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Is there anything cuter than watching your kids get excited about food? Sometimes, as a treat for Tully in summer, we do a breakfast picnic in the garden. We make sandwiches, take fruit and enjoy them on the picnic table out the back.

Breakfast picnics are one way I get Tully to eat! Toddlers and preschoolers are notorious for being too busy to eat, so mixing it up a bit puts the fun back in food and gets her excited to eat.

We love seeing little ones excited by food so we are thrilled to be partnering with Tip Top to get you to share your kids’ ‘food dance’. We love the little wiggle (or full on dance) kids have when they get something they love to eat and we want to share it!

Below is a little video of Tully excited to eat her breakfast picnic. We would love you to share with us what food gets your kids excited to eat. You can tell us, send a video or share some photos. We will share our favourite five entries on the blog in the coming weeks and ask you to vote on your favourite. The winner will receive a $100 supermarket gift voucher.

Email your entries to us at by 5pm on the 18th March to be in the running.


We can’t wait to see your little ones!





T&Cs- This competition is a game of skill. It is only open to Australian residents over 18. The competition closes at 11pm on Friday18th March. By entering the competition you are giving Stuff Mums Like permission to feature your entry on the website and social media and permission to display your first name. Entries will be shortlisted by Stuff Mums Like, with the final winner chosen by the public. Entries need to feature children enjoying bread (either in writing, photo or video form) to be valid.The judge’s decision will be final.



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2 thoughts on “Show us your food dance

  1. Robyn

    I struggled to get my fussy kids to eat any sandwiches until we discover Tip Top’s THE ONE whole meal. It’s packed full of goodness but still has the same look and texture as white bread. Winning!! Their favourite is when I use it to make ‘eggy bread’ or French toast with maple syrup :))

  2. Seana Smith

    Haha, my kids also adore the ‘brown bread that looks like white bread’!! Frenchs toast is also a favourite. Ms9’s favourite spread is the caramel one from Bonne Maman, which sets my fillings tingling. But when I tried it too, I could see why she was so keen!

    Other foods that the kids genuinely enjoy are: pasta and tomato sauce and parmesan (easy to make so suits me!), spag bol (of course) chicken nuggets and chips (homemade is healthier but they prefer shop-bought I hate to say) and chicken stirfry with noodles. They are NOT adventurous eaters… well, they do like haggis.


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