Sirens Swimwear Giveaway

We introduced you to Sirens swimwear brand at Christmas and we are so excited to now to join Sirens to give a lucky reader one of our favourite swimsuits!

The Sirens Swimwear is a glamours range of 50’s and 60’s style swimsuits with that beautiful edge of Hollywood Glamour. Inspired by the Sirens of the Silver Screen . The beautiful range of designs and body shaping technology will flatter any figure.


My favourite from the range is the Grace, Retro Swimsuit in French Navy Polka Dot. I’m a size 12/14 and the Medium fitted me perfectly. This swimsuit holds me in perfectly in all the right places and actually gives me the confidence to run after the kids on the beach. It’s honestly as a mum the best swimwear I have ever tried or owned!


I’m also loving this swimsuit for the fact I now have something that I feel confident in taking Mr 3 to swimming lessons. My tummy feels sucked in and my boobs have enough support that I have a new found confidence around 15 other parents if I have to also jump in the pool.

Shop the gorgeous range online:

The lovely people at Sirens are giving Stuff Mums Like fans a chance to win a gorgeous Retro Swimsuit.

Enter below!

(T&Cs- Australian residents over 18 only. Comp finishes Friday 13th Feb)

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119 thoughts on “Sirens Swimwear Giveaway

  1. Pen Johnston

    I’m not 20 any more and need something that will show my figure off in the most demure way, yet still feeling and looking sexy.

  2. aimee t

    Summer fun out in the sun can be a risky embarrassing circus act! lacking confidence and the right kind of bathing suit to flatter my body, i tend to avoid the swimming situation. Sirens swimwear…means sexy swim ready to me!

  3. Deborah

    This swimwear looks so Cooool and glamorous would feel like a Hollywood movie star from the 50s/60s in a cossie from Sirens

  4. Bee Bowdlert

    A SIREN swimsuit would be cool,
    for frolicking in my backyard pool,
    then there’s swimming lessons at my school,
    teaching kids I’ll look ultra cool.

  5. Ita-mae Brammer

    after having my babies my tummy not the same anymore neither my boobs so high waisted briefs and a nice bikini top will give me the confidence to wear a bikini again.

  6. Ingrid Robertson

    I need to be contained and fashionable! I need to reduce the spillage whilst maximising the va va room:)

  7. Nikki

    I would LOVE a swimsuit as at last there are swimsuits for real women with curves…just like me!! So love these….never thought of myself as a siren…but you know I might just try!!

  8. Michelle dewis

    I’ve never felt comfortable in a swim suit, but I love the retro style of these togs and they look comfortable and flattering. I need one so I can finally feel and look fabulous at the pool!

  9. Desiree

    I want a swimsuit that won’t ride up and show everyone my “muffin-top”. These styles definitely tick that box.

  10. Tracey

    My figure is hard to fit, let alone enhancing it. Sirens Swimwear would tuck me in, flattering and making me gorgeous!

  11. Jen S

    Have never been one to wear a swim suit – always T-Shirt & Board shorts , but these are so HOT, I think I could definitely be seen in One of these Beautiful swimsuits. x

  12. Shannon

    Yep. This is all about that tum. I had a little one 5 weeks ago and am counting down the days until I can go swimming and paddle boarding again after an emergency caesarean- one week to go! Now I just need to cover up the Mum tum and I’ll be good to go! These swimmers look perfect!

  13. kirsty

    After having my daughter i still want to look and feel sexy, i cant do that in a bikini. I can in these…. they look hot

  14. Rebecca Van Leeuwen

    I really love the navy polka dots suit, very figure flattering for most body shapes, I’m thinking very flattering to my body shape and thighs…yep yep!!

  15. Emma Cooper

    I love these swimsuits, and as a woman with an old-fashioned big hips/thighs/bust figure the retro styling is exactly what I need to feel confident at the pool or beach. It’s wonderful to have options like this appearing for us curvy gals!

  16. Lisa

    I’ve just had baby number two and my body isn’t as resilient or perky as it used to be. I’d love to feel like a gorgeous pinup in a lovely retro swimsuit

  17. Milly Howells

    I’m a mummy to 2 beautiful girls aged 3 1/3 and 12 weeks. Ive just signed my little girl up for swim lessons and have been dreading getting my wobbly bits into bathers but for them I’d do anything! These beautiful bathers might help hold in some of the wobbles and support these milk filled boobies hilarious making me feel sexy and womanly.

  18. catherine helbig

    I would love a nice swimsuit that will hide my belly from wen I had my son and it would b perfect for wen he starts swimming lesson in nxt month or 2

  19. Julia Mason

    I would love one cause my old swimsuit brings the sound of sad trumpets, and when I wear this one, sirens be ringing!

  20. Nicola Pengilly

    I’m 51 on Sunday – and would love these swimmers – so much “old world” glamour and perfect for an imperfect figure!

  21. Karly

    Like you I’m a size 12-14 but when I’m in my swimmers I feel like a lot lumpier and larger…I’d love a flattering swimsuit.

  22. Alicia Kimberley

    This is the perfect swimsuit I jahve just had bub #2 and things aren’t where they should sit so this would be great to hide the tummy and lift the boobs!!!

  23. Michelle lalezari

    I need this swimsuit because in the last 3 years I have had 2 babies. My body needs some extra support now more than ever. Brilliant design!

  24. Kylie Rogers

    Oh my! They are so gorgeous and look like they would be very flattering. I think they would be perfect for me to hang out at the beach in

  25. Lea Anita Black

    I need a Siren swimsuit to make me look like a Siren for my partner! I love the older styles also and these one pieces would pull everything in just nicely!

  26. Alyce Mostert

    I’m about to have baby #2 by elective caesarian (I have vasa previa). My 16 month old DD still needs to go to swimming lessons, so once I’m allowed back in the pool I’d love something supportive, comfortable and stylish to wear!

  27. Sonia Chang

    Sirens Swimwear is simple and classic with an elegant look with unique designs. I love the printed swimsuit brings back my childhood’s happy memories. Sirens swimsuit has beautiful curve shapes to highlight a women’s natural body shape . It swimwear which I love to wear.

  28. Karin

    My old swimsuit has seen better days and isn’t as gorgeous or as figure flattering as these. These retro swimsuits are the most attractive bathers I have ever seen and could do wonders for my body issues.

  29. Kathleen Milner

    I’m so self conscious about my post baby body, and I need some bathers that will help me with that. I take my daughter to swimming lessons and I feel like a whale in the water compared to the other mums. :/

  30. Amanda S

    I haven’t been swimming since my last baby and none of my swimsuits fit or flatter anymore. But I’ve promised the kids a trip to the waterpark and I want to take part in the fun this time and look good.

  31. Kristy

    My inner 50s siren is screaming to get out, but she won’t get her toes wet in any old swimsuit. It has to be classy enough for Sophia Loren and sexy enough for Marilyn Monroe 😉

  32. jakki dodds

    i recently have lost quite a fair bit of weight, resulting in all the bathers i have now being too big for me! i’ve always loved the retro n pinup look, n think these are just divine! particularly love the red polka dot two piece-fingers n toes crossed!!

  33. Megan

    As a mum of 4 , and 3 of those 4 under 4yrs, I never have time to exercise or look after myself. These swimmers look glamorous and flattering and they would make me feel like I could go swimming with the kids rather than sit with the towels,

  34. Frances Vincent

    Oh how refreshing to see a style of swimsuit that I at 70 years of age will feel comfortable wearing, something modern, not cut away at the leg, a shoestring to hold my sagging boobs decent support a must for ALL ages WONDERFUL

  35. Joanne Cardamone

    I would so look like a yummy retro mummy in this. So cool! I live across the road from the beach, it would then leave me no excuse not to go!

  36. Cass

    These styles are stunning and elegant. So rare to find. I think I’d find as many excuses as possible to wear them. Perhaps host a few themed brunches?

  37. Aleisha

    This classy little number would make my “mum tum” look, well, classy! Especially when my 2.5yo son is such a water baby and I feel like a frumpy whale in the pool in my bikini because I just cant go swim suit shopping.

  38. Rachel Kriss-Newell

    My body hasn’t seen a swimsuit in over 10 years. I’ve worked so hard these last two years, jogging twice weekly and have really toned those legs, thighs and butt. I am now ready to face the world and show off what I’ve achieved. Not willing to do the bikini babe thing, I’m in my 40s after all and it would be “so embarrassing” according to my children. So sophisticated but still sexy is my new mantra and I’d just looovvve one of these swimsuits.

  39. Jennifer B.

    Is this the swimsuit that DOESN’T think you’re either 16 or a nanna?
    Is THIS the one that realises that mothers like me have bits that need taming?
    Then THIS Grace Retro Swimsuit is what this SIREN needs for less beach alarm, more femme fatale!

  40. susan

    I’ve been searching high and low for a pair of bathers that will fit my DD boobs and not look like I’m a 70 year old about to do an aqua aerobics class… maybe these could be the answer to my prayers?!

  41. Joanna

    Pregnant with #2 and losing my yummy mummy beach babe status fairly rapidly…if I ever had it in the first place that is! The Grace Retro swimsuit would definitely help me work my way back to it!

  42. Wendy Hatton

    My kids tell me I am behind the times but with this “old’ style I’ll be the most modern and stylish woman at the poolside.

  43. sharyn w

    I have lost weight but still have a “tummy and thighs”
    most swimsuits make me feel uncomfortable and i sigh
    a sirens swimsuit would give me the confidence and make me feel good
    and i would wear it and smile and shine just like i should 🙂

  44. Chloe Hill

    I just bought my first ‘mum piece ‘ costume after having my first child, only to find that when I got in the pool it stretched and gaped (not a good combo with a one year old hanging off you!) so much that I won’t be wearing it again. There goes that money down the drain:( I LOVE this retro styling!

  45. kate rudd

    i always wished i was born in the early years the clothes the people so pretty and per lite the swim wear were amazing lol

  46. Crystal Donohue

    I absolutely love this design! I have a deep love for pinup inspired clothing, as it makes me feel incredibly beautiful and confident. Rocking swimsuit!

  47. Charlotte S

    I’ve got the perfect retro figure to go with a Siren swimsuit beauty, which unfortunately doesn’t quite look the part in cut-away one-pieces or flimsy bikinis… There is something so elegant and gorgeous in these more conservative swimsuits!

    Thanks for the chance

  48. Lauren Berry

    Love this swimsuit. After having twins when my first was 19 months old has left me with lots of lumps and bumps. Siren swimwear will help make me look good and feel confident when swimming with the kids.

  49. Annie Kent

    So Marilyn Monroe,I adore these swimsuits and would love to own one….
    In fact every women in the world should own one…
    We deserve to feel incredible and sexy and confident…

  50. Nell M

    After three babies my boobs have grown 3 cup sizes and there is more than a little baby belly! I’d love the chance to feel like the old me at the beach.

  51. Mel B

    I need a Siren Swimsuit because I just started roller derby and have got my vintage mojo going! This swim suit with just complete my look.

  52. Bec J

    Love love love the look of this swimsuit. It would look great on my pear figure. Very feminine and looks incredibly flattering..hey could even step out of my comfort zone and leave the pool for a prance a the beach 🙂

  53. Karla Oleinikoff

    i don’t own any togs, because I can’t find anything that I look good in, but these look like the answer to my prayers.

  54. Alison Miller

    I love fifties glamour and this swimsuit is gorgeous! It will be great to flatter my post baby (#4!) body when she arrives in a fortnight.

  55. Jen stokes

    I can not for the life of me find a swimsuit that is flattering to my post babies body. And these would look adorable with my tattoos!

  56. Liz

    I wore a pair just like these in red when I was lucky enough to do a pin-up style photo shoot a few years ago, and I’ve been dying for my own pair ever since! And once I have this baby I’ll need something to make me feel gorgeous and confident in the pool once I go back to swimming lessons with my toddler <3

  57. Sophia Vlake

    I just had my 3rd baby 4 months ago and need a cute new swimsuit to wear to swimming lessons and trips to the beach.


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