best travel prams / best travel pram

Shopping Guide – Best Travel Prams 2018

best travel prams / best travel pram

We all know travelling with kids can be hard, although it’s worth it! Every time I travel I try and decide if I need a pram. When Tully was a baby we went to Scotland. Rather than taking the pram I looked for the best travel system prams and eventually bought one off eBay and had it delivered to my Mother-in-Law’s place. However, it fell apart and we ended up getting a MacLaren stroller while we were there. Then, I got my hands on a travel pram and it made traveling so much easier! But deciding which one to get was tricky. Which were the best travel prams and which were the dodgy ones?

So let’s talk prams. Below is a table of the best prams for travelling overseas. We have ranked them on an easy to compare scale and underneath that table we have looked into each of the ones we have ranked as the best travel pram in detail – taking into account the age they are suitable for, if they are compatible with travel systems and everything else we could think of. We have also included any travel accessories available for the pram, for your convenience.

Pramphotoweight (kg)reclinemax weight (kg)carry on?Priceout of /5
Amzdeal Airplane Lightweight Stroller8.2yes 18kgyesGet Price4
Pockit Stroller9.5no 24kgyesGet Price3.5
Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Stroller5.3yes 22.5kgnoGet Price4.5
Mountain Buggy Nano5.8yes 20kgyesGet Price4.5
Babyzen YoYo5.8yes18kgyesGet Price4.5
Britax B-Mobile7.3yes25kgnoGet Price4
Baby Jogger City Tour stroller6.4yes11kgyesGet Price4.5
Maclaren Quest5.7yes25kgnoGet Price4.5
UPPAbaby VISTA Stroller22.5yes22.6noGet Price4
GB Qbit6.35yes22.6yesCheck Price4

So let’s take a look at the best travel prams in detail…

UPPERbaby Vista travel pram

The UPPERbaby Vista can face forwards or backward and operates as a seat or bassinet. It is also compatible with the MESA car seat, which is a US car seat, so perfect for if that’s where you are traveling to. It’s got a one-step folding mechanism that makes it easy for folding on the go. It’s usable from birth, with a fully reclining seat and it is a great option for families who are heading slightly off road, as it has bigger wheels that some prams.

Buy the UPPERbaby Vista now

Its accessories pack provides you with everything you need, including a travel bag, handlebar cover, snack tray, parent organiser, snug seat, seat liner and more.

Buy the accessory pack now


Babyzen Yoyo

I’m going to start by saying this is the pram I chose. It is really light, goes in the overhead luggage on the plane, is easy to steer with just one hand and has an amazing turning circle. It’s comfortable and, although it says only to 18kg, my 22kg six-year-old still fits in it pretty well. We recently used it for three weeks in the US and it was fantastic. It has a shoulder strap to carry it and a travel bag to take it on the plane. The downside is that its small wheels are great for cities and airports but they don’t go on grass or off road very well. It doesn’t fold down flat either so it’s probably best from around 4 months.

Buy the Babyzen Yoyo now!

Pockit Stroller

The Pocket Stroller gets my lowest rating, primarily because it has zero recline and the sunshade is really small. However, if you are travelling with toddlers to preschoolers this would be a great pick as it holds up to 24kg and it’s still only small. Plus it fits in the overhead locker on the plane which is always a win as it can go all the way to the door with you and you have it as soon as you get off the plane, which is a lifesaver when you are doing those middle of the night stopovers with a sleeping child. My cousin is a frequent traveller with their two-year-old and they chose this one for its ease and convenience.

Buy the Pockit Stroller now!

Mountain Buggy Nano

The Mountain Buggy Nano is one of the most popular travel prams. It’s made by a respected brand and it has everything you want in the best travel pram. It reclines, it can go in overhead luggage, it has a great sun cover. My friend bought this for a travel pram and ended up selling her Mountain Buggy Urban and just using this all the time, so it makes a great day to day pram as well as for travel.

You can also get this one as a double pram as well which is great if you are travelling with two small children! Check out the Mountain Buggy Nano Duo below:

Buy the Mountain Buggy Nano now

Buy the Mountain Buggy Nano Duo now

Maclaren Quest

When my son was born 19 years ago it was all about the Mclaren strollers and they still hold up today. I bought a Mclaren Quest in the UK for my baby, six years ago and I just love them. While they don’t fold into the overhead locker they are so durable and they recline flat so you can use them from any age. My baby was two months when we got ours and I used it for everything. They fold easily, have a good sunshade and they are sturdy! They also have a newborn safety system to make sure your new baby is snug and safe so it’s the perfect pram to travel with from birth.

Buy the Mclaren Quest now! 

Baby Jogger City Tour Stroller

The Baby Jogger City Mini is such a great pram and the City Tour is a great travel version. It has a deep seat, a near flat recline, great sun coverage and it folds into a backpack to take on board the plane. It’s small enough to put in the overhead locker and it folds with just one hand, which is great if you are holding a child with the other hand.

Buy the Baby Jogger City Tour Stroller Now!


Britax B-Mobile

The Britax B-Mobile is a great travel pram for younger children and babies. It’s from birth to three years and it has a fantastic sunshade, plus it has the safety bar at the front, which many travel prams don’t have. It reclines almost flat as well.

It’s easy to fold and you can take it as carry on luggage onto the plane. It also works well as an everyday pram at home, which can often make the purchase worth it.

Buy the Britax B-Mobile Now!


Kolcraft Cloud Plus

The Kolcraft Cloud Plus stands out for its price! It’s one of the most affordable prams, coming in at under $100. It also has an outstanding sunshade, with fantastic coverage, and it’s giant basket. It has one of the biggest baskets of all the prams we looked at and that’s such a huge benefit when travelling. This one cant go in overhead luggage but it’s still a fantastic, lightweight pram that can be used from birth as it fully reclines. I also like that this can be folded one handed.

An added bonus is that this one is also available as a double pram – so it’s perfect if you are travelling with two small children.

Buy the Kolcraft Cloud Plus now!

Buy the Kolcraft Cloud Plus Double now!


Amzdeal Airplane Lightweight Stroller

The Amzdeal Airplane Lightweight Stroller is a great travel choice. It fits in the overhead lockers on planes so you can take it right to the door. This is ideal when you have a young child, especially for late night stopovers. You always have a bed. It has a one-handed fold, it reclines almost flat so can be used friom birth and it has a pull rod. This is something that setsd it aside from the other prams that can go in the overhead lockers. Once you fold it, it has an extendable handle to wheel it along. It also has a really generous basket for a travel pram.

Buy the Amzdeal Airplane Lightweight Stroller now!



Another lightweight travel pram that can go in the overhead locker on the plane, the GB Qbit LTE is for six months and up. It reclines, but one of it’s biggest downside is how the recline works. It’s pretty fiddly and annoying. You can see it in the video below. However, it has a great sunshane and it’s super easy to fold and unfold. I also love the colours!

Buy the GB Qbit LTE now!


If you still aren’t sure which one to choose, check out this comparison of the GB Qbit LTE, the Mountain Buggy Nano and the Babyzen Yoyo.

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