A Sneak Peak at Thinkers Inq Preschool

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Preschool is a huge decision for any family so we were excited to take a sneak peak at the new Thinkers Inq preschool- opening in Terrey Hills, on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, in January 2015.

Thinkers Inq is a preschool with a difference. Their philosophy focuses on Play with a Purpose, which is about bringing children and educators together in an environment that is fun, enjoyable and capacity-building to help them discover new things about themselves and the world around them.

The space is designed for creativity and variety- everything is multipurpose, giving the children the chance to investigate and explore different activities and interests. Lynsey and I headed up with her three preschoolers to check out the new space, and we were so impressed!


Thinkers Inq is housed in a purposed designed facility, designed to maximise the children’s creativity and inquisitiveness. It’s a large, L shaped building, with plenty of space, inside and out. There is a large outdoor, multipurpose play space, a wrap around deck and big bifold doors that help bring the outside in.

Throughout the centre there are activity stations set up, designed as multipurpose starting points to encourage critical and creative thinking and problem solving.

Thinkers inq 3

The kids loved it! They were so taken with the home corner, which is all made of beautiful wooden pieces, and the train sets. There are reading zones, created with gorgeous, colourful cushions and mats, and shelves of books- the perfect space to kick back with a good book for quiet time.

Thinkers inq

One of the things I love is their menu! They are providing full organic, gluten free meals- including breakfast, morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. Their food looks amazing- I’m thinking of popping up there for lunch every day!

So if you are looking for a pre school space that challenges your child and encourages their natural love of learning and inquisitiveness then Thinkers Inq is for you!

Thinkers Inq is a preschool for 3-5 year olds, licensed for 90 children, with a ratio of 10 children to one teacher. It’s open long daycare hours, 50 weeks a year. To find out more information, to book a tour or to enrol visit www.thinkersinq.com


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