Direly cheese/ toddler snack ideas

                                                                  This post is in collaboration with DAIRYLEA

Life is all about snacks in our house so when we were asked by DAIRYLEA to share some of our #MUMMYHACKS around creating healthy and fun snacks we couldn’t wait to show off some of our fun food ideas!

How cute are our DAIRYLEA DUNKERS Spiders in the photo above? Tully loves them and they are so quick and easy to make. You just need to thinly slice a carrot into small strips and then use the cheese in the DUNKERS pack to stick two mini Ritz crackers together. Place the legs in the cheese to keep them in and then cut a sultana in half and pop it on the top as eyes. There you have it- a fun and healthy snack!

We have created a few more fun snacks for DAIRYLEA, including a DAIRYLEA CHEESE PODS Pinwheel and a DAIRYLEA STRIP CHEESE Boat Race. To check them out head over to you can even share your own #MUMMYHACKS as well.


To see the full DAIRYLEA product range visit


*All dairy products used in our recipes were provided by DAIRYLEA





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