dawson

    I hve been married too long to remember or dwell on a bad date. I would seriously love the frankie shoes they will be adored here

  192. Jacinta N

    Well I meet my now hubby when I was 17, the worst date was properly when all his mates rocket up and he got blind drunk with them all and the spew yuck!!!, all packs look fantastic Tho I really like the I’m in Love pack and the sweet pack

  193. Nicole

    Sweet Love Pack
    The worst date would have to have been when we had gone out to dinner and ended up sitting with his friends and he ignored me the whole night….we are no longer together…lol

  194. ross powell

    our date when I proposed, restaurant wouldn’t let me in because I wasn’t wearing a tie,went to another and it was byo went across the street to the pub came back and knocked the wine glasses to the floor smashed to smithereens , proposed she said yes, then got caught in the post theatre rush in the car park 2 hours to exit the car park, by this time I had run low on petrol and filled the car up forgot to put the cap on and lost half the tank on Parramatta road all in all a disaster but 34 years latter stillk together The i’m in love pack if i’m lucky this time

  195. kyla webber

    I would love the “Im in Love Pack” for my son, he is the man in my life who deserves something wonderful. Dont ever remembering going on a date, just got married had wonderful children and now happily single xo

  196. Mel P.

    Boring conversation, someone I’m not attracted to romantically, cheap, nasty food! What was I thinking??!!

    Would love the LOVE LIFE PACK!! Really need some new fitness gear – might just motivate me to start working out!!!!!

  197. Monique

    My worst “date” was when I guy I was newly dating wanted to meet up with me on a road trip holiday that was previously planned before we started dating. After three nights I left him at a bus station to find his way home!

  198. Lizzy-Lou

    My date talked constantly about himself all day long. He lent back on his chair at a lovely restaurant falling off the balcony 3 meters into a wet garden. Never saw him again until my kids started school and he and his wife turned up at a P&C meeting. They spoke about their kids as if the school was all about them. Then he turned up at my husbands tennis club. He spoilt that as he never shut up!

  199. Dorothy

    Worst date ever was when my then boyfriend took me to the local dance party and then decided to flirt with another woman in front of my eyes. We had a big fight over it and decided to go our separate ways.
    Another male was watching all this happening and offered to take me home. The said male and I have been married for 39 years now and have six daughters. I am blessed that from a bad date I ended up with my solemate.

    “I’m In Love” gift pack would be lovely. Thank you.

  200. Michele S

    Worse date ever, has to be when I was younger and went on a first date with someone. He ended up talking about her most of the time, and he said he had to go to the mall to pick up a gift and if we could swing by there before dinner. Asked me to help pick out the gift. Turns out it was for his ex, which he got back together with the next day. Love the XOXO pack, or the Love Life pack.

  201. Cathy Stone

    My Worst date ever was like a Fauty Towers episode,
    a comedy of errors, Looking back I had to laugh or I would cry at the disaster on this date.
    I was driving to my male friend’s house to meet his family for the first time and got lost, not just got lost, but an hour and a half later lost. I did not have a mobile phone at the time, so could not call.
    Finally found their place after driving around for what seemed hours. I then spent the next hour apologising, Flustered, stressed and so embarassed at making such a bad first impression to his parents on one of our first dates and missed his Dad who had waited around to meet me, then had to go to work.
    To make matters worse I had been calling my friend (almost boyfriend) Matt, but his family was calling him Nat. Who the heck is “Nat”, then it suddenly dawned on me that I had been saying the wrong name. Once again, beside my self with embarassment and just wanted the ground to swallow me up and transform me to another place.

    I was asked so many questions I felt like I was been put on a hot bbq to grill, let me say I was so glad when the date was over and I could escape. But the ending to the story has a happy ending you see, 17 years later we are married and happy as can be.:) Would love to win the LOVE LIFE PACK, Thank you for the chance.

  202. Ruth

    meeting at a country pub for drinks on a first date and he forgot but rocked up half cut with all his footy mates on a bucks night … no i didnt want to be the entertainment .. love life

  203. Kristine Willoughby

    My “Worst Date” was actually the first date I had with my now husband of 28 years. He decided to go all out and take me to the Pizza Hut for dinner which was ok because I’m not into flashy restaurants. The worst part of it was that I couldn’t remember his name as we’d only met the night before, I spent the entire night trying to remember but no luck, eventually I had to fess up and just ask. Luckily he is the most wonderful and UNDERSTANDING man in the world.
    “I’m In Love!” pack would be perfect thank you

  204. Karen Styleloving2

    The first date on ever had after finding myself single at 36. I plucked up the courage if joining RSVP and accept a date for a coffee meet up. The excitement and anticipation was high, turned up at the coffee shop looking for the handsome man in the photo. To find a man who looked at least 15 years older than his photo and who was sporting a very impressive black eye, I stayed had coffee but made a quick exit once he started talking about meeting my kids. Yikes, my kids were definitely out of bounds.

  205. krystal Howell

    my worst date was when i was taken to mc donalds and be told by him that he was trying to save some money so he could buy a game that he wanted, way to ruin a date. I would choose the sweet love pack

  206. matilda scioscia

    worst valentines day was my first one with the new fella and waiting all day to go out for the night to have dinner and drinks, he doesn’t answer his phone, he rocks up at my door no flowers no nothing at 10 past midnight and says that he got lost on the way. Let alone no happy valentines wish. Let me say he was in the dog house that night. Then it don’t get better for 2nd valentines Im still waiting yes this guy is a keeper no.

  207. Gina G

    Would love the Love Life pack

    Worst date….would have to have been when I was kept waiting at a restaurant and then I was expected to pay for his meal

  208. Chloe Donahue

    I have had too many bad dates to pick just one! They usually involve busy hands where they are unwanted, eyes that undress and attitudes that revolt! Glad I have settled down with my fiancée and we have a beautiful 5year old son and I no longer have to endure dating!

  209. Stef Santalucia

    Can I please enter to win the Sweet Love pack? Thank you 🙂

    My worst date ever was my very first date with a boy.
    I was 17 and it was NYE. Long story short we ended up in a Police station with me in tears. I had met him a couple days before at a shopping centre. He was very good looking and charming but little did I know he was going to end up assaulting another female on the night of our first date right in front of me! He wanted me to run and keep my mouth shut. Needless to say there wasn’t a second date. I managed to get home safely but never told my parents otherwise they would have never let me out again. This was about 12 years ago now….

  210. Kat

    The worst date was when I went out for dinner with I guy I use to go out with in high school. We met up at an expensive restraunt, the conversation was the pits , I took the wine and footed the bill!

  211. christine morris

    My worst date was when i snuck out to be with this guy as i really liked him, i did not see my Dad waiting for me outside our house, he rushed over grabbed the guy by the collar and said what are you doing to my daughter, the guy replied i don’t know her she was hitching home so i offered to drive her, needless to say i never dadted him again.

  212. Lisa J

    I’d known this guy for years and considered him a friend. He’d begged me for a date – dinner, movie, beach stroll. I liked the guy and was a little intrigued so I finally said yes. I arrived at the restaurant to see he had invited a third mutual (female) friend along. OK, thought I, no romance, just fun. But nope. I was there in the role of chaperon. By the time we hit the cinema, I was third wheel – they were getting hot and heavy in the seats beside me. I left before the movie finished. Neither friend ever contacted me again.

    I’d like the I’m In Love pack please.

  213. blakester

    My worst date was in highschool. I had overdrunk and went to give my date a peck on the cheek after , I proceeded to throw up all over her!! so embarrassed, and yes never heard from her again!!!!

  214. terry wedding

    i once had a date with a lovely girl except she had bucked teeth and when we tried to kiss all that happened was teeth clashing

  215. Natalie rose

    A blind date that seemed to go forever……..and I didn’t get an escape plan organised!
    Love life pack looks awesome

  216. Ruth

    It was Valentine’s Day and he showed up with one of those awful plastic roses in a tube that looked like it had come from a second hand store!!
    The love life pack looks awesome!

  217. Nicole Z

    One of my first! My date needed to come inside and meet my parents, so I stayed in my room until he was already inside, but I forgot that I hadn’t locked my door (I was always locking my door) so I preceded to unlock my door to exit but ended up locking myself in and then eventually emerged utterly embarrassed. Then get to the car only to see it loaded up with his/our friends for a group trip to the movies.

  218. Charlotte S

    My worst date ever has been pretty much all the dates I’ve been on… explaining why I’m still looking for love and a love life so would love to win the love life pack! Thanks for the chance 🙂


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