SlingThings baby carrier {plus you can WIN!}

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I already have a pram and a baby carrier so when I was given the Slingthings Buboose to road test I was a bit dubious as I didn’t think that I would have a need for it. Was I ever wrong, I now use it more often that my expensive baby carrier!

The first thing that you will Love about the Slingthings Buboose is the price, it retails at only $79.95 (much cheaper than the $150- $200 you’ll pay for a leading brand carrier) and it is worth every cent. The material is also a really attractive design that adds a bit more flair than your usual black or navy blue. I’ve had so many compliments about it when I’ve been out and about in it- everyone comments how nice and light it is and what a great design it has.


However, the very best thing about the Slingthings Buboose is its practicality. It is just one piece of cloth that you slide over you head, slide your baby in and do up the velcro tab. No adjusting or fiddling with straps and zips. Since it is just a piece of material it is lightweight and easy to to store in your bag or under your pram. It is great if you just want to dash into a shop without pulling the whole pram out. It is also very handy if your baby is fussing and wants to be held either whilst you are at home. It is also very comfortable, it wouldn’t be optimal for a long bush walk but it has enough back support for day to day use without any issues.


So I was convinced but what about the most important critic? My 3 month old baby of course! He loves it! He is happy sleeping in it snuggled against my chest or when he is awake it is easy for him to look around and check out the sights. The cut of the sling means that it’s very open and he loves that he can see around when he’s in it.

Happy baby equals happy mama!

The SlingThings Buboose comes in four different patterns and one plain colour and retails for $79.95. For more information visit

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