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Coffee is a non – negotiable in the morning for a lot of us, but with takeaway coffee prices on the rise, it can be far more economical to use a home coffee machine. Here we will compare the best home coffee machine; taking a look at the best coffee pod machine, the best automatic coffee machine, and the best manual coffee machine. We will also let you know which is the best cheap coffee machine for those of you on a budget, the best coffee machine under $1000 for those with a little more to spend, and the best value coffee machine all up.

Best Home Coffee Machine

Best Home Coffee Machine Comparison Chart

NamePhotoTypeMilk FrotherRating /5Get Price
ALDI Espressi K-FEEbest Home Coffee MachineCapsuleseparate4Check Price
Breville Duo - Temp Probest home coffee machineEspressoattached4.5Check Price
Nespresso DeLonghi Inissiabest home coffee machineCapsuleseparate4Check Price
Nespresso Delonghi Lattissimabest home coffee machinesCapsuleattached4.5Check Price
DeLonghi Magnifica Sbest home coffee machineEspressoattached5Check price
Dolce Gusto Piccolini best home coffee machinesCapsuleseparate3.5Check Price
KitchenAid Nespresso capsule coffee machinebest home coffee machineCapsuleseparate5Check Price
KitchenAid Pro Line Espresso machinebest home coffee machinesEspressoattached5Check Price
Sunbeam EM7100 Café Series Espresso Machine plus Capsulebest home coffee machineEspressoattached5Check Price
Sunbeam Mini Barista Espresso Machinebest home coffee machineEspressoattached5Check Price

Types of Coffee Machine

Capsule Coffee Machine

Capsule coffee machines are the easiest to use. They are the best automatic coffee machines for people who want their coffee in a hurry. They involve using a premeasured capsule coffee shot, otherwise known as a pod, that is inserted into the machine. It’s foolproof and an easy and fast way to get your morning coffee hit.

The downside of coffee pods is that you need to buy the brand that matches your coffee machines (in most cases at least). This means that you’ll want to check the price of the pods when you are choosing your machine. Pods are always going to be more expensive than bulk ground coffee beans, but still cheaper than a takeaway, and very convenient.

Espresso Coffee Machine

An espresso coffee machine is the best manual coffee machine for those of you who like control over their coffee. It uses water pressure to force boiling water through coffee and a filter. With an espresso machine, you need to grind your own beans (or buy them ground), and it can make more than one cup of coffee at a time. When you purchase your takeaway coffee from a cafe they are using an espresso machine. If you are a coffee lover who is very particular, then owning a high-quality, manual, espresso coffee machine might be just the thing for you.

best home coffee machine 2018

How to choose the best coffee machine for you

There are a number of things to take into account when choosing the right coffee machine for your home. Some of the most important things to think about are:


The price of coffee machines can vary greatly, depending on what you are looking for. One of the most affordable one on this list is the Dolce Gusto Piccolini, which often retails for around $55. The best coffee machine for under $1000 would be the DeLonghi Magnifica S.

When choosing a coffee machine, in particular, the best coffee pod machine for your family, make sure you take into account the price of the coffee pods as well. The Espressi pods for the ALDI Espressi K-FEE are $5.99 for 16 pods. This works out at 37c per coffee, which is definitely the most affordable coffee capsules on the market.

The Nespresso capsules used by the other best pod coffee machines we have listed retail at 69c per coffee, so they are more expensive than the ALDI ones, but still cheap by take away coffee standards.

Type of coffee machine

As we discussed above, the type of coffee machine you choose should be based on your needs, ability level and how much you love your coffee! One of the things to take into account is grinding your own beans. Does your chosen coffee machine come with its own bean grinder? or do you need to buy a separate one?

Are you an expert coffee maker that is looking for the best manual coffee machine so that you can have control over the process? Or are you are a coffee lover on the go that is looking for the best automatic coffee machine so they can just grab and go?

Best Home Coffee Machine 2018 – extra features to look for

Pressure System

The pressure system of the coffee machine gives the foamy, velvety texture to your crema. This is known as ‘bars of pressure’ and you want at least nine bars with a decent coffee machine. Low bars can leave your coffee tasting bitter.

Milk Frother

Some coffee machines come with an attached milk frother, while others require a detached milk frother as an additional purchase. The lower priced machines usually come with a separate milk frother, while the higher end machines come with one built in.

best home coffee machine 2018

Water Filter

If you are an advocate of filtered water you might want to make sure the machine you choose filters the water for you and removes chlorine, odour and prevents strange tastes. This can also help with the descaling of the machine.

Digital Controls

If you want to wake up to a hot cup of coffee every morning then you need a machine with digital, programmable controls. You can preset your coffee to be ready at a set time every morning so you can just grab and go.

The capacity of your machine

Do you want a single cup coffee machine? Or are you wanting to make several cups in the morning? You will definitely want to take the machine capacity into account when choosing yours.

Brew-strength control

If you want to be able to set the strength of your coffee then you need to choose one with brew-strength controls. These controls mean that you don’t need to alter the beans, it just changes the level of water that runs through the ground coffee.

Coffee Bean Grider

Some espresso machines come with with a built-in grinder, and others will require a separate grinder to be purchased alongside the machine. Take into account which one you would prefer when purchasing but be aware that a built-in grinder can increase the price significantly.

best home coffee machine 2018

Best Home Coffee Machine 2018 – Reviews

Best coffee pod machines

ALDI Espressi K-FEE

best Home Coffee Machine

The ALDI Espressi K-FEE is one of the most popular coffee pod machines and one of the best budget coffee machines on the market. It retails at a low price and its Espressi coffee pods work out at only 37c per coffee. It comes with a separate milk frother. It has a 0.8L water tank and takes 20 seconds to heat up. The ALDI Espressi K-FEE has a cleaning function and automatic coffee pod ejection. It comes in two colours and has up to 19 bars of pressure.

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Nespresso DeLonghi Inissia

best home coffee machine

The DeLonghi Inissa is compatible with the Nespresso coffee pod system. It has a 0.7L water tank and a pod storage container that can hold 11 used pods before emptying. It comes with a folding drip tray to accommodate taller glasses and its milk frother comes as a separate purchase. It has up to 19 bars of pressure.

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Nespresso DeLonghi Lattissima

best home coffee machines

The DeLonghi Lattissima is the big sister to the Inissia. It has a built-in, 0.35L milk frother that can be removed and refrigerated and it has a 0.9L water tank. It comes with one-touch recipe preparation and automatic turn off after 9 minutes. It has up to 19 bars of pressure.

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Dolce Gusto Piccolini

best home coffee machines 2018

The Piccolini is the best budget coffee machine on the market. It uses Nescafe coffee pods and is only small, perfect for compact kitchens. It doesn’t have a milk frother so one will need to be purchased separately, but it has up to 15 bars of pressure. It also comes with a descaling alert so that you know when to clean your machine.

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KitchenAid Nespresso capsule coffee machine

best home coffee machine 2018

The KitchenAid Nespresso is compatible with Nespresso coffee pods. It has one of the larger water tanks, at 1.3L, and comes with aAeroccino3 Milk Frother that is included in the package. It includes a brew strength selector, with six preprogrammed settings, and it’s ready to brew in under 30 seconds. It has a 19 bar pressure pump and a cup warmer that holds two standard cups. It also has an adjustable, folding cup stand.

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Best Espresso Machines

Breville Duo-Temp Pro

best home coffee machine

The Breville Duo-Temp Pro comes with Precise Espresso Extraction – This low-pressure pre-infusion ensures balanced flavours are drawn evenly from all grinds. also comes with the Razor precision dose trimming tool that simplifies manual dosing by precisely controlling the amount of coffee in the filter basket. It comes with a 1.8L water tank and manual controls of the size of your coffee shot. It has a 15 bar, Italian made pump and comes with a manual milk frother attached. It will need a separate grinder.

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DeLonghi Magnifica S

The DeLonghi Magnifica S is a fully automated espresso system. It has its own coffee bean grinder that holds 250g and it allows you to prepare any kind of coffee just by pressing a button.  You can increase or decrease the coffee aroma intensity by turning the knob and you can choose either short or long coffee. It has a bar pressure of 15 and can make up to two cups simultaneously. It comes with a manual milk frother.

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KitchenAid Pro Line Espresso machine

This one is the best manual coffee machine for serious coffee lovers! It comes with two boilers, one for your water and one for milk. It’s commercial grade quality and is the best commercial coffee machine for the home. It has a 15 bar pressure system, with a manual milk frother. It has a professional filter holder, that can accommodate two interchangeable stainless steel baskets, single or double shots. The single basket also brews pods. You will need a separate grinder.

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Sunbeam EM7100 Café Series Espresso Machine plus Capsule

best home coffee machine

One of the best coffee machines under $100, this is an espresso coffee machine with a difference. With a 15 bar pump, you can use either your own ground espresso beans or you can use a pod with it! It comes with two handles, one for beans and another just for capsules, so you can take your time with your coffee or just use a capsule and go. This machine is compatible with 3 capsule systems: * Nespresso system * Caffitaly system * Lavazza A Modo Mio system. The pressure gauge and the unique milk temperature gauge provide live feedback during your coffee making, making it easier for you to be your own barista at home. It has programmable cup volumes, a cup warmer and an attached steam want to heat your milk.

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Sunbeam Mini Barista Espresso Machine

best home coffee machine

The Mini Barista a small, fully automatic espresso machine that is great for people with compact kitchens who still want the full cafe experience. It has Auto Shot Volumetric Control with pre-set 1 and 2 shot measures, so it automatically pours just the right amount every time. It has a bar of 15 and it comes with a steam wand attached for easy frothing. It comes with dual filters and and easy to use dial. It doesn’t come with a build in grinder.

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Happy shopping. Need a coffee grinder to go with that machine? Read this guide. Make sure you check out our other shopping guides while you are here.

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