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Confession time: I’d rather stab myself in the eye than go clothes shopping these days. The main reason being that over the last 7 years my body has morphed into a different shape after each pregnancy – and JUST when I get the hang of shopping for my new shape I fall pregnant – and I have to start from scratch! Two children later and I barely have time to brush my hair so taking hours to find a new wardrobe is not going to happen. Add to that the fact that I live an hour away from the closest major shopping centre, which usually means a day out at the shops ends up falling in the ‘too hard’ pile.

Since my move to the Adelaide Hills, I find it much easier shopping for most things online – with the exception of clothing. It’s really hard to work out how certain items of clothing are going to look on different shapes and sizes. Although most online stores provide you with measurements, I am more likely to feel confident buying something if I were to see it worn on someone close to my shape and size.

Cue Sizeable. I came across Sizeable when searching for a couple of dresses to buy for the Festive Season and it’s fair to say when I came across their lovely website I did a little happy dance! If you haven’t discovered it yet – you must GET.ON.THAT. Like now. You’re welcome.


You’ll know why I am fan-girling about this online store as soon as you click onto it. Sizeable keeps things real – and simple. And that my friends is because the only way to shop at Sizeable is by shape and size. There are 5 categories – Busty, Tall, Curvy, Booty, Petite. Click on the category that best represents you and all the clothing within that category are modelled on women that are that particular shape. AHH-MAZING! Not only have they provided us with very detailed measurements, but you can see exactly how the clothing will sit on someone your shape and size.


Sizeable’s Mission: ‘To promote a positive online shopping experience by representing a more diverse range of women.’ How awesome is that!

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Happy Shopping!

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PS – All the opinions in this post are my own (fangirl much?!). Having said that I was gifted a couple of GORG outfits that I have been rocking all summer!

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Jess is a mum of two boys and has recently relocated to rural South Australia, where she’s enjoying country life (and the fact that it takes so long to get anywhere that she can spend hours in the car on her own!). Jess road tests our baby products with the help of her baby boy Ashton!

42 thoughts on “Shop for your shape & size with Sizeable

  1. Hayley Moore

    How marvelous is this. I love that it is in categories for shopping. Also that you can use measurements of the models to determine which you are most like. Obviously I know how I used to look but after two babies in 18 months I am slightly unsure of what my new shape actually is, using measurements seems so much more accurate than just randomly guessing which you are most like from a mirror.

  2. Lynnette Bull

    My favourite would be that they Strongly Oppose photoshop or pinning garments at the back, so if my measurements and body shape match the model then l I know the clothes I am looking at will look just as good on me as the picture I have seen and made my purchasing decision on…………………………………………………………………………..(sorry about that, I just had to go check my measurements and go look at my options) Perfect idea and so glad the idea of shopping I have in my head has come true.

    1. Maria

      I fall into the petite category. I’m short and it’s so difficult finding items that don’t have to be altered. I don’t sew and most of the time it’s not worth buying the item if i have to have it professionally altered

  3. Alex

    I love that it caters to body shapes that are different to the usual ‘petite’ and ‘tall’. As someone with a much smaller top half than bottom half I’m not sure how comfortable I feel pegging myself with the ‘booty’ tag but it is an accurate description!

  4. Elky

    What a fantastic idea! I just love that it makes shopping online that bit easier and that they are committed to helping find something you know will look good and fit well.

  5. Rebecca

    I hate clothes shopping too. I love that this website changes the “real” models based on what shape you choose so you can see exactly what the clothes are going to look like on your shape. Great website with “real” help for women of all different shapes.

  6. Laura Clarke

    I was literally thinking last week that it would be a great idea to see clothes on a body more my shape and size. I’ve bought so many items online and wait excitedly for my new clothes to arrive but when they do my excitement turns to “Blah” when I can’t them past my hips or I end up doing the two arms in the air, wave them around like you just can’t…. Get the damn top past your wide shoulders and crap, how am I going to get this off without hulk ripping it so I can send it back – which let’s face it, I don’t have time to do go to the post box!
    So my fav thing about this website would be seeing it on a body shape and size like my own! Brilliant!

  7. Tina

    I love that there are real size ladies wearing the cloth that look great on real woman. Fabulous that you can shop by body type. I can see what is going to look good on me really easily

  8. Taylor

    They have a tall category! Happy dance time! I am so sick of buying full length pants that look like three quarters or buying a shirt and accidentally looking like 90’s Britney with my belly button showing. This website is fabulous.

  9. Michelle Clout

    Beautiful clothes for “normal” women. To see a curvy figure who is more like a lot of us, rather than a “curvy” size 4 model who’s hip bones stick out to give her lumps & bumps!!! Seeing whatvthe clothes actually look like when on a certain shaped body is wonderful to see. Makes for lots of happier shoppers 😊

  10. Deborah scheggetman

    I love that it has the models measurements and size so you can see where you are in reference to size in comparison.
    I love the clothes designs too and I love that they have something for every shape.

  11. Kylie Harris

    clicking onto the site, measurements in hand, a sense of nervousness and dread, will I find something Nice that fits my body shape and not leave me feeling deflated. This is usually my online shopping experience.. NOT ANYMORE a store that not only caters to my unique curves but embraces them and knowing that if the size/measurements will be accurate and not catering to what they think I want to be .. Thankyou

  12. Sarah Fleming

    My favourite feature of the Sizeable website is the way different body shapes/sizes are clearly categorised. Someone who is curvy like myself doesn’t need to sift through heaps of clothes that are clearly only going to fit someone who is skinny. That quickly disheartens me usually but oh my gosh, I could look at the Sizeable site for hours, so many gorgeous outfits!

  13. Di

    That I can shop by shape AND have my own body type model that I can click on and see her in an array of outfits and attire that looks like it was sewn with me in mind! And if that’s not good as gold, I can shop from the comfort of my couch, in my own home, without some prissy, snooty nosed, trumped up assistant trying to talk me into this or that or just being plain dismissive. Win win if you ask me 🙂

  14. tiera lippiello

    That no matter what shape , size ,height or weight my needs are all met. No longer feeling regret at finding nothing to wear. Now I have confidence.

  15. Stacey Shailer

    After having 3 kids, I hate clothes shopping!!! I am absolutely loving the body type model (I’m a Curvy girl) and the detailed measurements are a fantastic idea!

  16. Jennifer B.

    Apart from the body type layout of this store, I’m loving the fact that the clothes are championing our great AUSTRALIAN DESIGNERS! It’s a win-win all round!!!

  17. Jane

    Sizeable listens to what woman really want, that is ? easy, fast, online shopping that categorize’s by body shape, reference of ideal sizes to correctly match, bright / fun / bold designers, real woman, real body’s and an Australian designer outfit in the mail that fits =happy smiles.

  18. Jade W

    I am in the petite category after recently losing 16 kilos! I love that sizeable caters for all different shapes and sizes and that I won’t have to pay additional to get anything altered by shopping in the petite section. Perfect for this busy mum!

  19. Ashlea @ Glamour Coastal Living

    This is brush of genius! I love that I can shop for my body and actually know the dress will cover my butt (because I am more like Sarah, tall!) and not turn up in the post looking more like a tshirt! Brilliant. Can’t wait to check out these sales x

  20. Karla Oleinikoff

    Meeting the Models. Actually seeing them, and realising that they are real women gives me confidence that the clothes are going to look great on me too!

  21. Elizabeth M

    Shopping by shape is a dream come true,
    as I’m a short and petite lady,
    and I’ve bought many an online dress brand new
    but found it sadly doesn’t work for me.
    This feature will save me the distress,
    of buying a too long or too wide dress
    and instead my purchases will impress –
    Sizeable, you are simply the best!

  22. Rosslyn T.

    Empowering straightforward shopping for real women by real women, sending us the message that one size does not fit all.

  23. Cathy B

    The Meet the Models section interested me, real women who are normal sizes, one size never fits all, I’m looking forward to checking out Sizeable a little more. I’m quite short and curvy, I hate buying outfits over the internet and finding that they are actually made for Amazonian women at least seven feet tall!

  24. Amanda

    I love that the FAQ section – even though the concept of the site is clear I still had queries. It was after reading common questions that I am now clear on how to best use Sizeable to my advantage.

  25. Jessica Dalziel

    Ah – how good is this! LOVE how easy it is to find your shape & clothes that will look great on you….this means I can save time when choosing great new outfits & spend more of my time hanging out with the people I love!

  26. Gloria

    I loveee the categories .. It makes It so easy to shop!!!
    Being curvy myself it’s so nice to see different items that would suit me more than others..

  27. Helen

    Yay for ‘Booty’ rather than ‘Pear Shaped’.
    Yay for Susan and Sherena showing how lovely clothes can look on two different bodies.
    Yay for a range of styles to cater for different tastes AND different bodies.

  28. Ella

    Never knew such a thing existed. This is ingenious! Had a look around your website to get a better feel and I love that the models are a true representation of size (I got a good feel for how I would look). When I scrolled through the curvy ladies I found myself comparing myself and could imagine how i’d look. The ladies had far better legs than I so I found I did focus on the longer items. That said I could see if I went to the gym more I may actually be toned and curvy not just curvy!. In all seriousness it’s a breath of fresh air and i’d 100% purchase online and be confident i’d not get a shock when the clothes arrived. Great, great offering to us ladies of all shapes and sizes.

  29. Krystal haddad

    My favourite feature will be winning, purchasing something out of the activewear category, feeling glamorous, being able to purchase petite and wear a maxi that doesn’t fall past my feet and half way to China. Oh wait, that’s more than one….

    1. Kate murray

      I love shopping!
      That feeling of handing over money and getting a bag of goodies that you are dying to take home and wear out! Just love!
      Then enter three kids, three dogs, two horses and my stunning hubby….
      What was I saying about shopping?
      I’m lucky to have time for groceries! Who has time to buy clothes?
      Online shopping is fraught with disaster. What will the fit be like? Will this short dress reach my knees or show my hoo ha?
      A website that lets you shop for your shape and has the measurements? As a tall girl the exposed hoo ha is an unfortunate reality, of the past!
      I think I’m falling in love all over again!

  30. Rebecca Nielsen

    It’s great to see a company that caters to all shapes and sizes and makes all women feel beautiful about themselves! Having lost a decent amount of weight the past 6 or so months, my shape has changed constantly, It’s nice to have ago to place where you can shop based on your shape, without feeling self conscious and still looks great and not end up wearing a sack!

  31. Clare foale

    I have a 16 week old and went shopping for a dress for a wedding I have in a couple of weeks – couldn’t try it on as my bubba was strapped to me asleep, but picked something I liked which I thought would work. Except I forgot I have 15 extra kilos, boobs the size of Canada and hips/booty with a whole lot of extra padding. All of which I am ok with – like I said, I have a 16 week old. But the dress i had chosen was NOT ok with these dressing challenges. I’m up feeding at 4am and you can bet your bottom dollar I’ve already jumped over to Sizeable to look at their gorgeous range to pick something to wear to the wedding based on reality rather than what my body looked like some years ago!! Oh, and I guess I’ll be taking this other dress back tomorrow!

  32. Annie

    Kimmy K shops like this so only seems normal that I should too. I pretty much have something happening in every category.
    Send help and Champers


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