Simplifying your wardrobe with Intimo

Intimo roll top pants

So it’s fair to say that I’m Intimo obsessed. Since I had my first experience wearing their roll top pants and their leggings I was sold. This was last winter (when all I used to wear was jeans) and I haven’t looked back! So lets talk about why I love them so much…

1. Versatility- I play a lot of rolls in my life. I’m a mum who does school/kindy drop off, the shopping, play dates, parks and all those things that come with having kids. However I’m also working; often attending corporate meetings, travelling for work and even dealing with celebrities, so it’s important I look professional and put together. Then there is blogging; I tend to work in the corner of my couch for this, but then before you know it I’m off to various events and product launches. I love that my roll top pants and leggings get me through all of these this with no problem. As you can see above the pants can be worn with any top and can be dressed up and down.

2. Comfort- I am a sucker for comfort and I won’t wear anything I don’t feel comfortable in, I don’t care how fashionable it is (and the same goes for shoes). With travelling for work and the blog I want to be able to sit comfortably on a plane to Perth and still look good when I get off.

3. Durability- Intimo clothing is made from modal, a fabric created from beech trees. It doesn’t stretch out or change shape so there is no bagging around the knees or stretching in weird places. They also don’t fall down like so many leagues do! They can also go in the dryer, which is great because clothes aren’t allowed in my house if they can’t go in the dryer (or if they need ironing!) They pack in your suitcase so well, they are compact and don’t need ironing. When I travel for work they make up my capsule wardrobe because they take up almost no space and go with everything.

Intimo travel wardrobe

This is me- getting ready to go away again. I have my wrap dress, smoothing top, roll top pants and my red long wrap out to show you, along with some jewellery. I’ll add in my leggings, a stripy top and a long top and I’m ready for work. I can put the smoothing top under the wrap dress and the wrap top and also put the wrap top over the dress to create another look!

So if you want to simplify your wardrobe and be ready for anything check out

*in my top picture I paired the Intimo roll top pants with shoes from Frankie4 because they are my most favourite shoes of all time. They are like walking on clouds and I can’t rave about them enough! (I’m coveting all of these ones!)


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  1. Meredith Sanders

    Love all my Intimo pieces as very comfy, cool, versatile and no ironing……. Can’t get enough in my


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