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11902241_530199120461035_6903778243946140332_nAs you know we are doing a Diploma of Business with Business Mamas- we have told you a bit about it in our previous posts but this time we thought we would ask one of our contributors, Jessica, about how she is finding the course. Jess signed up with Business Mamas off the back of our collaboration and we wanted to find out how she went the the process and how she’s finding the course. Here’s what she had to say:

How did you find the signing up process?

The signing up process was a very pleasant experience. I simply went on the Business Mamas’ website and entered my details and within a day or so I was contacted by my Business Angel, Katherine. We had a lovely chat, and she gave me a very detailed insight into what the next few steps would be to proceed. After our initial phone conversation, we arranged to meet at my house at a time that suited me, and she went through all the information with me once again and I completed an Aptitude Test to determine what level of support I would require to complete the course. I filled out all the paperwork and Katherine organised the rest. I was then contacted by Head Office to inform me that I was now enrolled in the Diploma of Business Management, and that I would receive an email with all my information.

The great thing about the whole process was the personalised Customer Service. Every one at BM is very approachable and more than happy to answer any questions you may have. They will also double check with you every step of the way that you are 100% sure about what you are getting yourself into.

 You chose to pay for Business Mamas via HELP, so that you could defer payments and pay it off. Can you explain the process for applying and if you found it difficult?

The great thing about completing the Diploma with Business Mama’s is that you have the option to apply for VET-FEE HELP to pay for the course. The process is quite simple. During the sign up meeting with your Trainer / Business Angel, one of the documents you fill out and sign is a VET-FEE HELP application, which your Business Angel then collects and sends to Head Office, and they process the application for you. It is as simple as that.


Did Business Mamas support you throughout the process?

100% Yes! Katherine made sure that I was well informed throughout the process and provided me with her phone number and email with an open invitation to contact her should I ever have any questions or require further information. A few of the lovely ladies at Head Office have also contacted me to provide me with updates and have offered their assistance as well.

How have Business Mamas supported you since you started the course?

Business Mamas have been great since I commenced the course. They have been in touch with me every week, whether it be my Angel or the lovely ladies at Head Office (when Katherine was on leave). Katherine and I arrange catchup phone calls so we can discuss my progress and so she can assist me with any questions I may have. And again, I can always ring, text or email them should I need assistance.

What are you hoping to achieve with your new Business Mamas Diploma of Business?

I am in the process of starting my own Business, and I am hoping that the Diploma of Business will assist me in making informed decisions regarding my own Business, as well as provide me with the skills and knowledge I will need to ensure it’s success and efficiency.

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